Nash's Governing Dynamics for Boxing

Nash's Governing Dynamics for Boxing

coupla type-0 here with a video on Nash's governing dynamics for boxing is that I'm on the west coast and when I make a video at this time of night a lot of guys are waking up in the morning and seeing it for the first time and after Saturday night may not be the best time for this type of topic to wrap your head around in the morning on Sunday however I don't necessarily do these things for any other reason than I think that they're important and so I think this is an incredibly important video for me to get off my chest a lot of you guys may not be familiar with Nashes governing dynamics or the idea that it replaced which was Adam Smith's sort of economic philosophy but starting with Adam Smith which is the older theory and basically the founding ideals of capitalism was that the system works best when every man works hard for himself and the the most competition exists therefore everybody's trying hard and the best the best man wins and therefore the economy wins and that's true to a certain extent but there is this guy John Forbes Nash jr. who added on to that theory he revised that theory and his revision of Adam Smith's theory has led to the world completely changing I mean anyone who's about my age will remember when times were different and corporations didn't so much control the world and this sort of you know pervasive and almost scary way I think Nash's governing dynamics applied to corporations is what has allowed them to become the major driving force in the world today but that's a digression because we're here to talk about Nash's governing dynamics for boxing basically Nash's governing dynamics says that in a Nash equilibrium which would mean I guess where everything's running at its best possible optimal state that people are doing what's best for themselves and the group and everyone else at the same time this it's not let necessarily what's just best for you it's what's best for you and everyone else so I mean that's super simplified and you know if you're interested in this you know there's plenty of reading you can do trust me it's not that easy to understand but it's worth a try because if you can understand this you can understand the world that you're living in better but let's keep it on boxing okay a while ago three years ago or so I'll put the link in the description box Dwyre made a video on how why Floyd Mayweather may never fight Manny Pacquiao and he cited the reason is that he makes more money by not fighting Manny yeah I'm fighting guys like Victor Ortiz then he does if he ever were to take Manny Pacquiao fight okay gives examples I'll let you guys watch that video now we know of course hindsight is 20/20 that wasn't right an example of a Nash governing dynamics sort of equilibrium in boxing was when they made Mayweather vs. Pacquiao now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I think that they made it at the perfect time or anything like that I think whenever they made it was the perfect time but I think personally in terms of how good the fight would be it should have been made much earlier but that's not we're here to talk about right now we're talking governing dynamics and I'm using that as an example of when everybody did what was best for themselves and the group and because they did that we have four point four million pay-per-view buys biggest paydays in history for each and every person probably involved ever in boxing you know especially Pacquiao and Mayweather themselves we know that now I mean before the fight I was predicting it wouldn't do that many pay-per-view buys but now looking back I see why it did because of this governing dynamics everybody did what was best for themself and the group there were a lot of people going into that fight saying that you know of course the extreme mayweather side was saying he shouldn't give him Pacquiao any more than 70/30 and you know the Pacquiao side was saying 50/50 because they can't make the fight without Pacquiao but each guy did what was best for himself and Mayweather realize you know what in order to make this fight and it has to give him a reasonable that Pacquiao realized in order to make this fight I'm gonna have to take less than 50/50 and look what happened in the end they both made the most money they ever made in their lives so that's governing dynamics now each guy could have said you know what screw this what's best for me to do for myself is X and done it and the fight may not have happened and then boxing wouldn't have had a big bump in popularity for a second and all this money wouldn't have been generated so that's one good example of how governing dynamics can be applied in boxing okay prior to that when they were both thinking every man for themself Adam Smith type of economics then you know it seemed like they were both making as much as they possibly could but all that was blown out of the water when the four point four four million pay-per-view buys and let's not forget the $100 price tag at least in the United States was in place okay so where conduct governing dynamics be applied in boxing now to supplant Adam Smith you know sort of old thinking with new thinking okay if you want to understand this a little bit better there was a movie made on this guy called A Beautiful Mind I'm gonna put a link to a scene from that movie where he comes up with this theory so that you can understand it a little bit better but where he comes up with it is basically he's with his friends they're in a bar and there's you know a bunch of chicks that come in and there's one really good-looking one and there's four other sort of you know less good-looking but still pretty good-looking girls and he realizes that if they all go for that one girl that none of them are gonna get her they're all going to block each other and then when they after that try to go for the other girls they're gonna reject them because they're you know they feel like they're second-best so the only way for them all to win is for none of them to go for that one but they go for the other ones and they all succeed okay so where can that be applied it can simply put I mean contenders fighting each other especially in the welterweight division ignore Floyd he's that girl that they all need to ignore and go and fight other fights just completely ignore him and act as if he doesn't exist because he really doesn't I mean he's going to retire he's gonna fight whoever he wants to fight in his last fight you know trying to you know be block each other you know with Aamir Khan crying for the fight and this guy crying for the fight and that guy crying for the fight guess what that probably none of them are gonna get the fight maybe one of them will but then they all won't succeed they're all doing what's best for themselves and not the group but you can't just do what's best for the group you have to do what's best for yourself and the group so what's what was best for a mere Khan to do easy example he should have gone in Fallbrook for that four or five million pounds which is like seven million dollars instead of you know continuing his quest for Floyd so that's one area where governing dynamics could be helpful I think another area would be with the sanctioning bodies now how this feeling the sanctioning bodies are trying to pretend others don't really matter as much as them and I do what's best you know for their own selves in terms of what they think they can make the most and it's the same thing that Pacquiao and Mayweather we're doing when they were fighting all those other guys they were thinking along the lines of what two-wire said in his video and what Adam Smith had is his theory but when everybody came together it all worked out better and everybody made exponentially more money than they thought they were going to make so the sanctioning bodies need to do what the corporations and the world have done and start applying Nash's equilibrium to themselves and I think if you understand that you can understand why the system is certainly broken between these sanctioning bodies because they're not following a Nash equilibrium they're not following governing dynamics okay they're all trying to become still like thinking like they're gonna be the only ones and they want to make the most money and they want to be the most prestigious instead of trying to do what's best for themselves and everyone else and one example of that would be to revolutionize the whole ranking system and figure out a way to optimize their rankings to encourage more competition in between the sanctioning bodies and not and not so much you know just ignoring what the other lists are out there I know that may be hard for some who or at least one who feels like the system is just fine the way it is I mean there's only really one person that's ever said that to me but I think this governing dynamics will tell you that the system is completely broken okay if they were all to have a meeting of the minds and try to figure out what's best for everybody well what's best for everybody is for boxing and become the most popular sport in the world again so how can boxing become the most popular sport in the world again simplify the rankings that's one main thing like if there is a fault of something that people could follow I mean I try every day to follow this stuff and I try harder than I'm guaranteeing you 99% of people out there I mean I'm sure there's someone out there someone where you know a few people that follow these rankings even harder than I do but those people are few and far between so I'm saying they made a system of the rankings where they can all come together kind of like the way the National the Major League Baseball has six different leagues but they all intertwine and the rankings all intertwine with each other and there's an overarching you know ranking of between the American League and the National League and all that stuff and how it all fits together you know if the sanctioning bodies were to drop their egos come together and say look it will be better for all of us if boxing is the most popular sport in the world again so how can we try to make that happen I mean look maybe if they try won't happen but if they don't try it certainly will not happen okay so the ranking systems that they're using right now are Adam Smith thinking and they need to move on to the governing dynamics of John Forbes Nash jr. okay promotional companies networks and everybody all the major players in boxing need to work together to advance the sport for themselves and for everybody and only working for themselves has led us to the point where we are right now HBO didn't want to work with Showtime Showtime only one to work with Golden Boy HBO only wanted to work with top-ranked and they were both you know competing in an Adam Smith survival of the fittest this you know whoever's better you know we're gonna be better we're gonna beat you out and we're gonna stomp you out of existence instead of doing what's best for themselves and the group which would have been too make matches between each other you know send fighters from here over there send fighters from there over here and even though it seems like some of that stuff may not be in your best interest it really is in your best interest because just look at the example of Mayweather Pacquiao four point four million buys they both did some stuff that people thought was not in their best interest but it was in the best interest of themself and the group there for 4.4 million pay-per-view buys so I'll leave it at that being a pathetic you know or just accepting the way things are right now and saying that this is fine this is great everything's going well is being delusional will not help boxing become great again it will just continue to lead us down this path of mediocrity and be levelness that we're on and again making an effort may not work but making no effort will certainly not work so you know I personally choose to try to make an effort and if you can look down on me you know wanting to do something that's just some guy in his house with a computer and a microphone making videos but you know what Apple Computer was started by two guys in a garage Microsoft was started by a few guys in a dorm room and McDonald's was started by a couple guys making hamburgers now they're not saying every single person out there can be those types of success stories but if you don't try you'll never get there I mean I've been writing letters to the sanctioning bodies I've been you know trying to create new kinds of ranking systems with other channels on here like governing dynamics we all do what's best for ourselves while at the same time do what's best for the group it works and the proof of that in boxing is how much pay-per-view buys many Pacquiao Mayweather God now not saying it was a great fight because it wasn't but should it happen a lot earlier there's a lot more complexity to everything that I've said in this video there's a ton more stuff behind it but if I tried to go into all that I bore everyone to tears no only get the point I'm trying to keep it simple so that's about it governing dynamics for boxing

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  1. Man, I guess I missed all the solid info from "The Beautiful Mind" when I saw it as a kid… gonna watch it over now lol

  2. This IS an interesting video, to say the least.
    Excellent video, to say "the most"!

    I got some more studying to do…

  3. Interesting perspective. I love the application to the sanctioning bodies. No more JoJo dan #1 in the IBF While not being ranked or respected anywhere else BS.

  4. Mutha fucka if you don't do a part 2 I'm making a diss video with bad bk rap song about you. Take my threat serious. lol

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