Natureboy UPDATE 10/16/2019 Malia, Sunni And Bambi Are Gone For Sure RA AND Iyah YOUR NEXT

Natureboy UPDATE 10/16/2019 Malia, Sunni And Bambi Are Gone For Sure RA AND Iyah YOUR NEXT

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comment on this video so this is an update date as of today October 16 2019
Nature Boy had said and alive not even a half an hour ago that my Malaya Sonny
and Bambi will be leaving for sure they will be leaving also someone that called
in had acts will they be replaced and there are other women that are coming
over to carbonation as we speak to replace these young ladies that are
currently leaving the situation he also went on to say that Crowley BA is not
leaving he has a lot to offer carbonation so caliber is not going to
be leaving but there will be men that are over the in carbonation guys trust
and believe that you will be hearing where it’s set in stone like it is with
the young ladies at a leaving carbonation that will be leaving too and
I don’t know if you guys remember but I’ve been saying this months before this
is when velvet was still that carbonation that I felt as though Nature
Boy looked at a lot of carbonation members including the men and the women
as the weakest link and after some time he was going to switch up on them and
he’s even doing it with the new carbonation members that that have came
over to carbonation getting rid of them even sooner I think that he looks at it
like this if he was ever get himself in another sticky situation like how velvet
had to hold him down get all the paperwork that he needed so that they
could release him from prison these women
and some of these men from what they display on a daily basis would not be
able to help get natureboy free and I know in my own opinion those are the
things that he worries about on a daily basis are these people mentally sound
sane enough to be able to take on that mission
if he was to need them in that kind of a situation and I don’t think he believes
in them at all I think that he went a little bit
overboard when he did is live it was definitely a real blank blank moment but
I feel bad for the girls sorta because I feel even if they’re not the candidates
that Nature Boy was looking for they don’t have any right he doesn’t have any
right to tear them down like he did he has to understand ultimately the women
that he picks to come over to carbonation have residual checks that
come in monthly and for the most part when women have those kind of checks and
Men that’s not gonna leave the men out because they’ll be getting rid of he’ll
be getting rid of them soon too but usually when young women in their 20s
are getting residual incomes it’s for a mental you know something that’s not
stable with them and you know he knew that when they had came over to
carbonation that they were not stable and he still let them go over to
carbonation so now is not the time to you know him Millie ate these women on
live because he knew that they had you know some issues going on with them and
he you know opened his doors with open arms to take that money that he got for
one or two months so please send them back off you know respectfully you know
if it’s not working out with these women or these men because
I’m gonna tell you again the men are going to be getting put out to the ones
that are not fitting the bill the one that he feels that are over here eating
all the food as what he says even though he is the biggest one over there nature
boy they’re getting removed from the situation too he’s getting rid of all
deadweight so you know my attitudes like this a lot of them shouldn’t have been
surprised that he’s doing this I know that I had said it I started to see
nature boys behavior changing towards the men and the women and how he was
talking to the men and the women and I just had got a feeling that he was kind
of sort of tired of the carbonation group that was over there so it’s no
surprise to many of people including myself that he’s eliminating these
carbonation members I think the only thing he now has to deal with is a bunch
of bitter people because as we know when people leave carbonation that’s when
they start telling what happens behind the scenes over at the camp so let’s
hope that when these people end up even the guys because it will be going soon
let’s hope that they don’t come back with a story to tell because it seems
like a pattern with anyone that leaves carbonation they leave in a bitter space
and I think the bitter space comes from how he treated them towards the end said
of them you know leaving with their head up I can see it already happened in
there not many going to leave with their heads up he’s going to embarrass them as
much as possible because he’s very disappointed on how it didn’t work out
over there in carbonation and you know how everything always points back to
nature boy and they made him look bad so of course what he’s gonna do now because
he doesn’t need them anymore he’s probably not gonna get you probably get
maybe the residual that they came with for one more month
and then they’ll he’ll be done with them so you know he hasn’t really anything
nice to say about anyone at this point I think that the way that he’s been
talking to the females that are leaving carbonation is on call for but let me
just say something else to you guys don’t be surprised when you hear that
raw and I are the next to go because trust and believe they have been
the weakest link over there as well I think the most thorough female and she’s
not there anymore was velvet and he sees it for what it is and that’s one of the
main reasons why a lot of people are going to because I feel as though inside
Nature Boy is very bitter on how velvet left and instead of blaming his self and
how he treated her for why velvet left he’s going to blame everyone that’s
around him so I and raw are definitely on that list of going home soon now when
they’re gonna go home he’s been saying you know I had to almost put hands on
raw and you know I can’t leave now you know send us some donations he’s been
just saying that but when he’s going to eventually get rid of raw ania I don’t
know we’re talking about Nature Boy I don’t see them leaving anytime soon like
these other women that just got over the carbonation and now they’re leaving just
as quickly as they got there they’re being put out but rah and aya will be
ultimately leaving very soon to because you know they’re dead weight and they
have been dead weight for the longest I think that the reason why Nature Boy
doesn’t have them on October 16th lists on the ones that are going to be shipped
out is because he hasn’t really had any problems outside of carbonation with
them like he has like with the Bambi because Bambi is a
liability if Nature Boy doesn’t get Bambi out of carbonation I wouldn’t be
surprised as the local authorities end up over there somehow accusing him of
separating from her kids and I can see Bambi being the kind of a person where
she would let nature boy take all the weight and he’d be back incarcerated
again so she’s a liability and aya and raw has never been at our
liability and I think that’s why he has kept them there that long because of the
simple fact that they haven’t been a liability even though they haven’t been
much help either I guess Nature Boy figures as long as
they’re not a liability and he’s not having those liability problems with aya
and raw they can stay until other women come over there that might interest
nature boys fancy and then you know they’re gonna have to go to so with all
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45 thoughts on “Natureboy UPDATE 10/16/2019 Malia, Sunni And Bambi Are Gone For Sure RA AND Iyah YOUR NEXT

  1. I don't feel bad for them. They really think NB is their Messiah. Best of luck back here in Babylon 😂😂😂

  2. They look so bad the way they hair is cut. Oh i finally get this? This is why I edited this post Nature Boy comes to find out he likes the Shorthair it's a way of getting his sick fetish off of being with a transgender almost slipped it past me and would have if he hadn't cut everybody hair that wasn't there when he had the lice the lice are gone in carbonation. Remember a few months back Nature Boy admitted that he still watches transgender p*** he wants a chick with a stick over there.

  3. It’s funny he only picked the women that are not actually bringing in an income. He even mentioned something about them not being beneficial and then being another mouth to feed. He’s just broke and needs some people with a check. That was the most disgusting humiliating thing I have ever witnessed during his lives, those girls did not deserve that. He is less than a man, he’s a man child that likes to play games with children.

  4. Lmao all these Aries women are getting thrown out left and right !! All the Aries women are bringing nothing but drama and trouble with no knowledge at all lol … crazy !!! They have no skills just sex and calling themselves intellectual lol !!

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  6. yo i think its important that sum body reach out to the family of Bambi and try to smooth it out with them..Bambi is a Special case ..she needs all the healing love she can get from her family rite now not a butt whipping ,yo she really went in HARD on her Babylon her Brother is a Mean Cat…omg!!!…lol…

  7. Lets not forget that he definitely has to keep a certain amount of heads there for residual income because of the way in which he likes to live. I also feel that he and Nubian will be getting into it soon over Joy …he has a secret thing for Joy (I could possibly be wrong) ….LET'S WATCH AND SEE!

  8. in Malias case looks like sum bad babylon karma came bacc and bit her dead in her ass…lol…that lil NOLA chick went there kissing and hugging every body..knowing shes a Aries ,lol

  9. Absolutely agree SL 💯
    Thank you for always keeping us updated 👍🏾👍🏾💯💯


  10. The way he was talking to them I had to wake up someone said I have to refill my cup he said no go pack your bags he called sunny a leech

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  12. Sis Natureboy has the right to tear them down remember that’s there Messiah there God they praise him so I hope they all will WAKE UP!

  13. Honestly before I even really knew about Carbonation I saw a picture of Natureboy and something didn’t sit right with me. Now watching your channel I see now. I am new to your channel I am definitely a fan of yours 😌😌👑

  14. Pisces is a joke. He's such a lapdog. He won't defend Sunni & she's carrying his child but he'll stick up for Joy & Nubian. Maybe NB will give Pisces some love

  15. He done use malia now he just get rid of her …sunni don't entertain him much she just don't answer him at all but he cleaning house as you predicted SL…them women thirsty

  16. well the problem is he is dead weight…… what does he do all day? sitting around all day making instagram lives…….. he is the biggest hypocrite………. did he even answer any questions that they got accused of not knowing?

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  21. These ladies aren’t intelligent or very pretty. And he did them NO favors by chopping their hair!!! Messing with mentally ill or challenged that ain’t right!! They are obviously not WELL!

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  23. They got exactly what they asked for, Like Trey King say, " You play a stupid game, You win a stupid prize".. They were fully aware of what was going on over there, THEY CHOSE to leave their children and abandon their families so they got what they needed and wanted.. They needed to be done exactly how they were done , and they all came in jumping in head first in some mess… He not go mess with the men toooo much because hes not going to have all women over there but another man may not let him get as petty as he does otherwise he go find someone acting weak and they will give him that business…Carbonation just tumbling down ….and he go get his wake up call and all this him getting the women first is gong to stop as well and all this passing on the women..

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