NBC News Investigates Rudy Giuliani’s Business Dealings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

NBC News Investigates Rudy Giuliani’s Business Dealings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “NBC News Investigates Rudy Giuliani’s Business Dealings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. So they were dealing with Gabon! Glad I was not drinking or else I would have choked on seeing the list. I guess it's not a shithole. I can only wonder why

  2. Keep digging! We shall, as trump would put it, rake the American soil clean. 👏👏👏💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  3. Who cares if he lies cheats he is white and rich. get over it !!! King trump laws r4 the poor. 2020 the king of America trump next king Jr trump . Pardons 4 all trumps.and The kings men.

  4. Well it definitely made things complicated there is no specific law that prohibits someone's personal attorney to be doing some of this work assisting the state department the issue is the grey area that is created when it comes to testimony what parts and are attorney client privilege and what parts are public record it creates a scenario where you have to go through each instance individually one at a time so that's what we have to do here it's just a lot of work that's all

  5. This psychopath president must go!

    Impeachment and if they continue to obstruct and continue to resist our demands indictments will follow taking down not only the president but many in this administration and several in congress so to make this point as clear as possible the evidence is broad and wide realize what and where you stand

    This corrupt president has brought innocent blood to our steps with his Kurdish betrayal

    Pence may escape this but if this continues nobody will

    This psychopath president has created an emerging world in total chaos

    He must be removed

    Giuliani will be indicted for many crimes

  6. Didn't he see what happened to Coen? Coen testified in Congress and Trump and Senators called him the biggest liar in history. Of course they are distancing themselves. This Admin is laughable.

  7. Giuliani is not even a representative of the country. Barr will not do anything about Giuliani because his one of trumps lawyer too.

  8. Rogue bad actors everywhere because the US actually dissolved. It matters that I have been giving this truth with evidence now for years. Another relevant truth Giuliani and Trump part of the coverup and profiteers from 911. Media complicit. Zenadev Investments 100% owned by Honey Siegal Preferred Stock (Class C) 2,258,833 shares is ground zero. I am Honey R Siegal Stober defrauded settlor trustor trustee. See https://www.youtube.com/user/HoneySiegalSurvivor/feed

  9. giuliani has slowly traded his moral compass for political power….He is now hanging out with ukranian thugs, whom have been arrested, trying to get dirt on biden for the president….I hope he declared the half million he received on his taxes.

  10. NBC is owned by General Electric MSNBCannibal news is owned by General electric and Bill Gates of Microsoft and a LOVER of PLANNEDParentHood (go figure!!)

  11. I just have one pretty simple question. Does Rudy have a proper Security Clearance? Or any type of Security Clearance?

  12. “At the core of trumpism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Trumpism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

  13. Rudy watch your back … you may be slowly moving towards trumps “gotta get rid of him list” … and unfortunately America has witnessed what happens by el trumpo to peeps on that list

  14. You know how the far-right media put out the absolute dumbest, paranoid conspiracy theories to reel in the idiots in the tRump base… Looks like ghouliani and tRump actually believe them! Corrupt GOP!! (Oops, that was redundant, sorry.)

  15. American President historical never ever have bad criminals corruption broken constitution dictator abuse power likes donal j trump is bad dirdy disgusting #45president TV is bad and dangers get over with lock trump up…

  16. Hong Kong is exercising their power for democracy, yet we as Americans, the architect of democracy, are sitting quietly while this narcissistict chronic-lying grifter is destroying our democracy in plain sight? WTF! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


  17. The funniest of all are the evangelical dolt slobs that think God chose him. You have to be some kinda of extra illiterate stupid dunderhead to believe in this phony.

  18. Kinda bizarre how Giuliani was all over the news until BAM he wasn’t. Almost like the news stations spread garlic and crosses.

  19. Rudy is a bag man for Trump.
    This is American Foreign and Military Policy bought by Foriegn Governments one suitcase full of cash at a time.

  20. This is crazy and all, but what gets me is over 40% of the country still supports him. Ben Kanobi said it best… "Who's the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?"

  21. I bet Rudy misses the days when marrying a cousin was his worst mistake, his name should be removed from all goverment buildings…

  22. I have questions.
    1. why does crowd Strike still have "hacked" DNC computer servers?
    2. Why after crowd Strike investigation they handed redacted information about their investigation to the FBI?
    3. Why did the FBI believed crowd Strike?

  23. There will be a day, ( sooner rather than later I Hope) that all trumps will have to change their names and hide . Just like Hitlers Family did.

  24. What a joke MSM investigate really all you do is read the biased newspapers you don't do anything except regurgitate what they the write hilarious.

  25. Investigate 9/11 Suspect: Rudy Ghouliani
    [ VIDEO ] LIAR. 》》》 Eh ….. 🤯 Duuuhnald Chump 🤯, Er. ….
    I meant, .   #IndividualOne
    Why not toss Ghouliani under the bus  ….  ….. 🤯
    [ VIDEO  ] 》》》》https://youtu.be/Cl85JSvDmsA
    He seems to have eluded justice thus far … WHY IS THAT MSNBC ??
    *Resource 》》》 The 9/11 Grand Jury

  26. So is Barr a bad actor in this mess…is the new 3 Amigos Trump/Barr/Giuliani? Is Giuliani responsible for Khashoggi's death? Was this a "deal"?

  27. LOL Thank you DNC, Hillary and the Liberal Mainstream Media for making Trump the Leader of the GOP, he's the greatest gift democrats have given Republicans keep up the good work

  28. The infamous Steele dossier, funded by Hillary and the DNC, used by rogue FBI people (Comey, etc.) to defraud the FISA court, to spy on Trump, was compiled with the assistance of Ukrainian contacts. The dark side can not allow that info to go mainstream. That's why the intense attack on Giuliani. The Biden corruption issue was secondary.

  29. 👋 Listed below are the major companies that advertise on fake news NBC/ MSNBC, ABC, CNN , CBS – just in case you want to boycott them for sponsoring fake news.

    GEICO Insurance Walgreens Pharmacy Merck, Inc.
    Allergan, Inc
    General Electric Pfizer
    The Scotts Co. LLC Fidelity Investments Kellogg Company
    Foot Solutions Kraft Foods Transitions Optical
    McNeil-PPC, Inc. Allstate Insurance
    The ServiceMaster Co.
    Roche Therapeudics, Inc.
    Bayer AG
    Norvartis Consumer
    Health, Inc. Proctor & Gamble
    Kashi Co.
    REMAX Int'l Hqtrs Astrazeneca Pharm Nestle Company Dupont Company Ford Motor Company GlaxoSmithKline
    Sanofi-Aventis Group

    Campbells Soup Co.
    Boehringer Ingelheim
    SC Johnson & Son
    General Mills
    SCA Svenka Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
    Dardin Restaurants Eli Lilly & Co.
    Abbott Labratories Astellas Pham Inc. US Combe Inc.
    TD Ameritrade Ameriprise Financial The Progressive Co.
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Legal Zoom
    Nutrisystems, Inc. Sepracor, Inc. Donatos Pizza Ally Bank

  30. Remembering Congressman Elijah Cummings on this day. A hero and protector of our beautiful country till the end.😪

  31. Many of us have known the danger DjT has posed over the past three years and poses today and into the future. 
    We do understand that:
    > his actions are indefensible, immoral, law-breaking and dangerous;
    > we must, Congress must, state clearly the threat he poses to us all;
    > we take him both seriously and literally for the traitor that he is;
    > we must demand and support his removal from office;
    > we must determine and repair the damage he has done to our country.

  32. So now we know why Giuliani is barking so much; he’s involved. Now start looking at Jim Jordan and all the other ones who know better but were barking just as much.

  33. How come Giuliani did all this things under the direction of the president and yet the president is untouchable. How much stuff will the president get away with? System fail us once again.

  34. My my my, as Donald trump said the media is corrupt and always in the tank for the liberals…
    I can't wait until the IG report comes out against the FBI fisa abuse..
    And crowd strikes

  35. tRump is a sorry excuse for a human being and not worthy of the office of President of the USA !
    Get some balls you guys and stand up and protect America from the corruption tRump, now.

  36. Giuliani used what he learned as a prosecutor & mayor to
    insinuate himself into Emperor tRump's orbit and help sow
    the seeds of corruption, theft, lies & stupidity far & wide.
    Giuliani will make a a great addition to the tRump Wing of
    Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

  37. Giuliani has always been a criminal, even while a federal prosecutor and mayor, the African American community always knew 1st hand he was a criminal.

  38. As Trump gets more crazy over being impeached, he becomes harder to defend back home in the state or district for his enablers in the Congress. The Speaker is piling up a butt load of evidence and the GOP reps are too busy attacking the process. When the evidence is made public, look for all but the addled in Congress to realize the fraud is over.

  39. Please Watch –
    Army Captain Alan Kennedy, speaks out against abandonment of Kurdish Allies and immoral ethnic cleansing.

  40. Hmmm … peddling influence? Pay to play? Trump is a sociopath and as such, he views ALL of America's resources and spending power as now his. So like a mafia boss he thinks he deserves a 'piece' of all transactions. Keep him in another 4 yrs and he will have stolen billions … Putin has shown him how.

  41. Willie lying protection liar Lawyer behind Barrs Alias Fred Flintstone FROM tv cartoons THE Flintstones they are having a yappa dappa dooo time in White House. Fred and Wilma Barney and Betty Rumble the kids Pebbles Bamm Bamm and Dino that the whole cast of cartoon in the Mad House

  42. Trumps lawyer replacement needs a lawyer. … to replace his other lawyer that was replaced. Can someone make a dr Seuss book ?

  43. It would be lovely if Giuliani and Trump could be cell mates together – two angry old men with so much corruption in common – together 24/7 until death do they part.

  44. United States was not ready for Donald Trump. It should have scared everyone when he made statements like "I love the uneducated" and "where are my uneducated" at his rallies.
    But it didn't concern anyone, everyone thought he was a joke
    Well now look who's laughing, the entire world, at America.
    If trump was President and or C.E.O of any company currently, he would have been fired on his first day, before lunch time.
    Just pay attention to how he answers questions. He makes things up along the way. He is a real bullshitter, "believe me".
    This Republic is available for collapse.

  45. Is  SDNY DA Geofrrey Berman recusing himself in these investigations due to the fact he was giulianis law partner?

  46. Rudy…The crackpot who said "facts are not facts"? 🤔
    Rudy…Potentially involved in shady illegal deals?? 🤔
    *faints on to a chaise lounge*

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