*NEW* Fortnite 9.30 Update! | Chug Splash Shield, Flare Gun Item, Tilted vs Monster!

*NEW* Fortnite 9.30 Update! | Chug Splash Shield, Flare Gun Item, Tilted vs Monster!

hey what's up guys campers Russia here welcome back everybody to another fortnight video today we're talking mostly about the new update set on 7.3 9.3 dropping tonight here's the or tomorrow morning technically here's the official tweet from fortnight a refreshing new beverage arrives in the 9.3 update tomorrow June 18th it'll hit the spot downtime begins at 4 a.m. Eastern so right now if you're not already subscribe to the channel man I'm gonna have two or three videos going out in the first 24 hours covering everything this should be a massive update because keep in mind next week the week after that and the week after that are assumed to be content updates so it looks like the fortnight staff is taking a two to three week break just like they did over Christmas maybe we'll get a big event that type of thing but yeah just one new item a week and and other than event it won't be too much so I think there's gonna be a lot packed into tonight's update I say tonight but technically tomorrow morning I'm staying up and all videos up right away but yeah that's where we're at so tonight's gonna be a big one here's the item shop right now it just released and you can see the bat soul glider as mode eat Asmodeus asthma deuce I don't know how to say that foul Peck foul play Callisto music pack tipos is back and you see the rest there last thing yesterday was Father's Day man I posted a great photo of me on the golf course with my dad and my grandpa three generations of the Roscher fam it's just it's classy great-looking photo so go check it out and thanks everyone following me on Instagram or past 50,000 followers I appreciate that the new item for the update tonight is an item called chug splash it pays to share keep your squad in the game so a little confused on this one obviously something to do with sharing it with your teammates and I think it's gonna be something where you can splash it on you splash it on the ground it does Splash Damage so you can have the effect whatever the effect is I don't know if it's gonna be like a full on 200 health regen that seems insane maybe a slurp juice maybe a hundred health something like that for everybody that's in the vicinity of the splash area right is the idea so you could heal your full team of four in 50 be 50 or not 50 be 50 but the big team modes team rumble I guess you could probably technically do 20 25 guys right just with this item just splash it and everyone gets hit by it so I assume that's how it's gonna work we don't know if it'll be again full 200 Hal 150 hundred but similar to the slurp juice probably just a little bit different of a value that's my guess let me know in the comment section how do you think this is gonna work the new chug splash item I'm excited to hear your thoughts okay move it on to more stuff about 9.3 these are some of the issues that they are aware of and that means there's a chance for a lot of these item or a lot of these bugs to be fixed in the 9.3 patch tonight and again there should be some big balance changes hopefully another buff on the shotgun drop rate I would love that and I'll keep you updated I'm excited for these updates right now because I want a couple changes and I think everyone's feeling the same here's a picture though graphic settings have been lowered on certain devices the goal for it was it for this to be changed at the launch of season 9 due to a few issues on our side this change will be delayed working with apple on affected devices and FPS counter is not displayed in game only in the lobby controller you I present the controller UI display may appear when starting fortnight this is just a visual issue and does not affect matchmaking in any way there's a chest and neo tilted that is currently an open Apple Android voice chat we're looking into reports of Android voice chat issues and so on and then some audio issues the team is aware of issues from player reports on reddit if you're having issues with audio please let them know so these are what some of the many things they're gonna be touching on bug fix wise in tonight's update again it might not it's probably not gonna be all of them but it's gonna be some of them and to some degree and for the bigger ones they'll at least probably have a comment on where they're at with regards to that specific issue so expect that the patch notes tonight will talk about any of the big ones that get at it and yeah 9.3 I can't wait man I can't especially because it's our one lap and one big update that we have in the next few weeks it better be a good one man I think it will be Lucas here a selectable option for the fork knife pickaxe will be added allowing you to choose your preference of what hand each are held in release is upcoming but the date is not confirmed and and this was the official reply this is real which is hilarious the the reply on reddit from an epic game simply thanks to the lesson in etiquette we'll be adding a style choice for either preference in an upcoming release so it basically means I saw the post I don't have it up with me now but it was just a picture of the fork knife and and I think I don't know I don't know proper etiquette either but it's supposed to be the knife in one hand the is it for clefts all right but my my fork left and and then the knife on the right that's how I do it is that wrong and then the knife's gotta be tilted in right not towards your neighbor I kind of know maybe I know just funny that the epic paid attention to that and they're adding a style so now you could have both you could be an etiquette or a classy fella or you can go totally ragged trashy and I don't think your trashy if you not a kid I'm just saying okay next up from fire monkey a lot of little things here but good news because I like this one the throwables only LTM will make a return in a few weeks as stated by dusty Devo on reddit and there's the the picture for you so yeah this is the one where it was like grenades only I had a blast play in it and I actually uploaded some some gameplay of that one because that some of the alt you could tell the ones I loved because you'll usually see multiple videos in a row of that same gameplay which I know might annoy you sometimes depending on the LTM okay two more things here first one is to do with the fortnight flare gun you've probably seen rumors going around about this I want to confirm something for you first I'm gonna play a vid this is like a 35 second trailer that was played at the summer block party everyone's calling it a reveal trailer for the new weapon well let's talk about that after I show you the clip here Hey so it's funny looking right the animations cool the stories cool but everyone's saying okay the flare gun that's our next weapon how is that gonna work everyone's talking about it but I just want to let you know that an epic employee has confirmed that the flare gun will not be added here's the the Twitter chain or whatever it is Dexter Dexter oh desert oh dude epic games really hint at adding a flare gun to fortnight and then they link their article and Mick Chester epic employee no period so I mean I don't know if there was any sass through that reply the period the tone I don't I don't know but at the same time like they didn't really give any context right you could at least that I know of so I think it was safe to assume that the flare gun could be coming like there are some mixed signals there but regardless confirming no it's not coming and finally something about the monster quickly from a reddit user Luigi Lu to basically photo here since the monster his monsters started to eat things on the map I will place my bet on the cable to be next and I've seen this a couple times that the theory here we've seen snobby get destroyed a portion of it pleasant park modern get destroyed and so it's obvious that he's hungry based on donald musters location as well this monster is eating buildings apparently and yeah the theory is he's going to go start munching on that cable neo tilted is gonna lose all its power and and that's all the theory is that's it right there I thought that was cool and I think that's got some legs to stand on that's a pretty good theory something to do with that cable that power source right like it just seems so obvious it has to be interacted with something has to happen there and I think this guy's on to something let me know what you think at the comment section down below about that one other than that it's all I got for you today ladies and gentlemen if you enjoyed make sure to touch that like button leave a comment down below subscribe to the channel and yeah check out that Instagram photo and follow me there and appreciate that take care talk soon goodbye

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  1. Thanks for watching! What are your thoughts on the Fortnite 9.30 Update Tomorrow? Also, be sure to use Code TheCampingRusher and check out my previous video: Monster is Destroying the Map – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSAIdO1prYA

  2. The flare gun was added I thought, I was playing team rumble a few minutes ago and somebody shot it at me.

  3. If the monster eats the cable then maybe it will release that power into the world and we will have another unvaulting event

  4. haven't seen this anywhere… nut doesn't the fact that epic removed the delay also subtly kill our dreams of the heavy shotgun being unvaulted?

  5. Maybe in the storyline the flare gun has always been in the game and that’s where the fallen battle busses came from

  6. Fortnite is loosing relevances so they are trying to copy mine craft with micrafts splash potions and fortnites slurp splash

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