Sister’s nails got snatched and a lot of other things too Shh Yes, My alien and child you. You’re safe here Remember, I will I will never bring you back to area 51, I would never do that to you What’s that? My tea phone is ringing. Oh hehe Hello humans. I was totally sitting here Casually definitely not doing anything that anybody would want to investigate me for you know Like paranormal or anything like that definitely not an alien or friends with aliens Anyways, I got some tea Cyber I found some tea So we all know that we’re getting new heels in your royale high So I think they will be called the “Shadow Empress Chained Boots”. Look at the photos! Oh, I’m definitely gonna look at the photos. Uh-huh Do you guys see what I see? you guys remember that in our previous tea spill we had seen that there were some Halloween test heels that were available and now Apparently there’s screenshots of some unavailable Shadow of Empress Chained Boots. Oh, yes, these were definitely not in there before I’m gonna have to take a closer. Look at these in-game. WARNING You’re about to see me looking real dumb because when I started recording this video This beautiful new accessory set wasn’t out. But by the end they Actually were it was the biggest surprise Of my life. Okay, guys, we’re here. * gasp * We’re in the store in Royal High and I’m in a private server Usually things rule out to private servers first. We’re gonna check out the heels. Op where do they go? Come back. * Cyber saying du du du over and over in a song * My gosh They are here and they do exist so these currently say created by Sukimeki and again We’re not sure if that’s a placeholder or they very well could be because Sukimeki makes a lot of really beautiful Creations for royale high Oh, yep, uh-huh. Yeah, here’s me just not realizing that they’re actually gonna be out soon And so that’s just really exciting you guys already know I’m down but actually once I heard this title something in my head, I was like Where have I heard this before? I kept on thinking I’m like think back on all of the movies or the anime of everything that I have ever watched in my life and then it hit me I have definitely heard of a Shadow Empress before in a video game Okay, so there is a game called origami that I played on my switch you guys and then I remembered this scene So I slowed it down for you That’s the shadow Empress and she does have a boots on But I don’t think these are gonna be the kind of boots that we’re gonna get in Royale High I wonder what these actually COULD look like. So Oh, yep, here we go Again have no idea that these beautiful boots are gonna be out. I looked through some pictures of chained boots So here’s one that I found this is kind of one of the pictures I went through and I selected some so my idea for these are definitely that they would probably be thigh-high and there were actually so many versions of these like Cyberpunkie type of boots this definitely narrows down a shape that I can see noHOHO one last pair kind of like punk boots that I found online. I thought wouldn’t it be awesome their boots that literally took up Your entire leg. I don’t know about you guys. But I think that would be awesome These ones don’t have chains though me watching editing. This is like REEEe YOU DON’T EVEN KNOWWWWWWWWW So I thought you know what just for fun sake before we end this video Why don’t I go check out Barbie’s Twitter and see if she has any tea for us? So we don’t see anything about this on Barbie’s Twitter at all It’s obviously a big secret for now, but it seems she made an exception for da FISHIES fishies I’m coming for you. * GASP * OH MY GOSH A MERMAID AND She’s beautiful I was not expecting all of these new creatures and the Sea. Guess what Cyber Leah The Empress Chain Boots!!! The boots they’re out in private servers okay, so two robux purchases later, um I CAN FINALLY GET THE HEALS Shadow Empress Chained Boots And they are created by Sukimeki. Of course our Gothic Queen and then I also see something that I’ve never seen before Do you guys see like jewels and stuff it anyways! They are gothic just like I predicted Everybody thank you so much. Let’s try these on. oh my gosh. I’m still like 400 short right, please Tell me I have 50 Robux, please. Oh, thank goodness Looks like five to add robux it. Okay. Now we’re gonna buy it. We did it let’s put em on so I’m giving you guys a pose that does the Absolute most you guys can get a really good look at all the detail and now I’m noticing a lot of things just down from the belted garter stocking that you can see those all of the way thigh-high though boots Does have what looks like to be a little bit of an exposed heel if you make it the color of your skin tone So that’s a good kind of little boot hack but this boot is not only Platform with the heel but it also has laces all the way up front, too And then you guys can get a really good look at the new leg shape from the back as well. It definitely is thicker So it’s more of a natural body shape for a lot of people and then you guys look at how cute the chains look across The back and then you can really get a good look at how tall that heel is. Oh Yes Everybody we are Stylin’, these are the shoes of my dream. I think they’re bootiful So I went ahead and I actually wanted to try out some different designs and textures to go off with these it oh my gosh So I already picked just one pattern so far. I’m just wearing my cloud outfit and Yeeeeeees, it looks so good. So the fishnets actually stayed black with this one, okay we’re just gonna click on some other patterns to see oh and it does look like the color of the fishnets will change depending on what design you select so color one that you select will actually change the color of these shorts the Fishnets the top of the tights for the fishnets and the outside of the boots including the laces and heel Your second color will select the buckles and the little details on the rest of the shoe. So you cannot select manually a different fishnet color But you can go through the patterns and maybe find ones that switch it up to go Along and I think this is really cute. I love that the fishnet pattern always Stays just plain then you have the designs your tights look really clean Okay, guys, I just spent 70 real-life dollars to get enough robux for all these items. So please don’t do that to yourself Nothing in game is we’re spending that much money. So just watch this video when trading comes out I’ll give this to some of you guys so you don’t have to spend any of your diamonds Oh my gosh. So here it all is in my inventory. I’m so excited Okay, so we’re starting with just our plain base here so we can put everything on and I guess we could do Some pattern designs. Oh, yes. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited right now we’re gonna make everything this same beautiful like bell but I don’t oh my gosh, are these bell sleeves Oh, bell sleeves And shoes also gonna make this same pattern. Oh my gosh guys Okay So here is the whole Set and I’m gonna show you guys this first without a skirt on so starting from the very very top we have our beautiful New crown you guys and literally it has chains on top. Like are you kidding me? But then we move down Ohhhhhhhhh weeeeee OH Mahhh goodness We have bell sleeves!! bell sleeves!! and then the fishnet from these adorable boots carries through to the sleeves There are buckles on both the sleeve and the bottom. Like are you kidding me? Are you kidding me right now? I have to say I think my very favorite detail out of all of this is actually the chains that Connect the bodice to what looks like a little choker table This is the Halloween outfit that I was waiting for. I’m so excited you guys This is so beautiful that the most important thing we need to talk about Sisters nails got snatched and a lot of other things too But yeah guys we have nails now we have nails now~!!!! This is my favorite updated the history of updates So happy! I’m starting to get upset because I have now had to add $90 Real-Life dollars of robux for this video. So please please share my video because I’m so poor now I’m not even joking. I literally could not spend any more money on videos for the rest of the year Probably my freaking bank card is declined now for buying robux like 4 times in a row, but we got this skirt Ok, now I’m not so upset and I wanted to start with the back of this skirt Cause like guys first of all spinning around so much going on here. So we get really close. We look at all the detail There’s actually chain and lace and fishnet. This is just so beautiful Sukimeki! How do dis Sukimeki so the only downside I did notice that poses weren’t quite working Right the arms have a little bit of wonkiness And so I’m wondering if that’s gonna be rolled out and fixed. This update literally just came out like an hour or two ago so unfortunately I’m probably not gonna get the greatest pose for the thumbnail of this video and Also in game you guys might just look a little bit wonky until all of that is worked out Well, if you guys need me I’m going to be begging for diamonds for maybe the rest of my life in. Oh my gosh It’s just all right, guys. I know I’m gonna be trying out so many outfits with these amazing amazing New Halloween 2019 heels. I also really like just a new body shape it gives I’m not gonna lie. I like how this looks without a skirt and I want to keep wearing it without a skirt Like look at how high that fishnet goes, but let me know guys. This was such a huge surprise Let me know in the comments down below what you think about all of this beautiful This beautiful update outfits. I’m so happy. I’m especially happy with the nails I just I have so many thoughts right now, but I want to know you guys is leave me some comments And let me know but I hope you enjoyed this Well since I spent way too much money on this and I don’t want any of you to suffer the same fate I’m actually gonna do a giveaway. So I’m gonna give away the full amount of robux So one of you can buy this entire set, but I’m gonna give away an entire Set this entire set all you guys have to do is leave a comment on this video and then go and retweet my video link on Twitter you have One week to enter. Good Luck! :3


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