NEW Clash Update Sneak Peek April - NEW MODES & SPELL 🍊

NEW Clash Update Sneak Peek April – NEW MODES & SPELL 🍊

mmm it's an orange juice what's up everyone it's OG we have a lot going on in this new update that is launching very very soon there's gonna be a lot of cool features in there including a complete new UI revamp the user interface is going to be completely different now by completely different I mean that the everything's gonna be all there now look at that simple right simple you got the activity log which is your replays and your tournaments then you have the leaderboards which is you know ladder I don't let good stuff then you have TV royale you got private tournaments that's new that's on the main menu now and of course you have nice little settings with everything including super cell ID super Sally D 2.0 is now here signup because it's got benefits I don't know what exactly but it's better trust me I'm not paid for by yourself one more thing is trainer trainer trainer where's the trainer button but that's that's the king and princess stats for your your towers where's the trainer right there let's talk about another feature that little chest there it's claimed reward trophy Road that's new that's completely new look at that that is beautiful look at all of those goodies you get rewards now just like in brawl stars every time you progress at a certain mark you get something new so at a hundred trophies you get a gold chest not bad not good but it's free and then at 150 you get to choose between a hog rider and a goblin hut the goblin hut seems a little fuzzier I can't put my finger on it but it's fuzzier I'm gonna go for the goblin hut cuz it's fuzzy then the 200 you get goal you can choose between a goblin barrel or a hundred that's really cool that you get like a guaranteed epic right there then at 350 you get the skeleton the bomber chest blah blah blah some other things 550 the giant skeleton or witch that's huge as a new player you get to pick another epic on there a guaranteed epic by the way then at 6:50 you get to choose cards some chess and then 750 that's kind of cool because right at this you might not even have that battle round but it immediately unlocks for you well just like that and then Oh 850 barrel barbarian barrel and golem that is nice a guaranteed epic at 850 that's that's so juicy and a 950 the giant chess giant chess what are if you can get a giant chess on the first day oh that's value then going up the T rewards typical stuff then at 1250 you get the Pekka or the Zapp there's pretty interesting choices you keep going up you get all these different rewards magical chest at 1400 that's the one that sticks out to me and then you could you go up to the builders ooh flying machine you got some of the legendary chests 19 the game-changing you're guaranteed your first legendary nineteen hundred and fifty trophies that's huge trophy road is amazing twenty-two hundred obviously this is the devil and everything that you see in this video today is subject to change and it may not actually be in the live builds for example right here you're not gonna see a blue square you're gonna see in a moat and it's going to be the CRL Knight and what if you don't already have it you're gonna earn it then you get two frozen peak you get the epic chest that's pretty good you can choose between a bowler or freeze going up all these other awards bobland giant 2850 for free and not bad at all keep going up the rewards all that good stuff you why would you pick rage over cannon card alright because it's 3,000 you can get eat Barb's at 3,000 makes sense actually then you got electoral Valley the Tesla looks a little sturdier it's different electro dragon or clone that's an obvious choice clone you got spooky town you got 50 common cards you get 50 rare cards and at 1,300 you get an emote I've been told that this is a new exclusive emot– that you can't get anywhere else in the game except to anyone over 1,300 trophies and that's gonna be the biggest reward you get these are one-time rewards by the way for the first leagues but then you get to the challenger once and this is where it changes up a little bit differently by the way every time you go up in arena you get a speed boost your chests are going to open up faster for the first 24 hours existing League and arena boosts will stack so for example if I log on and I'm at 4,000 trophies I'm gonna get every single one of these rewards all at once I wouldn't get it though until you have earthquake unlocked then you open up your trophy Road rewards with that giant chest in there that's not speaking that's speaking for this rare earthquake spell anyways we're we're talking about the trophy road right now the rework is a little bit different where you get some coins you get some chests you get some a legendary chests for reaching challenger to challenger 3 you get these master you get all those good stuff as you keep climbing to 5,500 you get a magical chest and then you get a Len of the legendary chance at 5900 I don't want a laning chest that's 6,200 6500 you get a magical chest and then at 7,000 you get the legendary King chest now the league rewards the everytime this the latter resets you can earn these rewards every season it's replacing the N season chest with these rewards special events by the way this is the mega deck challenge it is filler it is a placeholder picture that is not how the mega deck challenge picture is going to look like in these special events you need to get global tournaments you're gonna get challenges you're gonna get limited time game modes and of course the grand challenge the mega deck is the limited time challenge and then you're gonna see global that's the biggest difference is they're gonna see the global tournaments in this tab now and you're gonna see private tournaments in this tab right here let's talk about earthquake deals damage per second the troops and Crown Towers deals huge building damage does not affect flying units it is an earthquake after all so it's gonna deal 61 damage times 3 – all regular ground troops and all crown buildings princess tower king tower night giant golem it's all gonna deal 61 damage times 3 for 183 if they're inside that circle and it's going to slow all units by 35% 244 damage 400% more damage to buildings though not crowned towers about buildings so think goblin huh think elixir collector think furnace think tombstone it's gonna destroy everything it's gonna wreck siege mortar Expo I can't I can't I can't hear you you're not you're not in the meta anymore let's try out the earthquake so here's what we do you earthquake that does it mmm so it doesn't look like it slows down Crown Towers check this out it's going to wreck those fear goblins no no if I didn't wreck them well I missed a couple of ticks here and there but the third take would have killed them overall it's pretty underwhelming on units and on towers but it's gonna be insane against huts it's gonna wreck elixir collectors it's gonna do so much damage to everything else we're gonna have a tech video prob really when this card comes out I don't know when but it's gonna come out on this card come back we're gonna talk about the intricacies of everything interactions everything that has to deal with earthquake for new skins let's talk about that for new prestige rewards star points if you will goblin hut rocket night balloon so the first level it's not very exciting you just get too sparkly when you cast it on the first level so we're just gonna auto upgrade them all to level one but I want to see what level two does the balloon though that's gonna be that's my favorite I'm gonna start using balloon more if it becomes black with the skull just like in clash of clans yes yes please oh my star points that's that hurts my wallet my imaginary dev build wallet everything's level two now let's check it out the night as expected I thought he was cold maybe it's level three that's gold golden patches on the balloon okay not bad I'm more interested in the level – gobbling – sparkly spear goblins rocket golden rocket okay it's rainbowy when it explodes I'm excited for what level three is gonna do let's bring it all up let's bring it all all all up goblin hut level three spikes in the horns Mohawks for your goblins smoke coming out of the hut it's not black it doesn't have a skull actually it's kind of wow there's a crown on top of the balloon I looks like he's gonna deal like 10,000 damage love it let's see what the knight has more gold typical Knight of course he would look look at look at his knight versus my knight his Knight is a peasant Knight his knight is going to lose here's the rocket though let's check it out oh my goodness there's a goblin riding that rocket as soon as this comes out I'm upgrading my rocket to level 3 wow wow supercell take my money if that goblin had a cowboy hat let's talk about some of the other changes so they have emotes every exclusive limited emote is gonna have a legendary border around it now no it's that built so you don't really see it isn't it yeah I wonder why the devil does even have the King emotes but it is what it is another thing too is when that motes go into the shop you're not gonna keep seeing this emotes over and over and over again you're gonna see a lot more variety in the shop now so they're improving that it's very nice in ladder what they did was they made 1v1 have overtime at 3 minutes but the biggest thing that really bothered me 2 V 2 u 2 V 2 only had 1 minute overtime on ladder it should have been 3 minutes and they're bringing that in with this new update news rods gonna have some cool things it's gonna have a live notification so that you can see all the streams so the goblin hut looks fuzzier the Tesla looks sturdier and the mortar looks more vibrant it's interesting they they've revamped those 3 card icons one cool thing if you look below their trophies it tells you when there are last online so yarn was lost online four months ago whose yarn emoji but wait there's more we've got the mega deck challenge now only do we have the mega deck challenge we have dragon hunt and elixir capture what do those mean let's find out we got the magnetic challenge 3 6 9 12 15 18 cards in the deck you can pick anything you want we've got the dragon hunt friendly challenge let's check that out real quick what in the world is that that my friends is a dragon egg air hits it Brown hits it it's a building targeting thing we're all ground all building targeting units oh look at that the egg popped infernal dragon baby dragon any dragon is gonna spawn from that dragon egg basically what happens is that the last person to deal the last hit on the egg gets the dragon and that is dragon hunt alright so you've got the licks er capture let's check that out real quick you have the elixir storage in the center and you get to lick sir for that obviously it's not gonna be worth it you rocket it because it's the whole my goblins game and I always gets me but it's it's a building so the wall breakers are gonna go for it still not enough that was a negative liquor trade but if you're putting on a knight last one two hits it gets a two elixir and the knight that crosses the bridge got one elixir look at the yup Oh put that world Yantra at the bridge laughs that looks er immediately one last thing there's not exactly going to be a balanced update but they are reducing clones radius they felt it was too powerful and it couldn't wait for the next Monday update so they're reducing it to three tiles it's still gonna move forward but it's going to only give me three tiles it's a lot coming for the Sofia hope you guys enjoy this video thanks for watching and stay tuned for more quality oj

31 thoughts on “NEW Clash Update Sneak Peek April – NEW MODES & SPELL 🍊

  1. I understand trophy road from 0-4000 trophies. But at fucking 4000? Serios man? I prefer draft chest over the trophy road at any time.
    Almost all players are between 4000-5000 trophies(talking about all players who are in the legendary arena). We can't take advantage of all the advantage of the trophy road. It was better the draft chest..

  2. I heard something about a trophygate, which would allow you to stay in a arena even after losing… Can someone explain me what it exactly does?

  3. Goblin Guru is in my clan and he came up with that idea, put it on reddit and it got accepted. My name is spammer btw and rocket is my favorite card ever!

  4. Cheack my new deck i made its great
    Ice wiz
    Mega minion
    Mega knight
    Skeleton barrel
    Edited:my in game name is supercell

  5. literally havent played this game for 2 years because i got scared of 1v1ing after reaching hog mountain for some reason. this update looks good.

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