36 thoughts on “Navigating Social Media with Gigi Gorgeous | How to Behave

  1. “I’m not into guys” when literally a year ago on her documentary she wanted to marry and have babies with a man.

  2. When somebody disagrees with you, right away that person is a HATER 👏 lol!
    It’s seems like you all want to have “haters” cause it makes you more popular/important(at least in your head)

    Am I a hater now because I don’t like her personality? I don’t like what she stands for?

    To hate on somebody you need to have a relationship, know is real life, and that person did something to you/your family.

    The time we live in is so f** up!

  3. Who in the human duck plastic soul annoying clown is this? Kim Kardashian wannabe suddenly lesbian for money trash.

  4. Best way to navigate social media? Just don't get social media, haha.

    No, seriously, I've never been happier since breaking away from Facebook, Twitter, I only keep the YouTube account so I can watch porn, but the comments sections are always likely to be problematic.

    Everyone else I know is so depressed from it, you get some good things outta it but more bad stuff too. It might seem hard, but just try no social media for a week and see how it feels for you.

  5. This host is so pretty. I love watching this girl, listening to her, and admiring her hair. I just want to look at her all day long, she's so cuuuuuuute!

  6. Gigi doesn’t know anything about behaving! She’s got a bad, controversial reputation and y’all chose her to teach you social media? Literally anyone BUT her (and all her friends lmao) would’ve been better.

  7. Gigi Gorgeous has said some real misogynist stuff in both her videos and on social media and yet she gets a platform here? lolok

  8. Really? So many other interesting people with better agendas to work with on this topic and you pick her? You got a laugh out of the role model question though. Good one.

  9. Yeah right? I mean faking a surrogate story,being a brat superficial bitch and gold digging skills. Gregory's is not a role model.😷

  10. Why does everyone get touched by a narcissistic stupid, limited, misogynous, homophobic, racist, feitishist, irresponsible, white guy? Because of the makeup?
    with jeffrey star same story.
    such rude people with rude deeds.

  11. You tell it like it is GiGi!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart for paving the Transgender way!!! Much Love!!!

  12. I love the energy of the series, but I always finish watching your episodes unfulfilled…. was it even worth the full watch?

  13. The woman who makes videos about fucking dogs is telling people how to behave? Like, I'm not hating, I'm just surprised and confused.

  14. I’ve been watching your dreams come true since you were an American apparel model!! Always been a fan and yes you are a role model because you show everybody to love themselves for who they are!!!! I wish I had your confidence!! You’re such a beautiful soul girly

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