35 thoughts on “Net Neutrality Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

  1. Racists are everywhere john oliver should start a campaign to help us round them all up and shuttle them to the sun. Wait that could never happen coz then the entire white race would be gone

  2. ກົດຫມາຍຫຼາຍທີ່ສຸດ, ທີ່ມີອໍານາດ, ກົດຫມາຍໃນຈັກກະວານ > http://bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-Most-Powerful-Law-In-The-Universeee-78800 1774

  3. Funny how "fake names" are a problem, but literally millions of accounts saying the same thing, using the exact fucking words, word for word, isn't "suspicious." Fuck the FCC, fuck Ajit Pai, and fuck Fox "News"

  4. Mwahaha. That guy can never be the oshkosh b'gosh guy. The company was founded in the early twentieth century. He wasn't even alive back then.

  5. I'm not worried about the repeal of net neutrality. As soon as ISPs get greedy with their bandwidth, websites are going to start encrypting their data and transmitting it to users from servers with unassociated IP addresses or 3rd-party VPN services. Pretty soon the entire internet will be one big onion network and I don't have a problem with that at all.

  6. The FCC won’t let me be, won’t let me be so let me see: they tried to shut me down MTV but it feels so Empty without me

  7. HEY OLIVER , its your boi back on the island and I've just rolled a fat one. Could you fill us back in on net neutrality now and also on the EU's articles 11 and 13? cheers bud

  8. And he says he's not a journalist, he's only a comedian. Like Hell, John. You are literally my go-to for any info and the increasingly goddawful land of America. Even my conservative family agrees with you on a lot of things.

    Honestly, if I could, I would put you in history books as one of the best journalists to ever live. Between this, interviewing the Dalai Lama and that guy who leaked the Government Surveilance info (shame i cant remember his name), constantly crusading to fix our prisons, creating TV commercials attempting to force-feed Trump actual information, enlighting us of the BS corrupt politicians have done and telling us how we may be able to fix that, being funny through all of it, and in general having some humility, sensibility, honor, pure goodness, and courage to fight against all the haters who are too busy attacking their opponents instead of making actual, sensible policy for the benefit of their citizens and voters instead of themselves, I salute you, which hardly qualifies as an appropriate sign of the appreciation and respect you deserve.

    If there were more people like you on Earth, the world would be a much better place. I truly think of you as God's gift to truth, journalism, and rightousness in the face of bigotry, hatred, and fear-morgerers. God bless your heart.

  9. What do I think about the internet?
    I am a homeless aboriginal in the place where I once was a king.
    [email protected]%k it, it's not like Net Neutrality is gonna mean jack sh*t after the Singularity spawns self evolving A.I. that gives birth to Skynet! Stock up on canned goods & armour-piercing ammunition, meatbags! This sh*t is gonna get REAL!!!

  10. The internet is good for nothing but trolling. I like trolling on 4chan cause that's just how I roll.

  11. and u all still think america land of the free? wake up we have no freedom, we're all government and the tip 1% bitches. they can fuvk us over when and however they like, your votes n protests dont count unless the whole fucking country united to fight back

  12. please dont fuck w my porno, it's all i got. lol let's see cobert or watever thr fuck his name is could do a segment this funny

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