22 thoughts on “Nellie Bly Biography: Pioneer of Undercover Journalism

  1. Bly is the real world female version of Tin Tin because of her alias and courageous pursuit of the truth. The only difference is she didn’t have a dog named Snowy.

  2. 2 month later, I'd conclude its a best, most interesting person and biography for me. Thanks for exposing this interesting woman to me Simon. [And ahead of her time at that]

  3. …she spent hours just starring at the wall and saying nothing – and i can't just not stare at that drone remote that looks like tim burton skeleton skull mounted on the wall 😀 – I mean you make great content and I love how you have evolved and so on but – the background – maps are beautiful but wtf is this trend of youtubers getting their rig in the shot – kind of annoying to be forced to look at the gadgets and what not you may have :/ well if it is just product placement ok I guess but you made me actually comment – I hope you continue to expand and grow though

  4. Around the world for a woman by herself huh. Stay out of the middle east if you don't need a protector.

  5. I kept thinking of Shudder Island when she was at the asylum. Can’t imagine what that must’ve been like for her. She saved so many lives from mistreatment by doing that.

  6. Lois Lane: Thank you mom.
    Nellie Bly: Er..I'm not your mother?!
    Lois Lane: Yes you are.
    Nellie Bly: No I'm not.
    Lois Lane: Yes you are.
    Nellie Bly: No I'm not.
    Lois Lane: Yes you are, If you aren't then why am I sitting here typing this long arse report on Lex Luthor, waiting for Clark to notice me, while listening to Bette Midler's wind beneath my wings?
    Nellie Bly: I…alright fine.

  7. I never heard of her till I watched the movie on lifetime tonight the way you explained I really enjoyed it new subscriber

  8. I did know a little of her. I hadn't seen this video before, but enjoyed it just now. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to understand "The Algorithm". Also remember, these things stay on YouTube for longer than a week after posting. 😉

    "This is what a 'social justice warrior' looks like!" 😁

  9. Okay, this woman is straight badass and can still serve as an example for all women, who want to achieve more in life! I love her mentality, I have the same burning passion to do stuff and not just settle with less!

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