NBA Reporters Asking Dumb Questions Compliation HD

NBA Reporters Asking Dumb Questions Compliation HD

24 thoughts on “NBA Reporters Asking Dumb Questions Compliation HD

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    Enjoy the video!!

  2. Who is expecting intelligence from professional athletes?…and to expect it from the people that analyze them is even more hilarious.

  3. I'm a big me7o fan but instead of laughing at that question he should've said whatever makes the team better and whatever coach asks me too do I'll do no problem.

  4. That dude that asked Stef that question, had a huge bugger hangin out is fucking nose!! 4.14 gross POS.

  5. Commentators be like how did your poop feel this morning Westbrook? Did it come out okay? What color was it?

  6. Only an resentful ghetto upbringing could produce grown "men" who respond like children to questions they don't like. All that money apparently can't buy class.

  7. The guy that asked kyrie about him thinking the earth is flat is not a stupid question shit I want to know how a grown man think the damn earth is flat lmfao

  8. The greatest answer to a dumb interview questions was Antione Walker when asked why do you shoot so many 3's, he replied, "because there aren't any 4's"……

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