New Social Media Pays People to Give Compliments || Bad Parenting

New Social Media Pays People to Give Compliments || Bad Parenting

in fishing for compliments oh my god that's me all the time please tell me I'm pretty you're pretty easy that's not fishing for compliments you just asked for a dude you have to be like oh my god I'm so ugly no you're a hundred percent right let's go you catch the wrong fish dirty boot off the water did shave on the dirty boot yield you're gonna be with your face on it you've got a tin can submitted by God Tyr trash China's new a social media craze is to pay people to shower you with over-the-top compliments oh yeah hey people I like it well cuz Chinese people are gonna compliment each other yeah so you got to pay for other people they need an incentive to be nice oh I would fucking Photoshop the shit out my picture to little fucking gross ass shit everything I say something nice say something real nice about this yeah is it BOTS is it which other Chinese people or is it like there's always source to Indian okay yeah like everything gets outsourced to India it's just a bunch of Indian people like yeah you look oh nice dress I would much rather have an Indian person compliment me than a Chinese person why because I feel like Indians would shower me with love and in the Chinese person would be like hey you have the A+ today hey big big head you have such a smart brain yeah it's like a backhanded compliment yeah yeah the Indian was like you're beautiful your eyes are so straight for ugly face gosh you're only with the mobile quality yeah so this is happening on social media site and messaging platforms like we chat and Weibo and WeChat so it's not even like public it's just like to get personal compliments yeah so what happens here is that you pay money to join a praising group or they call it qua qua one I think thanks for slaughtering the language wrong hold on anyway so uh certain so different groups have different payment systems so for example this one person he charges 15 you want or $2 and 23 cents for three minutes or 25 yuan or which is three dollars seventy two minutes for five minutes of praise and so you end up adding you to this group and then all these people for a determinate like however much time you pay or it depends that they have a different method of doing things yet they end up just showering you with compliments so you get to pretty much tell them details about yourself man your relationship or someone like other likes or dislikes cuz you could pay for someone else to join the group so like as a gift I'll give like something you tell these people like oh this is what she likes what she doesn't like messing around my face I heard you're the man to see with a big schlong I feel like it's almost like getting a very disingenuous compliment though like would you want that but that's how thirsty you are sort of affection I want a high man to follow me all day like Ramses hype man Ramses is the best Ramses is number one like it's it's kind of like someone to keep you high so you could perform the best you know what you could do for free is you write all your own compliments you could think of some really good ones the ones that you want people to tell you you can think of you doing really good ones and you put them in those random sentence generators on Google and just have Google spit you back out your own compliments and it's so good every time cuz you're like that's exactly it's different from like a person yeah one's a hand job and ones masturbation oh I love masturbating giving you a hand you don't know what they're gonna do like videos like we I don't know that was unpredictable when you do your own self you're predicting it yet you always do that baby you know exactly what you bought sure that's a waste time so you know what compliments you wanna get yeah like wait like I don't know which one I'm gonna get you know I want to be surprised I want to be surprised like I didn't even know I fucking felt great about that basically you know huge I wasn't draw names out of a hat you could do that on Google where you just separate them by lines so you can just put sentences instead of names and then you just pull it you just hit random generator and then it's like you like I like your haircut like how did you know you never got surprise from a compliment before like you never knew like like you invite compliments leave people know believe me when I said green looks weird on you today never I would never came over to your house and they were like nice couch and you're like oh really you like it too man you got a good taste I had no idea yeah because they compliment my couch so I'm like okay yeah yeah but as a surprise though to me I'm like what about Steve when he tells you he gives you : okay so I trust Steve and I trust like friend groups but not like random people complimenting me I'm always like you trying to get it no not real limits only matter to me if I if they're my friends or family or if I value their opinion exactly when it's just a regular exchange I'm like fuck you I'm not at it I'm just like well shut up take it with a grain of salt just like haters you know how like you're supposed to take haters with a grain of salt it's the same thing you can't like just take the random praise and be like well this is true but these haters are wrong it's like it's the same shit I know what you mean Vanessa told me this funny ass fuckers story and when she went to junior high right and you know the day before school you or the day or a few days before you get your outfit ready to go to school so you could show up beforehand so she gets her shit done she buys all her clothes everything was fucking poppin and then she go to the school and the janitor comes up to her says I like your outfit we could've been a teacher it was the fact an adult look at it was like your outfits fly over I understand what you mean she took it that way for me like its although as a little fucking 12 year old like I understand why she did but I'm just like there's no fashion he's not a fashion expert I think you know what happens is like you watch people and you're like oh I don't like so youtubers for example there was like some people that are really big and then all their comments are like oh my god you're amazing you're so funny and everything's great and you don't I don't personally think that about them and so I'm like well they're getting all these compliments and I don't think that's true so then when people do that to me I'm like I don't think you're true either like it could I don't have the I don't know hey cuz for ya like I don't know like for me it's because I try to be as truthful as I can could you hate lying and I just like can never hide behind like a fake lie right so because of that reason every time I do call them and someone it's I don't even see it as a compliment is just like hey this is a truthful time yeah this is the fact that I really like how this looks on you but that's in person right ya know and not just that but like because of that reason like just how you see it as that way for the internet comments so you're like well because I don't agree with that I see it the opposite I'm like damn is they say something nice about me or if they actually say something mean about me I believe it as truth because I I guess in my mind I'm tricking myself that everyone else's oh you're projecting you ye how you act on to everybody else I think there's also a good way to do it too without like telling people how you feel like for example if there was a youtuber that I met and I've seen their content before and I think it's fucking hot burning garbage like and they come up and they tell you they like your shit I'll just be like yo man that's dope Thanks yeah leave it at that I don't have to make a comment I take that as an insult someone makes a really bad content they come up to me like – yo she's dope alright what am I doing wrong Oh Oh my god would happen he was twisting ketchup for fun and exploded anything but that's what there's a certain youtuber like a few years ago which content I absolutely hated and this person didn't know why else to giving me a compliment he also insulted me because he said you know what our contents are just the like in my mind I was like you fucking living piece of shit don't you ever fucking say that thank you but don't ever say that in my mind and they were much bigger than you after oh they're still not uh-huh behind that complement oh we're that compliment came from I also examine credibility – yeah so it's like like let's say someone that doesn't know how to cook and they say I made something good on it thank you it's like very surface you know but I give like David or Joe or like a someone that cooks really good and they tried something I made oh man this is really good I'm like it's actually incredible yeah versus just bullshit because you can't cook at all like he just warms things up so if he tells me I didn't even put the pizza no he didn't put the pie on a like slip in the rack with nothing falling wait where was this so it was like the pastry just yeah because I think he took it out I think it was like a frozen writing you're supposed to put it on a sheet you just put it directly on the rack that's my baby that's my seat the pizza in there I married that man most time to fall through yeah like it certain like dude what did you do so try taking it out and he was falling everywhere so beat repetitively you don't want to look inside our oven yeah what's not Jay King is we're like okay you start with bread come she goes how I say what do you mean how he was like what do we do with breadcrumbs how do you do that you can finally get a grater you start grating it this way I'm like why are you making it more complicated than it is right brother bro you see bread crumbs they fall off I've really bad be me though I was like when dad takes care of the kids and like when my dad took care of us for dinner we got frozen broccoli oh dude I would eat broccoli cuz I like broccoli and like sometimes I would just eat it because I didn't have that adults around to cook it and I would just eat the frozen broccoli so he thought oh she likes that and so that's what he would give me for dinner and I would eat it because that's what was served to me and then he'd be like oh my god this is so easy I just give them frozen broccoli so that's what he would do every time he had to take care of malaria just frozen broccoli into a ball and he's like oh dinner left Korea two weeks we had eggs over fucking this pre-made you know that vegetable packet fried rice thing yeah I made that shit fucking 14 days in a row now we had to eat that shit and I came back my mom showed what did you eat with our dead fucking fed us eggs and rice all the time she goes she come back to my Tyrion why don't you just fucking buy him a pizza what's wrong with you it's good nobody wants a this shit every day this is fucking start arguing yelling at each other

24 thoughts on “New Social Media Pays People to Give Compliments || Bad Parenting

  1. Lol the conversation they have at the end reminds me of my grandfather has had to cook for me and my brother for a day we had boiled egg, scamble egg, egg fried with sausage, and egg soup

  2. bart with that compliment and that accent had me dying. its so fucking perfect it reminded me of my half chinese friend who has an accent like that and our friend at that time(back in college) showed a picture of him basically fucking his girlfriend and the first thing he said was " waaaa you gah bigh dik man". when he said that he made me choke the freakin green pease that i was munching

  3. Our janitor in college always greeted us with a ''good morning, dear'' and gave us a compliment and when we asked why he always did that, he said that it's because he knows that college kids are way too hard on themselves and because he remembers how it felt to never get any appreciation from anyone, so he made it his mission to make us smile at least once a day. He was such a sweet old man, I miss him.

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