New FAST LOOTING! plus GIVE AWAY | Rust update 25th October 2019

New FAST LOOTING! plus GIVE AWAY | Rust update 25th October 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here and I’m back! with a well rested bonus.. talking of which.. I have an epicly relaxing
giveaway for you this week if you’re in the US or EU, so stick around and I’ll give you
all the important details towards the end. I was away last week as you may know, but
apart from the release of the usual seasonal content there wasn’t an awful lot to report
on so I think I timed that well.. Talking of which there was an optional client patch
this week to fix some toil and trouble that popped out of the cellar such as candy vision
on everything and cauldrons being placed too close to walls… tsk tsk tsk Whilst the team at Facepunch are working on
a few big things behind the scenes such as vehicles, instruments and a major graphical
overhaul.. They’re also straining at the keyboard to bring us many more quality of life improvements
in the short term.. and this week seems to see the focus shift to everyone’s favourite
pastime, looting. Over on the staging branch, some of these
changes to enable our indolence are now live.. And first of all, finally, lockers will let
you drag and drop individual items both into and out of them, instead of having to swap
a whole set of gear at once.. which should make planning your wardrobe far more pleasurable..
But you can still do a full swap of course if you wish. Transferring water between containers now
requires far less finger action as you can just hold the left mouse button to siphon
contents as desired.. And a couple of other big upgrades that just
went live on staging are being able to right click on items in our inventories to send
them to our belt bars, and a new hotkey: H which when held will allow us to swipe across
items in a container or body to loot them all! Although there is a limit to how many
you’ll be able to take at once.. Let me know in the comments what you think
to these enhancements.. Team chat is also live on staging now, and
what this means is that if you are in a team, you can press tab whilst the chat UI is open
to toggle between global and team chat, with the latter only being visible to the other
members. You’ll still see all messages displayed in sequence though so you don’t have to miss
out on the rest of the server population’s wholesome messages, they’ll just have different
tags.. Garry has added a couple of small features
to the game to help you interact with Facepunch, firstly pressing f7 will allow you to now
report bugs & cheaters, plus suggest your incredible ideas or just be encouraging to
the team in-game, instead of it having to open a separate browser page.. No longer is communication with the Rust gods
one way either as you’ll also notice that in the main menu there’s a new messages button
which will allow them to send you updates on the results of your reports if they so
desire. There were a couple of fixes this week, including
one that deals with servers stalling if there is a constant connection between one and an
rcon tool such as Battlemetrics. And another which went live on Staging just
today and that should fix the delay on bows when firing the second arrow.. In other news, horse armour sets now have
proper world models, and for those of you who want to destroy your frame rates even
more, Rusts graphics quality setting now goes up to 6! I’m informed that this was always
the case but this extra setting wasn’t exposed until now.. I’ve been trying to find out exactly
what it adds that level 5 doesn’t have but unfortunately can’t say for certain just yet,
however if you want the very best looking version of Rust regardless of performance
then this is your best option. In works in progress, still many commits on
the usual suspects such as HDRP and vehicles, with the latter seeing many related to that
vehicle lift I showed you which it seems will be needed to edit our Rustbuckets. And of course there are a ton more commits
related to instruments, along with this shot from Instagram of a couple of them being used
in exactly the way you imagine they will be.. Either that or this many has a fever.. and
is getting the only prescription.. And what’s wrong with that chap’s arm? That’s one beefy
shoulder.. Anyway, still no word on when we’ll get to
play with any of these yet, but it looks like at some point soon we’ll be getting buried
in a massive dump of content.. Talking of which! Are you in the US or EU
and would like to win yourself a sexy new gaming chair with a plush soft fabric finish
that you don’t have to peel yourself off of in those infernal summer months? Well, my
good friends at Arozzi are giving away one of their top of the range Vernazza chairs
to one very fortunate person and it could be you.. All you have to do is follow the
link to the giveaway page in the description.. A winner will be chosen by random on Monday
28th of October and if it’s you, then you’ll need to reply within 48 hours to claim it..
So don’t forget to keep checking your emails. I’ve got one of these myself and it’s a very
nice piece of kit.. almost feels like you’re still on the sofa.. which is both confusing
yet reassuring.. Frogboots not included.. Also, not only can you use code SHADOWFRAX
on Arozzi’s stores for 10% off any order, but now you can finally use code SHADOWFRAX
on Facepunch’s merch store, again for 10% off any of their hoodies, shirts, mugs etc..
This will last indefinitely and there’s no limit to how many times you can use it.. Ok, that was a lot of shameless plugging,
but hopefully it’s all stuff you can benefit from.. Let me know in the comments what you
think to Rust’s development this week.. Make sure you’re subscribed and have notifications
on, and if you got a notification for this video let me know down below please. You can
see me stream three times a week over on Twitch, I’m also available on Twitter, Facebook, Discord
and my Steeeeam group. I shall catch you all soon of course but in
the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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  2. lol, an encouragement option with f7 key hmm… wonder how quick the encouraging RUST community will join in on that

  3. I don't really think looting stuff should be buffed any further than it has been. Being able to loot fast is a neat skill to possess and making it brain dead simple to swipe everything is mega lame sauce.

  4. Now that makes sense with the locker.. Dont naje those musical instruments craftable pls.. it's just stupid that you'd want to focus or just give attention to music when you are trying to survive.

  5. It’s less then 6000 entries but if it was 6000 entries versus your two here are the odds of you winning just something fun figured someone would like to know this.

    For 2 to 6000 odds for winning;

    Probability of:
    Winning = (0.0003) or 0.0333%
    Losing = (0.9997) or 99.9667%

  6. It has bern 2 years I got into medschool and don’t have time playing rust still watching your videos every week 😂😂😂

  7. Would be good if we could move work benches, real pain when you have small base, instead of having to destroy them to get the next tear one in.

  8. Finaly reporting from game.. i will never log website or register it to be able help game developers to push cheater out.. its like they earn people becouse cheating dirty work… pushing people register if they dont want cheaters in

  9. Can they just add the rain back into the game.
    I want to sit on my bases porch out in the rain and scream at autistic naked people already.

  10. At this moment of time, I’ve stopped playing Rust, but when that HDRP update comes out, I’ll try and get back into it.

  11. This game I love it so much even tho I dont play it that often.
    Its so depending on the players how you experience this game and it can be a struggle sometimes.
    But that is what makes the archievements so much better.

  12. night vision googles would be game changer to the game but also kinda cool consept…. imagine like.. the oil rig crates having meaby like 10-15% chanse on gibing 1… and you cant craft these

  13. I think the looting kinda ruins it. There's barely any point to now run back to see if you can once again fight a person that's killed you etc… They'd already looted everything and gone… Along with raids now being shorter because of the looting system also!

  14. Im interested to see how looting will develop, I feel its a good thing for pvp when you go back to your dead body but idk seems OP, I like looting the way it is now.

  15. 👏give 👏us 👏the 👏boots 👏no 👏one 👏cares 👏about 👏the 👏chair 👏reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Lootings still trash. The game is still trash. The only game I go to to get railroaded by a bunch of 12 year olds.

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