Mysterious Events Caught on Tape: 5 CREEPY Videos

Mysterious Events Caught on Tape: 5 CREEPY Videos

top 5 mysterious events caught on video lost in Colorado on August 10th 1984 James Goodell set out on a trip in this private plane from Granby Colorado to Geoff B Colorado accompanying him was his friend Ronald Willman plane disappeared somewhere along its journey and was never found on August 27 1987 over three years later a 14 year old hiker stumbled upon the charred wreckage of the plane and Colorado's Rocky Mountains planes pilot and passenger were long dead when authorities searched the crash site they found a heavily damaged VHS tape from a camera that had been mounted in the planes cockpit the video was nearly destroyed in parts of the tape were actually found hanging from tree branches somehow authorities managed to reconstruct the damaged video they found frightening footage of the planes final moments they alright at the time of the crash the pilot James Cadell had no experience flying over mountainous terrain experts have noted that James can be seen in the footage flying too low over the treeline and that the plane can be heard stalling as he tries to pull the throttle up too much to avoid the nearby mountains hey alright photographer captures is on death in July 2013 it was believed that owl stood Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was being held inside the Republican Guard building in Cairo Egypt a large group of pro-morsi protesters had gathered outside suddenly snipers from the roof of the Egyptian Republican Guard building opened fire on the crowd freelance photographer ahmed el Sanusi was filming the violence later after the gunfire had ended at least 51 people lay dead when the corpses were removed ahmed el sanu sees dead body was found among the victims near him lay his camera later when the footage ahmed had recorded was examined it was found that ahmed had actually filmed the very moment of his death as we see a sniper take aim at him and fire camera goes dark destroyed by the snipers shot ghost man vandalism for seven months a woman in china was besieged by attacks of disgusting vandalism to her apartment door the culprit repeatedly smeared human feces and urine on the entryway to her apartment she was also left notes accusing her of quote interfering with another person's family after months this disgusting vandalism she set up a series of CCTV cameras to monitor her front door eventually this is what she found after an investigation a 42 year old man captured on one video without his strange mask was arrested in association with the attacks creepy home intruder one late night jack mackerel and his girlfriend Jordan fell asleep on their couch watching the TV show mr. robot little did they know that someone had broken into their house and was creeping around upstairs later the next day Jordan couldn't find her purse her boyfriend Jack was sure that he had seen her with the purse earlier the previous day they decided to review their home security cameras in hopes of locating her purse they were horrified by what they found in the footage a man can be seen watching the couple sleep on the couch from the stairs above them he remains there eerily staring at the sleeping couple for almost 15 minutes then he leaves the same man had been captured on neighborhood security cameras checking for unlocked doors in the neighborhood the same night to this day the home intruder has not been found BGC execution loft cellphone has found left in the back of a taxi in Fiji a college student finds the phone and begins to look through it to try to determine the phone's owner he is shocked by what he actually finds on the phone there is an over ten minute long video the video shows four large tuna fishing boats somewhere on the open seas the four vessels are surrounding one small boat that is overturned several unarmed men floating in the water then the video turns truly gruesome as someone begins firing a gun at the men in the water executing them one by one as the camera rolls it is estimated that over 40 rounds were fired from an automatic weapon at the men until all of them were left dead floating in the ocean after the grisly execution-style slaying the men on the boat can be seen posing and taking selfies as they celebrate their kill despite the fact that the video shows dozens of witnesses on four different ships the victims have never been identified and neither have their murderers

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  1. I believe the intruder was just watching Mr. Robot. He’s a fan yk. No one could watch a sleeping couple for 15 fcking minutes. It’s boring haha

  2. The last video could be people in international waters (no laws) shooting pirates who tried to rob them. But the disturbing part is celebrating the killings. Even if I had to defend myself and shoot someone, it's nothing to celebrate.

  3. Never know the context of the video. Who knows, maybe the last video were pirates getting shot. No one will ever know .

  4. The the second & last one were the most horrifying. Just goes to show how if any kind of disaster is happening you'd stand the best chance of getting help or survival if you are in a situation w/ western people's usu white. Shooting that young man directly in cold blood & those suffering a capsize really shows the difference in cultures. Totally uncivilised. Also those still involved w/ the deeply evil Islam – its about time you stopped pretending you're a decent person whilst spreading paedophilia rape murder & a proscription for genocide. Shame on you. Its completely obvious that muhummad was criminally insane & NOT in any way a prophet or holy man. Tsk tsk. Stop it.

  5. the videos of people dying are scary because you could die any day, you never know when your time is up and that scares me

  6. I guarantee those Egyptian soldiers (they weren't snipers by the way, probably just regulars) were conscripts and were shaken by the horde at their gates and tried to use gunfire to drive the crowd away. When the soldier noticed the journalist, his mind, already stressed by having lots of angry people right outside, most likely snapped to the possibility that he had a gun aimed at him and fired to protect himself. I say this because his movements are slow and he's barely firing at all until he notices the journalist and snaps his AK around and fires almost instantly.

  7. These are so sad. I feel so bad for the people that lost their life. The second one insane who could just start shooting people? That is terrible.

  8. I think that home intruder is trying to look at the tv, not the sleeping couple. Or at least that’s what I’d like to think if I were that couple.

  9. Thank you for today's video about the dolls I enjoyed it and I'm going to watch them more of then but the different beatific course so thank you so much I enjoyed it and have a great night brother

  10. That’s fucked up how those dudes were killed like that at sea like animals wtf is wrong with the world

  11. The last one has new details. A former special ops member did an investigation into this and actually tracked down the captain of the vessel along with some of the witnesses and shooters in this video. A few of the men that were murdered have been identified as well. They were murdered in cold blood. Their boat was intentionally rammed and then they were picked off one by one for target practice just so they could see what it was like to kill someone. The captain of the vessel even said that he would not continue on until all the men in the water were dead. Last I know, the special ops member was still trying to identify more of the people in the video too hopefully bring those sorry pieces of shit to justice…. This is truly disturbing… Killing innocent fishermen just for the thrill of it.

  12. That home intruder wasn’t watching the couple, I’m pretty sure he was watching Mr. Robot and waited until the episode ended to leave 😂

  13. I think it's worth mentioning that the last video of the people in the video being shot were Somali priates who picked the wrong boat to pirate.

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