New Overwatch Events Coming in Year Four?

New Overwatch Events Coming in Year Four?

What’s up everybody, now that we’re in
year four of Overwatch (wow, year four, that feels really weird to think about). Anyways, now that we’re in year four, one
thing we have to look forward to, or maybe I should say dread, is the return of the same
old events we’ve been seeing for the past three years at this point. But what if that isn’t how it plays out
this time around. What if in year four we start to actually
see some noteworthy changes to events other than Archives? This is Master Ian Gamer, and let’s get
into it. Now, pretty much every year since the game
launched, people have been saying “this is the year that we get NEW events and surprise
content!” And so far, that has yet to be the case. However, before we delve into whether or not
year four will be any sort of exception, it’s important to specify what exactly it means
for an event to be “new”. As you might imagine, the answer to this is
fairly subjective. I’m sure we’ll all agree that a new Lucioball
arena doesn’t make the Summer Games event “new”, but where exactly would one draw
the line? For a lot of people, it would mean a completely
new event experience. New event name, new event dates, and new event
loot boxes with completely unique content from any of the other existing ones. For example, instead of the Summer Games we
could get an event called Beach Bonanza which takes place in July instead of August and
features completely unique beach themed cosmetics and game modes independent of anything from
the stinky old Summer Games. Now I realize that this isn’t the best example,
as Summer Games already incorporates beach cosmetics, but I think you get the point. This kind of new event is literally a new
event. However, the down side to Blizzard doing something
like this is that in order to fit a brand new event into the schedule, old events would
almost certainly have to be cut. Events are already fairly common, with one
happening every other month, so there isn’t a whole lot of room for expanding the game
in this way unless it were to replace the existing events, which would honestly be a
bad idea. While many of us may already have everything
we want from the existing events' cosmetics and are bored to death of their repetitive
game modes, there’s many others who aren’t. New players in particular who may have only
just gotten Overwatch within the past couple months have yet to even experience each event
for the first time. To them, these stale old events are brand
new, and are just as exciting as they were for the rest of us the first time we got to
play them. Plus, from Blizzard’s perspective, bringing
back the same events and content year after year lets them rake in the cash without needing
to waste development time on totally new events. Instead they can focus that time and effort
on things like game balance or quality of life changes which'll benefit the game year
round. So it wouldn’t really be a good idea for
them to remove old events, even if they were to be replaced with something new, but there
are some changes Blizzard could make which would achieve a similar effect. This leads us then to the other form of “new
events”, which are not really “new” events, but rather major updates to the existing
ones. This means that Summer Games for example would
still be Summer Games. It’d still have the same kind of loot boxes
with the same contents from previous years, as well as the infamous Lucioball, but on
top of all this content there will be a TON of brand new stuff! At its most basic this could just be a brand
new game mode, but there’s lots of other ways they could liven up the old event experience. Looking at the mini events we’ve been getting
over the past year, such as Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge, Blizzard could also start adding
some similar kind of challenge aspect to bigger annual events. Maybe you have to win a certain number of
matches to unlock a couple special cosmetics which aren’t otherwise available in the
event’s loot boxes. Or there could introduce some new kind of
team based competitive challenge. At the start of the event, every player has
to pick a team, for example team Overwatch or team Talon. Then by winning matches during the event you
gradually rack up points for your team which can be used to unlock special team specific
cosmetics or some other kind of unique rewards. At the end of the event there could be some
big reveal of which team scored more points and then have a list of stats to show how
they compared in different areas. This could be a great way to liven up the
game during an event, as it gives players something to strive for other than the new
skins and handful of easy achievements. There’s honestly a ton of ways for Blizzard
to reinvigorate the existing events. For example, Blizzard could finally work up
the courage to add a new cosmetics category. It wouldn’t even have to be anything big,
just a fresh new way for players to customize the look and feel of their favorite heroes. Or at the very least they could introduce
new gun skins which aren’t solely tied to competitive points. Beyond cosmetics, Blizzard could even use
old events to test out certain new mechanics which may end up being implemented into the
base game later on. Like, oh I don’t know, a daily or weekly
challenges system like what they have in Heroes of the Storm or Fortnite. I already made a video a while back covering
not only why this would be a great addition to Overwatch, but also the best way for it
to be implemented, so feel free to check that out through the cards on screen after this
video. Anyways, I can talk endlessly about what Blizzard
should do, so how about what they will do. Will they actually make some kind of significant
updates or changes to events in the fourth year of Overwatch? So far, we don’t have a whole lot to go
on when it comes to official developer comments. The closest we’ve gotten is an acknowledgement
of the 2019 Summer Games from Jeff Kaplan himself in his recent interview with Unit
Lost. — Now I did talk about this clip in some
of my other videos regarding what kinds of content we can expect in the summer of 2019,
but he does very specifically mention the Summer Games event and that the dates for
all that stuff will be different. While this does reveal that there will evidently
be some changes taking place with the upcoming event, it by no means verifies that Summer
Games will be undergoing any kind of substantial changes with regard to the content in the
event itself. So, since we don’t really have much hard
fact to dig into, let’s instead explore the fantasy realm of speculation. Even if they haven’t said anything official
yet, we can theorize about why they might want to make major event changes, and the
first reason is that the events are flat out dull at this point. Everybody knows what to expect from them,
and the only real reason for returning players to get excited is the new skins and cosmetic
items. Sure, some events still have game modes which
are enjoyable to play, but for the most part events are losing their shine, and with it,
Overwatch as a game is losing players. Now, I’m not gonna be one of those forum
criers who think Overwatch is legitimately dying, but in terms of keeping the game’s
player numbers up, and more importantly for Blizzard, loot box revenue flowing, they’re
probably going to have to start upping the ante if they want to keep makin’ bank. Again, there’s no guarantee here. Blizzard might just find it better to focus
their development efforts on the core game itself. As great as new events can be, things like
balance changes and new heroes will always be more crucial for the overall success of
the game. And based on the way devs have talked about
them in the past, it’s clear that Blizzard themselves see Overwatch events as a less
important aspect of the game. For the most part, they’re really just filler
to keep the player base occupied between hero and map releases. So, do I think that Blizzard will be making
event changes in year four? I hope so, but sadly, I can’t recommend
getting your hopes up for it happening. It would be a great way to reinvigorate the
game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up doing this, but we just don’t
know for sure, and based on how Blizzard has treated events in the past, we could very
easily see nothing new happening at all. I mean, we’ll definitely be getting some
new cosmetics for each event like we always do, but other than that we’ll just have
to wait and see if anything big ends up happening. However, I’d love to hear your thoughts
on the future of Overwatch events in year four by leaving a comment down below. Do you think Blizzard will finally focus on
improving what has become a very stale aspect of the game for many players? Do you even want them to focus on events,
or maybe you’d prefer them to work more exclusively on game balance and heroes. Regardless, be sure to leave a Like if you
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until next time, have a great day!

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  2. Add more weapon skins diamond, ruby and to unlock you have to have that golden weapon for the hero unlocked first then you do a bunch of challenges to unlock the diamond weapon variant.

  3. If you think about it, it can be really easy to implement a new game mode for the Summer Games such as volleyball, I mean all they have to do is pretty much just add a net to the already existing Lucioball maps. Also, I don't mind Lucioball even after the 3rd year, as I like Rocket League. 🙂

  4. What about an event where overwatch chooses skin concepts made by the community and turns them into actual skins

  5. The thing with the "Daily Quests" is something i wanted since it was released! I was wondering since then why they dont do this. I mean, they have it for pretty much every other Blizzard game.

  6. Uncle Jeff won't budge with the idea of NEW EVENTS!!! 😭😭😭

    I just wanna see Hanzo in a Cupid skin… 😢

  7. They should honestly just move the release dates to fit into different events. Like move chinese new year and have a smaller valentines event and same thing for an easter event.

  8. I would rather have no new cosmetics but have a new game mode personally. How many summer themed skins do I need? 😛

  9. I really hope they’re making a new summer game mode. For I don’t think people wants to play the lucio ball again.

  10. I feel like one year we should have new events with new things like gamemodes lootboxes and skins and the next year with the old things, this gives them to get a team together to work on a new event game mode every 2 years, and expand the anniversary so you can play all of the events, this would also add some speciality to skins

  11. New players can get old cosmetics during the anniversary event. There's no reason for blizzard to not Introduce new events after 4 years. Also there's only so many Christmas and Halloween sounds that they can make before they stop being exciting.

  12. What if Blizzard just did the Archives thing for all events? Add a new sport for SG, a new map or game mode (like zombies) for Halloween, something that doesn't involve Mei for Christmas, etc. Keeping the old modes for new players and new ones for the community who's been playing for the past 3 years.

  13. ohh god. now that i play gw2 regulary, i do not want a daily/weekly reward system, its just annoying and additional work to do. they need to get creative

  14. I don't think we will get any new events this year. Hopefully the rumors about Overwatch 2 coming in November are true, though. Make a video on that?

  15. What could be really coo for the large game events like the pick a side is if the winning team is able to vote on a certain skin that comes to the game and that corresponds with the side they choose. So if they do like an alternative reality skin type thing where you have a what if mercy was a part of talon skin. So the winning team (let’s say talon) could choose what talon hero gets the Overwatch treatment or vice versa

  16. I have allways hated Lúcio ball but getting a new gamemode would probably be to good to be true. I just trying to not have any expectation.

  17. I hope they maybe at least give us another game mode for Summer GameS. Although we have the workshop now.
    Great video!

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