NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 25th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 25th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 25th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. sure, come forward…..easy for a coward to say…..this person's life would be over, maybe killed. remain hidden.

  2. I love NBC nightly news. I've watched it for many years. But Al, please slow down and take a breath while talking about the weather. 🥺

  3. Another embarrassing day for Trump as he is not invited to a dignitaries funeral , has a court declare his impeachment probe is legal & valid & has his attorney bumble & stumble. He will either resign ✍ or be impeached from his Presidential 💺 before Christmas .

  4. Yo even just watching the intro you should be thinking that's not right. Too much crazy weather this year yet people still won't admit that there's something truly wrong

  5. LOLZ Native American people fought with and against the US Gov…the US abandoned and slaughtered them…so good luck

  6. The "anonymous" person who wrote the book must know Trump very well. "They" know it is in their best interest to STAY anonymous.

  7. Trump is wrong.  The worst witch hunt in history was the Salem witch trials where several innocent women were murdered out of ignorance including two of my ancestors.

  8. Notice the total silence from California members of Congress Pelosi and Schiff as their constituents have been made homeless by Rothschild PG&E initiated fires. All homeowners in California can expect their fire insurance rates to skyrocket, if they can even get home insurance at all. Pelosi's nephew, sell-out Governor Gavin Newsom, is giving press conferences with Rothschild-prepared talking points. Goodbye, California.

  9. Protect the oil fields , but not human lives ???? Trump's blood guilty , so is the rest of this lame government. Get him out of there , and his friends and family !!! They are getting people killed and they don't care.

  10. UPS drives to the address , then throws the pckgs out the door , then drives off now. Ha ! Foot prints on the pckgs. too ! Ha !

  11. Lol the book is a joke and a waste of time to read. We have enough evidence right in our faces. Impeach and dimiss him

  12. "Some people did something", just say who did what!! I need answers, I can not submit work or assignments with "anonymous" sources, Come on now!

  13. No it has never "always been like this."… Something funky has been escalating for years. We can all see it !! Those of us who care !

  14. Funny Democrats are now worried about Fake News I thought they had all the Fact right what wory about a little competition?

  15. Tonight on NBC news: Republicans try to take credit for all of Trump's good deeds, before they sacrifice him and replace him with Pence. You heard it here first! Over to you, Lester!

  16. Do Americans finally understand why we been in the Middle East for two decades it wasn’t because of 911 because we want OIL

  17. Americans can go around the world claiming to put off economic fire but can't put off real forest fire in their own country!!shame

  18. maybe it's time to change the vacationing brochure of california from the sunny state, to the burning state, it's been on fire for 2 years straight

  19. It looks like they would have made the fire lines like Trump suggested. I think I would have made ah fire line before burning up over Trump making ah suggestion

  20. Well, least we know what the lowest grossing film will be. That would be a painful experience as a child going to that school.

  21. What an ABSOLUTE LAUGH! NBC REPORTS 2 Sentences from a phone call by Rudy Giuliani, only to say, after a bit of silence: "it's UNCLEAR what the CONTEXT of that was about.." SUCH LIES!!! Rudy Giuliani could have been talking about a PIECE OF TURD!!! NBC NEWS U R the TURDS!!! * U R A DEMO MAFIA FAKE NEWS MOUTH PIECE. You give ample time to Clinton & Obama — but NO Real Time to OUR REAL TIME PRESIDENT, what President Trump has to SAY!! We See U TWIST everything related to Prz Trump. ** "BUTT", the LAST LAUGH WILL BE ON FAKE NEWS, NWO ORDER ELITES & THE ABOMINATION AGENDA!!!! WE NOW Fast-Forward NBC POLITICAL FAKE NEWS SEGMENTS! We are DONE WITH YOUR FAKE JOURNALISM GOAT LIES! YOUR FATHER = HORNED GOAT FATHER OF LIES!

  22. Trumps almost done with a term. The whole time he's been in office the democrats were at war with Trump. Sad our government can't work together and look see what happens .. :

  23. Here in California people are building in what used to be wilderness areas. And with building materials that are going to burn. This should be stopped immediately.And the electrical system is from the dinasor age. Where is SACRAMENTO in this?

  24. Drones are a great idea but we as humans and the growing huge population , at one point there will be a need for an equal amount of man and machines. The skies and highways will be littered with human things.

  25. The Harriet Tubman story is a lie there was really underground railroad system go look in Missouri History St Louis and you'll find out the truth

  26. Screw the turkish army they are racist bullies with no education. This has no bearing on the wonderful Turkish citizens whom I got to know well while serving at Incirlik AFB 1987-1989. It has gone so so horrible letting someone with zero military experience run the military. Would you let me race at NASCAR going 200 mph (that would definately be a NO).

  27. I'm a white woman and I really really am looking forward to seeing this movie This is the type of movie I've been waiting for I'm a history buff and I love The Story of Harriet Tubman and her daring Escape from slavery and I wonder why it's taken us so many years to finally hear her story on Silver Screen

  28. Breaking news everyday for the past 3 yrs and more, since the evil Trump took office 😉 death to Turkey and erdogan the pig, Trump is a traitor, defending oil, you orange devil, I hope you end up in prison moron.

  29. Anyone knowing Ihan, Dilek, Pinar Oz of Adana please comment to this post. Its an extreme long shot but I have to try.

  30. TRUMP IS KNOWN to be highly vindictive and totally corrupt. That is why anonymity is NECESSARY. HES A VICIOUS FASCIST PIG. LITERALLY.

  31. Of course Trump doesn't like note takers, if there's no notes of his meetings, then it's his word against everyone else.

  32. What a world we live in. I’m in Canada. And I’d have to say watching these last couple of decades has been…interesting. I don’t want to say historical,because I really hope trumps time doesn’t make the history books. I hope all the future has to read about this time is that is was confusing, and difficult. Not something our leaders would be proud of.


  34. F…. ing slave owners…burn them at the stack ! America has been crucial to it's own people, when will it stop ?

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