Facebook’s messenger service is one of
the most popular messaging platforms out there but in case you haven’t noticed it
can actually be kind of confusing and difficult to work with sometimes. In
today’s video we’re gonna talk about Facebook Messenger and how they’re
actually releasing their new update called messenger 4 and how they’ve
simplified this process, how they’ve made it easier for people to chat with
friends and how they’ve made it even more fun to use so stay tuned here we go. Alright welcome back and thank you for
joining us my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this
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our future content. So like I said in the beginning, Facebook has just released
information about updating their messenger platform and it’s gonna make
it decluttered, it’s gonna make it easier to find friends and message those
friends, it’s gonna make the messenger platform itself just more interactive
and engaging so that way you actually want to use their platform because
that’s what they want. They want people using their platform instead of using
their text message service or instead of using you know Google Hangouts or Skype
or anything like that oh and free marketing agency owners who
are trying to land clients make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video and
I’ll show you one other video that we put together where we use facebook
Messenger to lian clients for our agency so stay tuned for that. So Facebook
recently did a study where they asked people what is the most important
feature or aspect of a messenger platform to them and when they were
asked that 7 out of 10 people said that simplicity was the most important thing
and so Facebook took that to heart and they’ve actually kind of revamped their
entire strategy so let’s talk about a few of the things that they plan to do
in the messenger platform that’s gonna make it better for you as a marketer and
as a user. So the first thing is messenger 4 is actually simplified the
navigation so at that very at the very bottom of the messenger like screen
you’ll see all of the navigation areas and they’re simplifying that because
they know it is complicated and in my opinion it’s complicated as hell and I
use it all the time so that’s gonna be one of the first things they’re changing
so I’m interested to see what they’re gonna do there I really
leave a comment below this video do you think it’s something that they’re
actually going to they’re going to eliminate some of those buttons or do
you think they’ll add more let me get your thoughts because I want to see if
you’re paying attention because if you say add more then you’re not paying
attention so the answer to your question is Facebook is actually dumbed it down
to three tabs. There’s going to be chat, people and discover so the first one the
chats tab is the one that houses all of your conversations it’s not only going
to be the one-to-one conversations but it’s also going to house the group
conversations now so you’ll see everything in one’s fluid stream the
second one is gonna be the people tab and the people tab is where you’re gonna
find all of your friends whether they’re online or not usually it only shows your
online friends because people have enough friends to where they’ll have
some online and it won’t show the offline ones but I’m sure it’ll still
show the offline friends too but that’s really all that tab is fourth they’re
simplifying it down to just be one tab instead of a groups tab and a friend’s
tab and all of the other tabs that they have related to people and then finally
number three is the discover tab and the discover tab is one that they’re going
to use more for business so you’ll find things like places you want to travel
games that you might be interested in playing or things that you might want to
do around your local area so the messenger tab is actually again getting
more focused in that marketer mentality now we’re still gonna give you that
template if you stay till the end of this video but if you want to see more
about the actual video that we put together about how to land Facebook or
how to link clients using facebook Messenger check out this video in the
top right hand corner so Facebook Messenger is actually also adding a
camera button to the top right hand corner of the menu platform and or of
the menu for the Facebook messenger platform and it’s going to make it super
super easy for you to share video photos or even do a video call or phone call
with one of your friends instead of me having to tap 500 times to get to the
actual point where you can make the call you literally just swipe and then hit
the button you need to call or to send video or photo or whatever now we all
know that Facebook stories are something that are really really important because
everybody just likes using stories whether it’s Instagram Facebook snapchat
whatever but Facebook’s have not been as popular and it’s because of the fact
that they’re sometimes just hard to find so what they’re actually doing now is
making them easier to find in messenger as well all you have to do is click the
people tab or view one of their stories so question did you
actually like Facebook’s story feature or do you prefer to use Instagram or
snapchat stories leave it in the comments below which one you think is
better one final thing that I want to mention is that it’s all about
personalization when it comes to messenger and Facebook really
understands that that’s why they’re allowing you to do things like custom
nicknames now you can do custom chat fonts and background colors there’s all
kinds of thing custom emojis it’s gonna be really really cool to see how they
play this out and then how other platforms try to adapt to become that
Facebook Messenger style platform they’re gonna look it’s gonna be funny
really in my opinion to see who’s going to lead that charge and who’s gonna make
the changes based on whose platform is performing better right so that’s gonna
be really cool to pay attention to so when can we expect these updates
basically on October 28th they release the first update they’re doing this in a
series of updates so you’re allowed to do things like dark skins on the
background now so that way it you know if your is it’s nighttime it’s easier to
view but that’s basically it for now they haven’t done a whole lot yet again
they’re gonna roll it out in phases so just pay attention over the rest of this
year in the beginning of 2019 and I’m sure you’ll see those changes come out
but that’s it for this video guys thanks so much again for joining me and again
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  1. I don't know when the update is supposedly coming but unfortunately I haven't gotten the new look but I been getting updates that seem to do absolutely nothing.

  2. My brother has the new update and I don’t have ?!
    I got the update for few hours and it’s gone.!

  3. I think everyone will get the update in 2020, lmao!

    Revealed in May 2018
    Announced to be released in a few weeks back in Oct 23

    It’s December 3rd today…

  4. I got the new update and it won't back to an older version, but I been waiting of dark mode feature, when to release dark mode?

  5. I'm from France, my friend got this update few months ago, she have the same phone as me, and I'm still waiting for that update, 'cause honestly the old version is really ugly

  6. What the heck. I always ending up to update my messenger. But when Im done updating and open it, nothing change. Its normal like the older version why?!

  7. its kinda confusing. in my country my old account (2009) receives the new layout but it wont last and then appear again, my new acc (2017) got the new layout but it never lasted a single day, its december 25 and im stuck with this terrible old layout. by terrible i mean cluttered sections/tabs that i dont even use, i hope by next year they finally release it for good. im using a Galaxy Note 3 w/ Android 5.0 Lollipop

  8. Wtf! My sister's phone was updated already and after switching account on her phone with my account, it's back to the old messenger. After returning back to her acc, it's back to the new messenger! Like wtf!! My phone still doesn't have the update yet! And it's December 26 already! Waiting for almost 4 months now!

  9. I got 2 accounts. My old account doesnt have the new update but my new account does.. everytime i log in my new account it has the new update but when i log in my old account its the same old update.

  10. Avid follower from Kenya …
    I can't afford your course(s) at the moment but your YouTube channel is gold. I learn sooo much from it. I'm planning to start approaching businesses in the next two weeks or so and see if they will have me manage their digital media for them. Problem is people want fast results but digital media marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Also, can you give us a video of what strategy you think the 'Beat Kylie Jenner's Egg' used and how to make a campaign go viral . Thanks! Much ♥️

  11. Im looking for changing the nicknames and the lil emoji when u go into details u can't see any of that could u plz show how to get or is it on the new messenger?

  12. In addition to a big name, Facebook has nothing. Site curve. No, thanks, from the new one there are decent things. Utopia, old telegram

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