NARENDRA MODI makes VLADIMIR PUTIN laughs at US Journalist Kelly

NARENDRA MODI makes VLADIMIR PUTIN laughs at US Journalist Kelly

50 thoughts on “NARENDRA MODI makes VLADIMIR PUTIN laughs at US Journalist Kelly

  1. Just sharing one of the many possible view: My Interpretation which you may or may not agree are:. The collection of comments viewer wrote for this video are quite interesting. To me I can see the differences between what Western and Eastern viewer thinks and how they interpret the incident in the video.
    I noticed that most Westerner fault PM Modi for not being brave enough to take side or worse case is 'afraid of the big power', is weak and that what he said is of no value, no substance or inconsequential. Whereas for the Easterner who are initiated in world politics "not saying is good enough' and that those 'inconsequential words is exactly said on purpose. In fact they saw that what PM Modi said is such a brilliant answer that it extricated him from a very difficult situation and thus avoided having to show the set of card he is holding. The people who laugh did not laugh at his weakness but rather at his wisdom and tactical brilliance!
    I think that in the east what really matters are the Military, technological, scientific, trade and economic cooperation between the two states. Those are the'substance' that really matters. Your opinion are welcome.


  3. story seven angels is coming rapidly Mr Putin stolen dL print sharia Jason bryd London valley of gun .Get out Texas take our lives in freedom no man in US or Russia has faith to carry one hand prayer she shared only will get us out DFW Moscow plane alter of sun human being right to be freedom I give it willing

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  5. Hahah modi always rocks… And infact i loved what putin said in the last… Besically he praised India Strongly he said it all in just one line…

  6. America is the Enemy of Happiness and Prosperity of Poor nations. Russia is the Savour of American Exploitation. India's focus in on national development and saving it's sovereignty. America is under great crisis as safety of investment and saving of common people are not Guaranteed. Cost of production and labour is very high in America.
    Most of the nations have doubt for Policies America follows. American First. But now, World have learnt form the past E.g War l&ll how to get Protection. And every nation is conferred with benefits of their own. America has nothing to offer to nations of the world rather America Grew reach by exploiting others and their weakness. We refuse America as world leader. If America remianed stubborn . America will loose it's strength and will be cornered by all.

  7. Involving other leaders and countries who have no connection to the issue is not right. It is the lady's mistake. Leave others peacefully.

  8. No wonder.. Not only Putin. The whole world is laughing at the joker who is always in foriegn land and rules India from foreign lands .

  9. president of the Russia have a good human being by naturally but the india man don't know what it

  10. Really hate Modi's partisan politics but there's no doubt he showed sheer genius political knowledge here. Kudos PM.

  11. If Modi wants India to be a global leader, he needs to take a stand on foreign issues. Either you are with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Palestine, North Korea OR you are with America, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Israel…. India's foreign policies and the character of a prostitute are same. You cannot 'sleep' with everybody if you want to be a leader.

  12. Great video. Will there be any moment when all world leaders at one place having a good time, accepting their own country's limitations at the same time appreciating other countries, and yet laughing and smiling spreading brotherhood? I wonder!

  13. We stand with our big brother Russia who helped us in 1971 we will stand till our last breath

  14. How are they talking to each other without interpreters..? Do modi Understands Russian.. OR putin knows Hindi..?

  15. I liked mr Putin’s laugh.for such a big leader he has good sense of humour.he knew Modi was caught and he laughed.modi understood his laugh and gave a nice answer.he did not give an intellectual answer but a practical answer.

  16. SNAPPY ANSWER TO A STUPID QUESTION. Long live India-Russia Friendship. Bye-bye Fake News Mainstream Media of USA that is already the butt of jokes by President Trump. This lady journalist, Megyn Kelly begged Donald Trump(now President of USA) for an interview. She held an anti-Trump bias during debates, interviews and talks.She lost her journo ratings for her biased coverage of the US Presidential Elections of 2016,where she indulged in unnecessary, pointless,boring,stupid criticism of Donald Trump( the then Presidential Republican contesting candidate and nominee).

  17. Megyn Kelly was meddling between Russia (Putin) and India(Modi) by asking India to speculate on the speculative question of Russian meddling in US elections of 2016 but Modi out-smarted her by picking up her question alongwith leaders like Chancellor Merkel, Hillary Clinton,etc and sending the journalists' question to the moon. Megyn Kelly thought she was being smart with a direct question to the Prime Minister of India about the ongoing speculation of Russia's meddling in US elections but Modi outsmarted her by ,diplomatically, bye-passing the question.

  18. Pee-Wee Putin is a world class liar and murdering pick pocket on another fake publicity stunt πŸ‚πŸ’©

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