New BENDY & THE INK MACHINE Chapter 1 Update w/ FGTEEV Frozen Chase! GRANNY has DARTS! AHH!

New BENDY & THE INK MACHINE Chapter 1 Update w/ FGTEEV Frozen Chase! GRANNY has DARTS! AHH!

there starts so what's over here everybody today I'm playing vending machine chapter one and they have changed this a little bit oh yeah it is me fdtv chase let's see what is new in chapter one okay so first is discovered Joey's secret um what is this this lift could use a cells oh my god that's a huge ink machine I haven't seen that okay what do we need you're like oh no cuz out that would be cool if we can jump over this and go to the ink machine but I don't know how to go to a bank machine no I'm scared I get overtime for this okay we'll pick a soup so I didn't really find risk boats up everything says he will set us free come and check this actually there's my old desk I wasted so much time in this chair looks like we knock down a wall or two after I left it took a few people replaced me I need how to never seen this choice skin get this to work fix the machine how do I fix it I'll put this here wait the cogwheel are called real I think his back over here cuz I haven't seen up any other called me okay wait I want to see how much are I don't have that one Oh a cogwheel this is getting scarier skin oh I forgot I was in Paris there's everyone over here because I haven't checked know it oh god the cogwheel was oh boy not the cogwheel I Sonia find a book I know where the book is except I'm going the wrong way yeah I got something to show you you see that right deputies like that this is a new change you look behind him and look yep see that's a new one Sam is sitting down now I'm still looking for the book so book you're hiding in a good hiding spot where I don't even know where you were so can you just come out for me please there's darts second you can beat me at darts you can have my bacon now I just need to get the ink flowing somehow should be a switch around here somewhere then I can start up the main power door well I'm getting so scared I play games I was fun I don't like when the bhindi pops up close he disappears oh one last time I don't say this by myself it's ready for me to go I don't want to do it do you need help Oh see it's not scary oh you got this by the way hey now I'm gonna turn on the English escape you know I'm always scared come on you can finish this this was almost in all Drizzy chase episode do look how cute that aint machinist don't you just want to like turn it on I can't turn it on it's only flowing let's just get a little closer so what's over here what do you mean wait wait Elsa frizzy L shift go go quick Jase Jase Jase oh my goodness ballot reshat open yo I'm scared why'd you bring me into this ah oh my goodness oh I forgot about exit bro drinking the quick oh my goodness did this looks nice no I got scared I was like this looks scary one remember that looks really pretty now oh oh look see look that's a perfectly good exit says dinger Kapow I think that's Filipino uh yeah I don't speak that but yeah I think this looks pretty safe to me oh you gotta find more valves I do remember this yeah see look says watch your step these people they care about you let me scary Oh perfectly fine I who swims in ink that was weird I just I did yesterday who doesn't that's the real shame you know people that don't do that sort of thing clear a new path oh man oh man whoa whoa whoa see this ain't even scary dude oh man oh man oh man sure you want to do this okay here it is and get punched flashback fruit punch the flash is fast you did it chapter one look cement you did that almost all without me you didn't even need me I actually was more scared than you were okay chase chase chase price Thank You scared to death perfect time to eat his hair or like I'm Mike I'm sorry to say but tastes about the finish boy now what Oh

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  1. So badly I panic that the bus left me again… it’s because my dad didn’t came home on time, and my dad just coming home right now almost home my dad said, and I don’t know how to unlock the kids lock and don’t know how to open the door

  2. Fgteev Duddy. Se yhs bendy i love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i a girl

  3. , in chapter 3 I saw a game saw someone actually I meant that got a gun and killed the projectionists buy with a gun and I think on chapters 3 there's like a thing well the projection was a man until some I guess somebody killed him and turn them into the projectionists and now he has returned and now he's here to kill you in the game random there's a gun that you pick up and I'm the person there's like on chapter one there's like something like you lip Checkers like the thing that you put on in it show the name there's like one in chapter 3 that you guys missed why don't you go redo it and and do and see if you can find it where the done

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