now let's test this can we enter vehicle with the jetpack you can if you can what how did that cop arrest me in one second why is my head spinning like this what am i no no if you get arrested with the jetpack on um I am possessed my character is possessed hey what's up guys name here back with another roblox jailbreak video so today guys we're gonna be checking out the brand new season 3 update in jailbreak or this is also known as the jetpack update which adds new jetpack season three begins this update also adds a new audio R 8 and the new Raptor vehicle but it's not just that there is even more game modes for all servers that means you can make everybody in the game play battle royale if you want to that is crazy I'm really surprised that they did this so let's go ahead and check out this update guys I joined the server this guy's playing music like some type of vehicle showcase and he's like a check out the new audio re I got two of them for you right here I'm a little confused okay we got the audio H showcase where's the Raptor and why does the license plate say the same exact thing on both of them Oni who's Oni is this Oni we got to reach level 30 criminal first so let's go ahead and buy our way there let's see how expensive this is gonna be a few moments later okay yeah we're gonna spend the rest of our money later leveling up the cop team but for now let's spawn in an audio re and check out the rest of this update so look at the new rocket feel effect does it make your vehicles even faster than before what it like broke the noise I broke the sound barrier so let's see how fast this is without rocket feel this is actually faster than I thought it would be the top speed on this thing is insane oh my goodness this is actually really good it kind of feels faster than the Bugatti okay let's go ahead and go to the tallest Road to buy the jetpack so the tallest Road has to be here either that or we're just like being misled and there's like a gang member up here in the dark and he's gonna like push me off the cliff okay let's go ahead and buy this so to use the jetpack you double tap the spacebar so what happens when we get it low on fuel I'm gonna get a right here oh it actually causes you to ragdoll exactly what I thought why I thought that was high enough so I wouldn't die alien invasion no no I'm not about to be put an alien invasion let's refill this with robux they scammed me they said 23 robux it just took 25 roll bucks from me okay I'm gonna spend bucks on this every time okay guys I'm jet pack boy and we're gonna check out the rest of this update so we're gonna go to the airport right now because of the jet pack also spawns up there but first we're gonna conveniently Rob the strain let's just jump right in wait once I have the jet pack and I just keep it on forever and I like into our vehicle put the jet back on now let's test this can we interview cool with the jet pack you can if you can what no how did that Copperas me in one second why is my head spinning like this what am i no no you can arrest it with the jetpack on um I am possessed my character is possessed look at my character he's like a ghost this is what happens when you get arrested with the jetpack this guy I just said I'm waiting for you Nate oh you know what buddy I broke every bone in my body unicorn I'm gonna get a jet pack and come to get you okay do not do not listen to Steve okay if you guys see Steve and a server he's gonna make you get the jet pack on a cop's gonna fly up to you nos you and then you're gonna break every bone in your body no I do not want to play battle lore'l my character looked like he was badly injured in battle where IL just a few seconds ago and I could barely get off the ground so we're gonna go to the location of the jet pack at the airport now you need a keycard why do they want to make it challenge what the heck we're able to go in there's a pistol on the table now okay so let's go ahead and check out the rewards that we got for season three on the criminal side so we unlock these new rims they are called the nemesis rims so I think I'm gonna like use these permanently we also got ten thousand cash and rocket fuel and we got these new tires so we got these season three tires right here what we're going right back to the napkin a once guys oh yeah those are them it's like I was afraid of them I don't know so it actually took quite a lot of cash to reach level 30 criminal really surprising there here we got a cop right there well good luck trying to arrest me cops just gonna fly up here with my jet pack we're about to see all the crazy things we can do with the jet pack okay I've noticed it's best to use like a pistol it's in first person if you have a jet pack on because your aim is all thrown off by this giant thing on your back okay killed that cop we got a bunch of cops just chillin right here I thought I could pull out a shotgun in midair I'm not even kidding something made me think that could magically plot a shotgun in midair okay let's rob the bank with the jetpack he's so laggy teleport into me to arrest me I love the new rocket feel effect though okay forget forget the jetpack at the airport location we're not going there anymore let's go ahead and grab this jetpack right here okay we got the jetpack okay let's go ahead and Rob the museum with the jetpack so the jetpack definitely makes robbing things interesting it definitely helps a lot but it may cause you to die a lot oh my goodness we got to be careful here we got to be insanely careful wait can we use the jetpack as we have stuff robbed let's go ahead and fly out of here the one bad thing about this is like the wobbling effect like it will randomly start wobbling the jetpack like when you land on the ground this is kind of weird look like that like like your character will stand on the ground for a second and wobble you we're gonna go ahead and turn this in my only suggestion for this is with the roebucks option it should last twice as long as it doesn't out just because it's kind of annoying having to refuel especially if you spin roebucks doing it if the bank is open for robbery here we go we got a fellow jetpack user here so it's the mint yeah oh my gosh the robberies are not really jetpack friendly my health became so low okay I'm gonna like fly around in the vol with it yeah we want you cannot collect money if you're in midair with the jetpack you don't get any money Wow I thought jailbreak would be more advanced than this why apparently you only get money when your character's touching the ground Wow let's just fly out of here with the jetpack hope the jet pack makes robberies so much more fun now though okay we're gonna make it battle Oriole for everybody we're just gonna force Battle Royale upon the entire server let's go okay it only costs 10 roebucks we did it we just made the entire server do battle royale let's do this okay I have the jetpack and Battle Royale I have an unfair advantage here guys so funny hey what's up buddy weapon you got there the jetpack makes this so cheap like I can just fly up here and obtain this now anybody with a jetpack in battle rail has a massively unfair advantage look there's the guy right here he doesn't have a jetpack but he's got wings it looks like this guy bought his rocket launcher from the gun store not even kidding only kill – this guy has no idea where he's being hit from there's someone in here oh gosh hey hey buddy hey can I refuel this or is it not gonna let me it lets me it lets me they did not have time to patch this that's for sure okay there's a guy right here gonna take him out he's like how are you up there knee he's so shocked I killed them leave me alone okay we need to get a doughnut really bad okay we got the shotgun and pistol it with the jetpack combo what is that some type of meal at some restaurant no you know what that's fine you guys leaving me out I'll just fly to the top okay look at the chip back in the jewelry store let's do this the jetpack makes the jewelry store robbery like 10 times easier check this out because half the stuff you have to like jump over so I can essentially flyover everything a donut game pass would be really helpful right now what if they had that in the future like an actual donut game past you can buy well the exact things I thought would make the robbery easier actually causes me to die Wow freaky freaky okay we're scaping with the free keycard granted by a sua let's go we're escaping the prison right now but first we got to put on a cop hat I I ruined my character sorry Captain America I had to murder you oh he's so angry now he's so mad at me he's infuriated that I killed him a second ago he's so mad he dropped the key card we got the cop letting everybody out hey buddy what's up thank you he left me out with the with that Wow Wow he's like a murdering obsessed cop oh my goodness a criminal just took him out he saved the day that was the shot gun wielding murder obsessed cop not even kidding I wish serve as a way to spawn the jetpack well guys we checked out just about every single thing that does up the added if you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe right now and if you haven't already hit that notification bell so you never miss new roblox video and if you enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like down below can this video reach 5,000 likes I know you guys can do it and thank you guys so much for watching and peace out guys

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