nct taeyong 태용: leader moments pt. 2 [eng]

nct taeyong 태용: leader moments pt. 2 [eng]

MANAGER: Before we start the wrap-up party, MANAGER: NCT 127 member, leader
TAEYONG will give a word of gratitude. TY: In a way, you can say that we are
experiencing everything for the first time TY: So I would like to thank you for
coming here to give us support TY: And I am thankful for all of you, who've
worked hard to make a good stage. TY: We were able to finish this concert well because, TY: As I have said before, we have walked past some
difficult paths and I believe that is the reason why. TY: So from now on, despite all the
hardships that might come in front of us, TY: We will keep the strong will to "break everything"
and work hard to become a better artist. TY: Thank you. TY: NCT! 1, 2, 3!
ALL: Fighting! TY: I'll do it. 1, 2, 3!
ALL: Fighting! PD: Are you ready? YT: Yes. TY: No, we still have one member left. TY: We're ready now. TY: Thank you!
ALL: Thank you! TY: Thank you! TY: How about just nailing it down once, with a pose? MC: Thank you. TAEYONG… TY: Can we take another with
the members sitting down? MC: Yes, you can do that. Good. Good. MC: Once again.. MC: From left to right, 1, 2, 3! MC: That was great! TY: 1, 2, 3! To the world! Here is NCT. TY: Thank you. TY: Then, JAEHYUN, stand in the center. TY: Let people know more about K-POP! GOTOE: As you know, I am a really big fan of you. TY: Then, then, to set an example, TY: shall we clean up on our way to the car? ALL: OK. TI: Let's go. TAEYONG, let's go! TY: Let's do all of these together. TY: Also, NCTzen who are watching right now, TY: "Right, I did so well today."
You guys do it too. ALL: Good job.
TY: Well done. TY: Tell yourself you did so well. TY: You guys are the best. TY: You came to this place! TY: To our DREAMIES who came, thank you a lot! TY: Thank you so much for coming to cheer! TY: I feel good being here with DREAM. TY: I'm grilling. This is the pork belly. TY: Since I kept grilling the pork belly, TY: I didn't know if my arm was getting
cooked or if it was the pork belly. TY: But LUCAS ate so well, so I kept going. TY: It was good seeing him eat so well. TY: Everyone, please cheer also
to the other NCT members. TY: Other NCT members are
supporting NCT 127, too. TY: I'll also cheer for everyone to have better days. TY: "Have you watched WayV's MV?"
Yes, of course. TY: WayV! HENDERY: Hello!
KUN: Hello! TY: Say hello! TY: RENJUN! KUN: Everyone, hello!
TY: It's Vlive! TY: Hello! CL: Hi! Here, here! TY: Oh hi! Where is that? Isn't it
dangerous? No, right? CL: What is it?
TY: This is Vlive. CL: Vlive?! TY: I'm working on our music right now. TY: The members are… TY: Yeah, they're home. TY: I heard they've eaten. Have they eaten? TY: How is it? WW: I want a tiramisu. Tiramisu.
TY: I can buy you a tiramisu in the least. TY: From where?
WW: The tiramisu? WW: It's all the same anywhere. TY: Can I make it for you?
WW: Of course. WW: Everything you make is delicious.
It also looks good visually. TY: Do you want to see 10 members
of NCT perform together? TY: I always say that. TY: Someday, or soon, I guess
we will be able to do that. TY: Don't be sad. TY: For me, Firetruck
(with the hardest choreography) TY: Yes, that's right. TY: The reason why I chose it is because… TY: Although it looks simple, the simpler it is,
the more difficult it becomes (to bring it alive). YUGYEOM: Power.
JONGHYUN: It's difficult to pull off. TY: We have parts where we have to carry and jump TY: which might injure the members TY: Therefore it's a choreo I
always feel anxious about. TY: I wanted to talk with fans more. TY: But it was regrettable I couldn't
speak Japanese well. TY: Next time I will learn (Japanese) more.
And I want to lessen YUTA's burden. YT: I missed the timing.
TY: No, say it. YT: It's been awhile since we did our best
on stage, so it was very good. TY: That's true. TY: TAEIL, please say something. TI: NCTZEN, thank you for this win. TY: In our team we have so many good dancers
that for me to be here is embarrassing. TY: Among the members we have TEN
who appeared on Hit the Stage TY: And JISUNG who is currently
on Dancing High. TY: They are both amazing dancers. TY: Yesterday, we were getting ready to
sleep and JOHNNY sang. TY: It was my first time seeing him do that. TY: He was singing. I think he was
so happy that I was back. JN: Yes. I sing when I am happy. TY: I was like, "I have to film this" but he
was done when I had the camera ready. JN: I get shy. JW: TAE-card will be taken out soon. TY: One of our members is injured so he
isn’t able to be here together with us. TY: He is our maknae, HAECHAN. TY: I’ll pass this honor on to Haechan in hopes that he can have a quick full recovery. TY: HAECHAN, I love you. TY: HAECHAN is here. [PRESS /PAUSE/ IF YOU'RE NOT YET DONE READING] HC: TAEYONG, we will eat well! MK: What is that? JN: It really is not easy.
TI: It's my first time seeing a turkey. TY: I'll just do all the cutting in my seat. JN: Let's all say thanks to TAEYONG. ALL: Thank you! DY: TAEYONG, you should eat too.
TI: We'll eat well. TY: Honestly, wait, let's drink this later. TY: Can you sit down first? DY: Okay, let's sit. TY: Let's calm down a little bit. JH: Or let's drink and talk. TI: Okay, let's talk and drink at the same time. TY: Okay, let's drink. DY: Everyone, you are seeing a leader with no power right now.
TY: Let's drink. Oh, it's going to be so delicious. DY: You are looking at a powerless leader right now.
TY: It looks so good. It looks so good.

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  1. "every leader is a special"
    being a leader is not a joke especially with a bunch of noisy chaotic and dorky members😁😁and suffering from the hands of the maknae😂😂😂 TVXQ's Yunho ,Super Juniors Leeteuk ,Girls Generation Taeyeon SHINee's Onew, F(x)'s Victoria, EXO's Suho, RedVelvet's Irene and NCT's Taeyong.
    FIGHTING!!😂😂best leaders😁😁

  2. I aways see the leader take care of the members, but I rarely see this kind of spirit where the members do the same. But, in NCT, it's crazy to see how the members seem to protect taeyong and really appreciate him as their LEADER and TREASURE. I mean, they actually ADORE him a lot. They hype him up a lot which shows how much respect they have for him

  3. I DON'T DESERVE HIM… Anyway can anyone tell me where can I watch the video with GOT7' sYugyeom and NUEST's JR within the full version??? I really want the full version… Help…

  4. taeyong as the best leader to nct and us ;

    – take a good care of the members
    – a mom to nct
    – lovely
    – sweet
    – soft
    – hardworking

    p/s › better stan nct before its too late

  5. Taeyong my angel you’re so precious talented keep hard working always success,you deserve all the happiness and love in the world 🌎 I love you so much I’m so proud of you and admire my heart 💚💚💚💚😍😘🤘✌️

  6. Leadernim👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. can you also make one but for Kun :(( people seem like they’re forgetting Kun is also a leader and it breaks my heart so bad

  8. Taeyong is not my bias but he is my bias. What?!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ TY is forever one of my most fav leader in KPOP alongside Suho, Onew, Leeteuk, U-Know, RM and JB.. What's make Taeyong is so special is that he's only officially appointed as NCT127's leader but he is also unofficially the leader for the whole NCT team.. The members treat him as their pillar and the most reliable person.. I'm thankful that SM picked the right choice.. I just cannot imagine NCT without Taeyong….

  9. 용이도 힘들땐대 다른맴버까지 챙기모습까지. 안스럽다 용아. 아프지말고 사랑해😁😁😁😁😁

  10. These and more are some of the reasons why NCT is what and where it is today,am so proud of him and so happy to be an NCTzen

  11. Guys guess what me and taeyong got the same birthday mine his July 2nd his is July 1st i can't wait for our birthday can someone tell him that and who got Twitter so i could add them

  12. He listen to members, members listen to him. This is real leader! Putting others in his first consideration the part where they have to walk thru crowds and causing members to fall he let them walk first and he walk at the back to protect them…. even tho nct as a whole doesn’t have a leader but the members choose to listen to Ty and waiting for ty instruction before they do anything…
    🥺 i gonna cry if i gonna add more…

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