NEW Medium battery, fixes and QoL | Rust update 08th November 2019

NEW Medium battery, fixes and QoL | Rust update 08th November 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here, ready to inject you where it hurts with your weekly shot of Rusty fluids, and of course
this update is all about what was inflicted on the main branch in this week’s forced wipe..
Because forced wipe, is best wipe. There was a whole elite crates-worth of quality
of life improvements this month, and some optimisations which I’ll get to in a bit..
But first! A new plaything.. The medium battery, is here!
You can get it at the bandit camp for 75 scrap and as the name implies, capacity-wise it’s
sandwiched betwixt its smaller and larger brethren.. with a max output of 50 Rust watts
and a max capacity of 9000 Rust watt minutes.. And yes, you heard me correctly because batteries
now work a bit differently.. and betterer.. ‘Rust watt minutes’ means how many minutes
the battery will supply one unit of power for.. with a higher demand on the battery
resulting in a faster drain.. Basically instead of them draining at a constant rate no matter
what they’re hooked up to, battery charge is dynamic now just like in real life.. If
you can remember what that is. They still don’t hold their charge when picked up though,
which is a shame.. Small, medium and large batteries have their
own ratings as shown on the screen now.. Plus there’s a new info panel when looking directly
at one with your wire out.. Which will also tell you how much strain it’s under.. There’s
also a rather cool effect to show how much charge the medium batteries have.. Ok, lets get this next one out of the way,
because as mentioned last week and in what is quite literally being called ‘The Tree
Fix Update’, the Tree thwacking MINIGAME fix is live, maybe, hopefully, I mean there might
be some fringe cases.. But statistically it’s about as unlikely to fail now as two players
managing to be on the same planet at the same time in the original version of No Man’s Sky..
hundred to one at least. This fix is so important that it actually
got it’s own trailer this month, so you know the team mean business.. hashtag teamtrees. For the inquisitive amongst you, the problem
was with the marker placement logic getting fudged up, especially by the more irregularly
shaped trees, and apart from changes being made to improve things across the board, some
trees – I’m looking at you palms – received some pre-cached marker positions so they should
always work.. Ok so it may be the lead story of the devblog,
but lest you think this means Facepunch are slacking, cough, in the same way that most
of an iceberg lettuce actually grows beneath the surface.. there are some rather huge changes
and additions afoot, that will come to fruition soon, just not this month.. And I’ve already
mumbled about these at length, so let’s move on.. Some other fixes we received this time round
are as follows: Campfire smoke and effects now obey the laws of physics and go straight
up no matter what.. A long standing bow glitch where the second arrow had a delay is now
sorted.. If someone decides to slam their chopper into
the side of your base, their great balls of fire and debris shouldn’t penetrate your walls
and mess up your feng shui anymore.. Also talking of choppers, one particularly
bothersome issue was the sudden pop up of buildings right in your flight path because
you were able to travel to the edge of your network view distance so fast.. Now buildings
are guaranteed to appear at least 64 metres away from you no matter how fast you’re cheesing
it, and performance should still be good.. Also, after a bit of chasing around, a Hot
air balloon loophole that allowed players to glitch into rocks and buildings should
now be cauterised. In new features – and I realise I’ve covered
some of these in previous vids but to round them up.. Just as sleeping bag clusters could be expanded
to elucidate their details, vending machine map markers now obey the same rules.. If more
than one are overlaid, a number will appear above, then just click on the icon to expand
them. Team chat is available now, you can switch
between it and global with tab when in the chat UI. All messages are displayed in the
same list, but now you can talk about people behind their backs.. Also, right clicking
on a players name in chat will now bring up a menu allowing you to do all this stuff..
most importantly muting them, so you don’t have to read their words of wisdom.. If you’ve successfully shut someone down like
this (go you) but later have a twinge of conscience and wish to reverse your decision, for now
you’ll have to do it via the console. You can type ‘mutelist’ here to see everyone you’ve
blanked, and use ‘unmute’ followed by their name to remove them individually, or if you’re
feeling particularly strong today ‘unmuteall’ will release the kraken once more… There
were also a few fixes to chat to stop the UI getting stuck under certain circumstances. As already shown in previous vids, we now
have hover looting without having to use scripts, and although the default key for this is H,
you can assign whichever one you want in the options menu. In case you haven’t noticed there were also
some changes to looting timers, beforehand you could loot as fast as you could click,
however now all item loot clicks are queued and processed at regular short intervals,
one after the other, meaning one item must be fully looted before the next timer will
start.. I must say, no queue jumping pleases my Britishness.. Sticking with inventories, you can now right
click an item in the main section to send it to your belt bar, and if you have a piece
of clothing in your belt bar you now can press the relevant number to equip it… Also it
should no longer be possible to accidentally throw an item on the floor if you accidentally
drop it in the small space between inventory and belt.. praise be! Large furnaces can now be placed on rocks
again, plus small water catchers can be placed on building blocks, but they must have a view
of the sky to collect that sweet sweet invisible rain, floor grills are good for this if you
want to encase them. You can hold buttons to transfer water now
instead of multiple clicks, plus you can hold to drink too.. In a stunning move, lockers will let you place
items into them individually now, so no more having to equip the set you want beforehand. Garry made some big changes to bug reporting
and feedback, so that pressing f7 in game will open a window directly instead of taking
you to a browser page.. and on the main menu you’ll find an inbox where the team can send
you little messages about your cheat reporting successes.. In other changes, Solar panels are now available
at the compound for 75 scrap and small generators there now cost 125 instead of 175… Now you may be laying there in you hammock
thinking ‘hang on, what about muh optimisation? Well hold onto your Martini because there
was actually a large body of optimisation merged in this update which was being worked
on over the last couple of months.. All of Rust’s monuments and environment art had its
LODs simplified, with lower amounts of material and texture fetches on distant objects. There
are still improvements to be made, but potentially there will be a performance boost for some
of you from it and as a bonus there should be less popping and more accurate renditions
of environment art at medium to long distances.. There were some new commands and features
worth mentioning this month, including the ‘teleportlos’ command for admins which allows
teleportation in line of sight.. Debug files can now be opened directly from the f1 console,
just down here.. And something rather major for the cinematographers
and content creators, in fact something I’ve been after for donkey’s years.. Manual depth
of field.. You see up until now, depth of field has been
on auto focus, which is ok, but can make it very tricky or impossible to get certain shots..
Well no longer as you can now set the focus distance and even adjust it on the fly.. There
are a number of console commands related to this and I appreciate most of you just want
to play the game, so I’ll put all the details in the description for you. Over on good old Instagram, there are a couple
of new shots of the HDRP work, showcasing some rather resplendent looking ground cover..
But apparently all of this is something we’ll have to wait until next year for.. And finally! What’s the difference between playing rust
and being hypnotised into thinking you’re drunk? You might say not much, and you’d be
right because in both cases, from your perspective, you’re legless. However it looks like that will change, as
Garry has started work on a new branch called ‘legs’ which, yes, is going to let you look
down at your pins.. No longer will you be a disembodied pair of arms, no matter how
much fun that is.. Stay tuned for more on this and anything else that happens, as it
happens! Please tell me what you think to this month’s
patch, is performance any better for you? I will be reading your comments.. Come and
follow me on Twitch where I stream three times a week.. Stay up to date with me on Twitter,
Facebook, Discord and my Steeeeam group. I want to say a huge thank you to my supporters
on Patreon for keeping me going, please consider becoming one if you enjoy what I do here on
the channel and I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty.

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    No im not trying to get laughs, its really pathetic.

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    Still new to Rust here, in my second week now. Just figured out what the belt was too.

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  8. this update made the trees worse tbh lmao. The x teleports randomly on the tree. Sometimes it up, sometimes its down. sometimes it teleports out of reach xD. Gimmie the old trees back

  9. They've broke key bind. Every time I bind a key & reload steam, it no longer works & randomly posts words to chat. Which is very annoying!

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