21 thoughts on “National Popular Vote Explained

  1. The only truly fair and democratic way is the popular vote – one person, one vote – the majority wins. How is that unfair in a true democracy? We're screwed with the Electoral College and further screwed with NPV.

  2. Wrong the National Popular vote would make it so NEW YORK and CALIFORNIA control the election every year! The NPV is an EVIL Mob Rule system, we're not a Democracy, we're a Republic!

  3. You think its corrupt now let NPV happen and democracy will grow horns. Democracy Mob rule will be on steroids. Democracy is always used as if it were a good thing but has tricked most and maybe all.

  4. Don’t sit here and try and lie to these people because butthurt Millennials don’t like the outcome of an election, you are not going to side step the Us Constitution to force states to give the electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote. It’s leaves way to much room to screw with the election because you can change ballots and rig the system how you want it to be, what that would do is disregard the votes of others for popularity and thus no need to vote because it wouldn’t matter, better be glad our founders aren’t alive today to hear such utter garbage from wolves in sheep’s clothing. No popular vote ever and this will not change so learn how to except an election and move on.

  5. The National voter compact is unconstitutional and illegal

    We have the Electoral College to keep states like California and New York from dominating the Political landscape.

    What you are proposing is to essentially throw out the Constitution and allow rogue states like California to hold all the other states hostage.

    Under a national popular vote – the Republicans will never again win a Presidential election.

    Americans who understand the Constitution and how the Electoral College protects our freedom will not allow the Leftists to seize power by destroying the Electoral College.

    Anyone smarter than a clam can figure out what the cheating leftist Democrats are up to –

    The Democrats don't like the fact that Trump won the election – so they want to destroy our Constitutionally established Electoral College to keep Republicans from ever winning another Presidential election.

    Do you really believe people are that stupid to give up their voting rights, so Democratically controlled states like California and New York can hold tyranny over all the other states ?

    I don't think so.

  6. Logically,only net taxpayers who don't work for any type of governmental agency should have the right to vote.

  7. NPV is a sham to give cities all the power for selecting the President of States.  Our Chief Executive is not a representative of the People, that is kept to the Legislative branch.  Our Founders knew exactly what they were doing when they created the Electoral College.
    Why should California control the vote of Wyoming or Kansas?  Answer: it shouldn't.

  8. Silly people, trying to fearmonger by saying "mob rule", pretending it's about states rights but identify as American first and Alabaman second, and brushing off anything with "Republic, not Democracy" as if it could not be changed or reformed.

  9. NO to your crooked National Popular Vote ❎
    BECAUSE you allow Illegals to steal citizens votes ~ That's the WORST way to elect a Potus ❕❕❕

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  11. I’m in favor of the popular vote, but you are being deceiving. The NPV doesn’t abolish the electoral college, but it does undermine it. It isn’t a compromise between the two, but an easier way to get the NPV through. Now as it is an easier way to get us a national popular vote, it also just as easy to take it away. If one state’s law is all that determines whether the national popular vote is continued. It will be very volatile. We may have a popular vote one election and the EC the next

  12. Democrats only support the system because they extort votes from the masses with government funded social programs. NPV would be struck down by the Supreme Court and rendered void if ever taken into effect as it is a direct violation of the Constitution, via sovereignty of free states. For example, electoral votes from California would be effected by the popular vote from Texas.

    Also, if it went into effect, imagine the outcry from the Democrat party if all their electors had to go to a Republican president. They would more than likely not acknowledge the law and still vote for their Democrat president. This is all a scheme concocted by the Democrat party to try and seize power and never give it up, exactly the type of behavior the Electoral College (as is) prevents.

  13. Better yet let's do it by district. Ohio has 18 votes 16 districts thus 2 senators. So if the democrat wins 6 and the republican wins 10. They should award 6 votes to dem and 12 to republican. The senators votes should go to who won the majority of districts. Cali has 55. 53 districts and 2 senator. If democrat wins 35 and republican wins 18 it should be 37 dem 18 rep. Rhode Island has 4 votes 2 districts and 2 senator votes. If they each win a district then it's 2 to 2. If one wins both 4-0. See how that works. If it's a tie in district wins both get one senator vote if the win majority of districts they get both. First to 270 wins.

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