100 thoughts on “New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Partially Collapses, Killing At Least 1 | Nightly News

  1. Where were the City Inspectors, making sure the contractor wasn't taking any shortcuts? Did the Structural Engineers do a stress analysis on the steel and concrete being used on this building? Someone needs to be sued, and someone needs to go to jail if they cheated on safety requirements for this building.

  2. Is this the quality of so called "American Ingenuity"? LOL. American products and construction are really going downhill these days. Americunts can't even build high speed rail with a limited length, americunt products are worthless just like their Boeing737max and their pathetic iPhones with no innovation at all. Americunts bridges, subways, highways, bridges and buildings are dilapidated, third world level and collapsing everyday… Lol

  3. Well, they won't try to salvage the rest of the building. They will need to tear it all down back to the ground.

  4. Pretty sure you can see the person that dies at 1:03 in red/orange clothes. If they didnt die, its pretty clear they were at least hit by the falling material.

  5. My father was a steelworker in Pennsylvania when all the factories shut down. The steel business was given to other countries. Now we import crap. American families lost their livelihood. Such a shame.

  6. i don’t understand why you think a “crane with a slat” is being “watched” slats are used to balance cranes, its normal procedure, if you dont have any legit facts, dont say anything!

  7. What the fark. I thought this sort of thing only happens in corrupt 3rd World shìtholes like Mexico and unevolved dogs and rats eating heIIholes like China.

  8. Is this the US or a third world country?

    This is a pure example of capitalism gone wild. Profits above safety.

    Google Andrew Yang


  9. And mass media goes out of their way to get morons to comment.
    THIS is one of the BIG reasons over 33 MILLION Americans permanently quit cable and satellite TV by the end of 2018!
    You don't spotlight idiots in order to be politically correct or to virtue signal!
    There's no cure for stupid.

  10. This is only going to get worse not better the sighs of Jesus second coming are only getting more and more violent.May God be with us all.

  11. Has anybody question Trump on this? Where was he when the building collapsed? Maybe Giuliani did it. It’s got to be one of them because they always get blamed for everything that happens so this must be their fault too.

  12. Stop blaming these poor, poor, corporations, all these poor millionaire CEOs are just here trying to make some money to feed there poor families, and y'all here saying it's the fault of these unfortunate millionaires, smh.

  13. They literally have a fan blowing on this woman's head, in front of a green screen. Who is in charge of this dumb sh*t?

  14. I bet most of those materials are made in commie ChiNazi, I don't trust highrise building support with ChiNazi steel. It's sad that someone lost their live on the job,..

  15. This is the result of the Trump policy to destroy ALL REGULATORY FUNCTIONS – we're becoming a third world country by negligence on every level!

  16. just reading these comments i hope the powers that be are listening..they cut corners everywhere they can to boost profits that's a recipe for disaster in this economy

  17. Name of construction company that was working on hard rock hotel in New Orleans please. Was this "lift slab" construction?

  18. so not all buildings collapse in on themselves when falling due to something other than controlled demolition? mmmmmmm…..

  19. Apart from Mr. Modesto Reyes looking super hot, I feel bad for those who were impacted by the disaster. I had no idea people were inside when it crashed.

  20. If you look closely the very last person running out from under the train in the orange attire is the one that gets flattened just where they stopped the video is the one that got killed.

  21. Again, why can't NBC produce full nightly news videos at a designated time?? Why is it so spotty?? Amateurs can do this job better than NBC?!

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