100 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: Trump had a meltdown in meeting

  1. We know what they said were lies…Time for this generation of lying crooks to retire. How many generations have you killed. Isn't it enough? Trump doesn't fit you NWO does he? Thank God for at least that.

  2. So what part of the Democratic party is Pelosi speaking for? We dont want ANY TROOPS IN SYRIA. Didnt America create ISIS? This is crazy that anyone wants more war.

  3. Carpet bagels , stop to think these fools are talking about what trump has created over seas , people wake up these people don't care about us .

  4. You are such liars! Nana has pulled this same bs before. She is grandstanding for her Useful Idiots and the two bozos are holding her purse. They are despicable. What's the news out of Syria TODAY, morons??

  5. You two mental midgets… The reason why they attacked us is… the US interfered with their country, backed them and then left them out to dry… And that pissed them off… And we being so smug said no one would ever dare to attack us… Why would we even listen to you two? You all said there was a border crisis until Trump got elected and now you say there isn't… You say Trump is locking people up in cages like that was his idea… Trump didn't build the cages, Obama did… Adjust your meds so it don't affect your memory… That is the problem… You can't remember all of the past, only what you want to remember… Your party is keeping the country divided by lying to the people… We need to vote all these career politicians out of office.

  6. Trump had a meltdown right ? He was sitting calmly in his chair and Nancy was the 1 standing up pointing her hands around and yet trump had a meltdown?each and every one of you are full of shit

  7. More fake news from the Communist News Network bought n paid for by the corrupt gov. Propaganda machine…

    Trump 2020

  8. Look in the mirror and you'll see it's the same way you sick fucks would realize it takes respect to get respect you comunist fucks

  9. Hey CNN … This is your Democratic base… The deranged! The nuts! The none worker ! Why don't you tell the people your for communism !!!! Tell them the truth you would kill them all !!! You are some sick people! I want to know how all these democrats and republicans became Millionaire on a government pay??? We the people want to know this?

  10. Pelosi is the disruptor, not President Trump. She just wanted to beat everyone to the camera and continue to spread her baseless lies. What is she even doing in DC? She’s not done anything to help even her CA constituents in the midst of masses losing their homes to fire, their jobs to illegal aliens, and their constitutional right to live in peace in a law abiding community. Pelosi is disruptive and dishonest…and needs to be removed from office. If any of you refuse to do your job for a year at a time, stir up trouble, and throw fits at anyone who disagrees with you at work, you’d be fired. Period. Remove that parasite from office.

  11. That wicked woman is psychotic and should be removed from Congress. She acts like a 2 year old and refuses anything offered by our POTUS. She's nothing but a whining baby that can't have her way. Disgusting!

  12. The president of CNN got caught on video expressing his personal vendetta against Trump. So much for being a non biased news source.

  13. The sky is falling !!! I want a real person in office not a career politician …that takes money to get rich on like these 70-80-90 year olds who have been in office 20-40 years! Trump 2020!!!!

  14. NANCY PELOSI… YOU ARE A TOTAL WITCH and you need to retire and get the hell out of whatever you do which you sure dont know how to do it…And Mr. SCHUMER YOU ARE A TOTAL JOKE.. Get the hell out and let somebody else do your job.. YOU AND NANCY GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY..

  15. Thanks CNN.😊 What Nancy rules the rich people bribes and Steny Hoyer handles the corporation bribes? Chuckie seems to stoke the Grift Train all by himself? Corruption in the USA? Where?😁

  16. Get the fuck out of the middle east.
    They have been fighting each other since before our country was born.

    ISIS was created because of Obama's decision to pull out of Iraq. So OMG Trump is doing the same thing that Obama did. But Trump is the demon and not Obama. You all are bunch of hippacrits.

  17. To all you people who voted for this clown I hope it bites you a hundred times in your butt you stupid fuckers. He has turned this country into a sideshow for other countries to laugh at us. We are now the laughing stock of the world.

  18. Shiff pelosi and Schumer are bad people. You can hear it in there voices. There all over the place cuz Trump is blowing there cover. And the are not co equals. They need to retire with there stollen money somewhere far away.

  19. There are so many good words, responsibility, friends, trust and so on. But with such a President there's no real connection with the good words and the president because he's a criminal and so infantile and immature that he probably wouldn't be able to defend his position in a sandbox with other normal five-year-olds. But the most horrendous fact is that still more than one-third of the Americans still think he's a good president. It's that figure that will learn peoples in other nations that the U.S. can't be trusted anymore.

  20. Um, do these fucktards actually think,we the people believe these lies ? Listen to our public servants act like children and cover up lies with chaos.

  21. This is exactly why women should not be in politics (or business for that matter).

    She is a bitter, spiteful, angry person who is not releasing any of her "evidence" of high crimes and misdemeanors that she claims the president has committed. She does not like the President, and she is doing anything she can to try and get him impeached, whether or not it is the right move. Her and shifty Schiff have lied about this impeachment nonsense, why do people still believe the nonsense?

    The only thing that has changed for the worse in America, is the fact that there are all of these triggered people who harbor hate and resentment for the president "because he's an idiot". There are more beneficial things that he has done for average citizens than negative, and nobody has any good reason to dislike him, other than the fact that their teachers hate trump, and their liberal friends unanimously hate him and all republicans alike.

  22. Continuous Negative News as usual. What a pack of deep state clowns exhibiting their ignorance and obnoxious hatred for the President. What are our soldiers doing there? What is the threat to the USA?
    Where should our military be to protect the country, abroad or at home?? Who are they really protecting?? Can these clowns actually answer these questions honestly?
    Time to bring our people back home and to stop wasting our taxpayers money protecting the assets of the one % thieves and criminals who enslaved us all and who think they own the planet. Time is up and the President is right but the demon rats and deep state media shills can’t stand the truth. Why are these traitors still in office may I ask?

  23. I don’t want him impeached. I want to see him admit why he’s accused of the crimes, and he’s going to resign and will not run for office in 2020. Also, I don’t want to have a theocratic type of government if he replaces the Orange. Is that too much to ask?

  24. and NOW the G7 Summit has said that the NEXT G7 Summit WILL be held at the Trump Doral Resort…..!! EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE VIOLATION….AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE !!!!! AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE !!!!

  25. I think trump is doing the right thing. Usa dont have a bussiness in the middle east. Usa is not world police so stop acting like one.

  26. Nancy is a traitor. Trump was polite. I would shoot her in the FUCKING head .if I had the chance for ressesting my citizens arrest.

  27. Why are you demacrats going against the citizens vote. You stupid lieing FUCKING Soros whores. Nancy is a traitor. Nancy is not a pollution at all

  28. Apparently the meeting went well and was productive once the three toddlers stormed out of the room and went crying to the cameras

  29. “I’m very offended about what Trump said”……

    As they keep interrupting each other trying to remember what he said.

    “We’re only looking at the facts”

  30. She's a sad woman. Sge blames Trump for other countries problems yet she can't eeven help her own people here in America. Vote this traitor out of the office!!

  31. let me put this straight: with Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria the has been NO ISIS in the region!
    I guess because those "dictators" violated the "human rights" of religious extremists and kept their borders closed to migrants from Africa.
    Now, your "global liberals" went in to get rid of the "brutal dictators" and bring "representative democracy" to the region, right?
    By arming the extremists and bombing the civilians!
    On behalf of whom?
    The American People?
    On behalf of the Jews!
    This is why Chuck Schumer and his bunch of "democratic" Jews can't have Donald Trump, a white christian man, as president of the Greatest Jewish Colony in Human History, formerly known United States of America …


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