NEW Game Mode! Clash of Clans UPDATE!

NEW Game Mode! Clash of Clans UPDATE!

what is going on fellow fans of clash of clans it is your host gala Don back with another clash of clans episode and today another sneak peek into the next clash of clans update and that's right we've got extra exciting music and I'm talking extra loud and excited as well to try to make this sneak peek sound more interesting than it is okay so let's be honest let's review what's happened so far now we do have something that's genuinely new that's coming in today's sneak peek but it's not a new troop it's not a new defense it's not a new Town Hall level it's not even a new builder but you know we've revealed those things to you over the last week or so and this is going to be another little quality of life style improvement something kind of cool that's added to the game it's mostly going to help players well let's be honest players that are not interested in watching YouTube videos or don't ever go to youtube for clash of clans so technically if you're watching this video then you probably don't need this as much and if you're not watching this video you do so this is pointless but it anyway let's just talk about practice mode so practice mode hey to those of you that are good at the game that have already practiced this stuff it's free Luke get in there spend some time and yes you do get free loot notice the numbers on the left hand side but yes this is actually okay let's be honest I think this is actually very cool for the general population because I feel like most players aren't familiar with these style attacks and you know these are advanced attacks for the average player somebody who doesn't like I said pop on YouTube somebody who doesn't research the game and this basically holds your hand through many different attacks I believe there's like 17 modes for now and it's going to there will be others that unlock in the future that they will add but right now you can attack I believe it's one town hall level above your own so if you're a townhall 7 you can do the town hall 8 attacks and kind of learn ahead of time you know it's actually very cool that they did this but again it's just kind of ironic that the idea of doing this is so that you don't need to go to youtube and watch somebody's videos like mine that might help you with yeah but well okay a couple of things obviously it's not a regular full-on townhall 12 it's not going to be a layout that you're commonly going to run into and there's no time constraints here as well this is just teaching you the fundamentals of different attacks I mean it's really cool to see here that they're going to help teach you how to Queen walk now this is on a scale of 1 to it's ooh this is like you know fifth-grade level and it's who's like you know your third PhD so yeah it's it's not exactly advanced strategy it's going to get you there it's going to help you in certain cases but more often than not I think that you're gonna find yourself like trying a Queen walk without watching more strategy it's going to get you into trouble because the Queen walk is a pretty advanced strategy it's pretty easy to find the Queen's healers getting burned up by inferno towers or whatever the case may be lots of different things as far as funneling range there's so many different variables to worry about so this is a more elementary approach to the game but at the same time it takes it a level way beyond what the average player is exposed to and for that I actually am really thankful because hey you know what keeping players engaged in clash of clans is what keeps this game successful it's what keeps clash thriving and that's why we've seen clash of clans stay basically the top ten in the App Store for almost seven years people that is crazy stuff and to have just recently hit number one again when they released the gold pass for the first time is unbelievable it's amazing it's just exciting to watch and it's a good time for clash of clans right now so hey if you're watching this video these are strategies that you may already be familiar with if not it's a great way to get in there and check them out even if you've done it I actually found it kind of entertaining we'll go back and do one of the lower level townhall once in just a moment and yeah you know it gives you the fundamentals I've noticed that it is possible to screw up an attack even when it's trying to hold your hand you can slightly vary where you put units also at parts of the you notice like right here it doesn't tell you exactly where to put the units you could have just piled them all in a corner just spam them like the typical player might and you could probably still fail even in the handheld tutorial so it's you know it's one of those things where it's a learning process for everybody and I honestly overall think it's exciting to add stuff like this to the game because let's be honest clash of clans is pretty complicated I mean up at Town Hall's 10 11 12 things get complicated and even a player that has been playing for a while is going to miss out on a lot of this stuff if they are not the type that goes out and you know looks to the forum's looks to social media looks to wait YouTube yeah what do you know so yeah anyway alright so this is the handheld tutorial or it's telling you exactly what to do and then it's kind of interesting so when you get in you manage the three stars now it asks if you want to try it without the deployment steps so it's up to you now to try to remember what you just did and try it on your own and so this is kind of it's it's interesting it's kind of funny to see there also is more than one way to get the three star done on this little mini townhall 12 base so that was kind of cool as well you don't have to necessarily exactly follow what the tutorial did for you I can get back in there and vary things up a little bit even kind of screw things up and we can still get the job done it's interesting and you know it's just another little mode that's being added to the game that is going to improve things of course now I have noticed that there are a lot of strategies that are missing you don't see you know attacks with miners or hog riders really some of the attacks that you're going to normally see we don't see advanced lalo so you know there are definitely areas that could use improvement and I'm imagining there will be additions to this training mode in the future who knows I mean maybe they'll even take some content creators attacks and put them directly into the game like this that would be very cool that would be a good way to help support the content creators as well you know I don't know it's just thought you know I'm saying that I've come up with any amazing attack strategies but just just a thought so you know overall there's a lot coming in this update there are still a lot of questions I noticed pouring in about the legend League rework and it feels like the main concerns are lutes and is it enough to do during the day and so for that I still have to say that it's interesting that over 98% of Legend League players didn't attack eight times a day on average in last season but I did hear this argument and that was hey you know what I play in spurts there's one day where I might have more time to play and another day where I have less so yes I may not a verage eight attacks per day but there's days that I would like to do a lot more than eight attacks in a day that I have a lot more time to play and that is a good argument and is there a way to address that I don't know you know overall I think that they had to look at the majority of players and decide how they were going to please most of the players most of the time because obviously there is no way to please all of the players all of the time so that was one of the big issues was the number of attacks the amount of playing time per day and again it's going to be a shock to people that are used to having clash accompany them everywhere they go for 12 hours a day and you have to realize there are probably thousands and thousands of players that were doing that and they're not going to be able to do that anymore will they find another game will they find another town hall to play start a new account I don't know it remains to be seen but I definitely disagree with people who think that this Legend League rework is quote-unquote destroying Legend League or destroying the game I don't see that at all but a I'm taking the wait-and-see attitude as well I'm not going over the top with this I hope that things will work out well and here's the thing I trust I trust that the clash of clans team will adjust things if anything is way out of whack you know if there's something that's really not working out if players are not getting enough playtime or they're getting too much they're getting bored they're not getting enough loot that was another issue is there enough loot to be had allegedly to keep players playing there will Titan Lee become too crowded I trust that the clash of clans team will make an adjustment you guys need to remember that you know these are the people that made this game last seven years in the top ten number one for like five years and it keeps hitting number one over and over again so I trust that if they haven't destroyed the game up to this point they're not planning on or they're not going to allow rather the game to be destroyed in the future so let's put our trust in the clash team and know that the game will be okay and I honestly think that it will be interesting although of course it's going to – the hopes of many spam style players you know you can no longer just sit back and just attack without skill and keep advancing to the top of the leaderboards and that you know is a bummer for some people and it's going to be really interesting but you know what I think that it's where this game should be I think skills should be rewarded not spare time and that's just that's just my opinion and of course I also realized that in my career in clash of clans my peak was I hit number three global and I hit number one in the US I don't think I'm gonna hit those again I really don't I don't think that I have this skill to compete with the very elite the very best players in the world so just saying I I know that's not going to work out so but that's ok I'm ok with that and you know it will be fun I think it will make for good content to do those eight attacks on a stream do them in a video win lose or draw we'll see what happens but yeah I'm looking forward to it either way alright so yes we're taking a look at some ass dragon tutorial and kind of interesting kind of fun to go back and check out the lower level town halls and again there are the rewards there as well now speaking of rewards I just wanted to touch on this really quickly if you were heard there is a change to the way loot is being gathered in the season bank that's coming with this update and it doesn't affect most players although it actually affects me you'll notice and my home village if you've seen it I have overflowing storages they've been overfilled for weeks and the way it's going to work now is if your storages are full when you raid your season bank will not fill with that loot if your storages are already full there has to be room in your storages so you know it only hurts players that are basically fully maxed out I guess it makes sense we'll have to see okay so let's go ahead and wrap up that was tutorial mode let's check out one more thing that is the copy base this is the new deep link this is a huge quality of life improvement that gives you the ability to share your layouts instantaneously you can share them into the clan chat wave in its who shared of townhall 12 layout okay never never fail to copy an ETSU base but oh it's it's who's farming base whatever okay but yeah this is like one of the most famous bases out there but what I'm saying is this is a huge quality of life improvement because now you can suddenly share links that will allow players to copy bases now you can do this not only in the clan chat but you can also do it as a link that gets copied to your device's clipboard and then you can go out and text it to somebody email it share it and boom they've immediately got your layout or you've got theirs look for that coming to my videos very soon we'll be sharing lots of linked layouts thank you guys as always get ready for the clash of clans update I'm excited I hope you guys are as well catch me live streaming every day on Facebook gaming FBG g slash real Galligan gaming now get out there make the best of the rest of your day be kind to people animals easy on the planet and I hope to see all of you back here again tomorrow for more full attacks now we go down it off I'll share mine like for my gym box face

31 thoughts on “NEW Game Mode! Clash of Clans UPDATE!

  1. Mislio sam da nemozete nize past kao kad ste poceli naplacivat za heroje.
    Al ovo S R A NJ E sa legend ligom
    Savrseno ste usrali

  2. I am very disappointed in the update. A lot of clashers I know in the flesh don’t play the builder hall. Nobody cares about it. What’s with the builder hall applications being applied to our villages? Supercell is caping out our loot at 8 attacks! I know for a fact that tons of legends like Itzu would raid all day and night as long as their guard was valid & active. Some goes for non famous legends like regular people. They would attack all day & night. Again, as long as their guard was active & valid.

    I’m sure you Galadon would do the exact same. Not every day was a bad day in the clouds. Sure it took for ever. But that was the sacrifice we made. Why not fix legends, keep it the same as every single league and just attack with no clouds? That’s exactly what they did but they cap you at raids. The builder base caps you at 3!!! I heard that the titans are struggling with the clouds ☁️ now. They really didn’t fix the problem. They just pushed the problem down one division.

    Not to mention the attack system. With many new friends in globals, we all seem to be breaking even. If you climb, assuming you use all 8 raids your gunna defend 8 times. If you have a run of bad attacks, or bad defenses, your gunna break even. So you didn’t climb. Nor did you loose more than anticipated. The update is cool for the other players and for the people that like the builder hall, but they really didn’t fix legends. They botched it. We shall see what supercell does, I miss good updates. Things that supercell actually did that was good for the game & the players. Now they just focus on the games interest & not the players interests. (Alright hate mail, do your worst!)

  3. Spam attackers makeup a majority of the players. The game should be for fun not playing professionaly.

  4. Tired of Supercell and you tube teaching people how to attack. Some of us learned the hard way… thru trial and error, watching successful war attacks, and talking to clan mates…. This is lame that they are teaching noobs

  5. The funny part for me is to see a tutorial about a qw…
    I remember times when th10 was the max th and Supercell pretty much stated that healers on a queen was not ment to be….
    And see today ….

  6. I have a question if you don’t collect or steal loot from others in legends how will this effect gold pass season bank? Or clan games events where you steal a certain amount of loot?

  7. Interesting gamer tag for you gally # RCCGYCU9 if you use it mention me and my clan please …50shadesofjay …..clan… warmageddon …thank you !

  8. What this world Champion about this million dollar giveaway you keep raving on about world champion ships it’s European what you can get a flight for 45 euro it’s the European championship the rest of the world there’s more than Europe in the world please stop talking it up it’s the biggest load of crap the world is ever seenThe rest of us it would take thousands of dollars I noticed how you haven’t mentioned any other country apart from the European competitors

  9. ❤🌹💛🕊
    الجمآل ليـس شيئاً نـراه ، بـل هـو شيًّءٌ
    ‏نڪْتشفه فـهوّ
    { روح ♡ اخلاق ♡ وطيبه ♡ }

  10. Hey galadon, whats up with the infernos? Get they a new level or anorher sky n? Pls answer someone how knows! Thx, ❤️GaLaDoN❤️

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