My Watch Collection Update – Ceramic Rolex Daytona!  🔥

My Watch Collection Update – Ceramic Rolex Daytona! 🔥

On this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you
my latest purchase in my watch collection. Now, I’ve been thinking about this for quite
some time and I almost didn’t even buy one, but I finally caved in and got it, stainless
steel Daytona ceramic bezel. Our sponsor for this video is MVP Exotics. They have the largest rotating inventory of
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in the link below. [opening music] Alright, so the Daytona is actually a very
important watch for me. I love that watch. The last Daytona stainless steel that I had
was the previous version that did not have the ceramic bezel and it was with the white
dial. I actually really liked that watch. I ended it buying it at that time. It was like five years ago. I paid around nine thousand dollars for it
and ended up selling it for about $10,500 only because I was going to make a move and
buy something else and I didn’t know that they were gonna end up rising to $15,000+,
if not I would have definitely kept my traditional Daytona stainless steel. One thing about the Daytona that I feel is
that it’s very, very versatile. Like, it’s one of those watches that’s a must
in the collection. Kind of wish I would have collected a Zenith
as well. I mean, Lord knows those are going for mid
twenties, which is crazy considering at one point they were seven thousand dollar watches. So, not having a Daytona for the past three
years has been a little weird because it’s almost like one of those go-to watches in
steel when you wanna wear a nice piece, but not overdue it, that type of watch. So I’ve been following the ceramic bezel Daytona
since it first came out and of course there’s two options. You got the black dial or the white dial. They’re both really nice, but I think that
the white dial version for me is the one that I like the best cuz it’s got that contrast
and gives it a little bit of that look of the previous version of the old-school vintage
Daytonas. So for me, it had to be the white. Now, let’s talk about how I got this, because
that’s an interesting story on its own. OK, so I’ve been on the lookout already for
the past couple of years for some type of stainless steel chrono. I was really in between the Daytona or perhaps
an AP 41 steel. Now, as you guys know the prices have been
a little bit crazy on those watches. I mean, there’s not many deals. I got guys calling me and saying, “Hey,
I’m looking for a deal on an AP 41.” I said, “there is no deals. There’s also no deals on a Daytona.” I mean, let’s just face it. Markets crazy on these watches. Stainless steel white dials going for $27,000. I mean, I don’t know if I would pay for that,
especially since I’m in the business, so I kind of work with my money, so maybe if I
was more of a collector only, hobbyist and I could overpay for it, then yeah why not? I mean, some people have to have it. That’s what the market is. We’re only getting older. You only live once, so you gotta get the watch
while you can, but I kind of was in the market to get one and by luck I actually stumbled
upon one. My uncle was actually on the list at one of
the local ADs here in Miami and they actually called him up and said they had a white dial
Daytona available for him and I said, “OK.” Now, he wanted it for him, but he had somebody
that he was gonna flip it to, so to make a long story short, with a little bit of a convincing
I was able to meet halfway and buy the watch a little bit over retail, just enough to convince
me so I actually bought the watch and now that I have it, I’m really excited. I mean, I like the white. I have worn the black before, but the white
contrast is one that I like. I don’t plan on flipping, so it’s not so much
of an investment piece. If it goes back down to retail, I’ll be OK
with that too. I don’t really care. I kind of wanted the watch for me, so I’m
really happy to finally have it and these watches with this new bezel, it just completely
changes it for me. I don’t know. Something about those black circles in the
middle on the dial and the contrast with the black ceramic bezel that just goes perfect. The new outline on the sub-dials, I think
they did it perfect. The previous version had silver rings on the
sub-dials, where this one has the black. For me it’s a perfect watch. I like it. I think it’s a great daily wearer. Something like that. My only concern is it’s a ceramic Daytona,
do you gotta be very careful. I mean, I’m pretty good with my watches, but
I don’t know, it’s just one of those pieces that you gotta be careful walking through
a doorway, hitting the door frame, perhaps a seat belt on a car, stuff like that, because
I really don’t wanna deal with the bezel drama. So that’s the only thing of my concern. I am gonna use it. I am gonna keep it from my collection and
I think with this I probably won’t be needing a stainless steel 41 AP at the moment. Bro I actually love this watch. I really got a couple of little scuffs here
on the top, but that’s part of it, you know? I don’t think I would have bought had it been
the black dial. Not that there’s nothing wrong with the black
dial, but this is the one that convinced me to pull the trigger. Another one of the details I like is how it
says “Daytona” in red, you know? I feel like they just completely change the
watch. I been after one for a while, but I just wasn’t
crazy about those prices. I mean, it is what it is. Maybe if I can afford it, probably I’ll just
pay those crazy inflated prices too. I mean, I’m an enthusiast, but I’m not an
extremist. So I gotta do like a complete watch collection
update one of these coming up videos, because I have completely wiped out my collection
in the past to do other investments and stuff like that, and invest in other things and
then I’ve gone slowly rebuilding it again and getting the essentials, but I do feel
that a stainless Daytona, if you’re able to have one in a collection, you know, it’s different
collections in different levels and stages in the hobby, but it’s a must. It’s just one of those watches man. It’s just, I don’t know, I feel like a steel
Sub and a steel Daytona is very important. It’s just one of those watches. One of the things I gotta be careful with
now is how much I’m gonna wear this thing. I mean, I wanna use it and borderline abuse
it, but I also wanna protect it too because like I said, it’s a little bit sensitive,
so I don’t wanna overdo wearing the watch. Another thing is at least for me sometimes
when I wear watches too much, too constant, I kind of play them out and then I get bored
of them and that’s when you start getting that whole vibe where you wanna like change
the watch and get a different one, so being that I have several to choose from, thank
God, the Daytona is one that I plan to have for a long time. I don’t plan to sell this one at all, so I
already made that mistake one time even though they rose and they got crazy money, but it
wasn’t about that. It was just about that I didn’t have one and
I wasn’t…damn, look at that boat…and I wasn’t able to get one now, so now that I
finally have it I don’t care what happens with the market. It can go up. It can go all the way down, I plan to keep
it and this is a keeper for me. Alright, so stay tuned cuz very soon I’m gonna
be doing a whole update on the collection, you know I’ve sold, then what I have now and
where I plan to take it, so that way you guys can check it out and go on for the ride. Also, on the last video, I had some suggestions
on whether I should do more luxury goods and I had a lot of responses actually, a lot of
people said that maybe perhaps I should do luxury goods. I mean, for the guys that watch me for the
watches, don’t worry about it. Of course I’m always gonna do watches, but
I got some interesting ventures that are coming up with some high end luxury goods and it’s
gonna be pretty cool to watch, so stay tuned and you gonna come on the ride with me, so
feel free to comment below how you feel about my new Daytona white dial ceramic and don’t
forget to hit the notifications bell till it looks like this or otherwise you may not
be able to see the other videos that I’ll be adding new to my channel. And if you liked this video, please like and
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100 thoughts on “My Watch Collection Update – Ceramic Rolex Daytona! 🔥

  1. Do you feel unsafe wearing it out in public because it is currently the hardest and hottest watch to get? AD mentioned being careful wearing it outside because they've heard a customer robbed of it.

  2. Erick why you said it’s a problem with ceramic bezel? I’m wearing my GMT everyday.. bezel in excellent condition

  3. Nice watch! Any interest in helping me find a buyer for my Bremont MB1? It’s a watch that only fighter pilots who have ejected from Martin Baker ejection seats are allowed to buy. I know a couple of celebrities have tracked them down. I’m willing to part with mine for the right price.

  4. Best choice you could do man, as you said the Daytona is the "perfect" watch. You can wear it with a suit or with jeans and t-shirt. Can't wait to get mine. Have fun with it!

  5. Ok, but they cheeped it up with a big ceramic bezel, that also makes it look like a TAG/Heuer, Seiko etc. One of the hallmarks of the Daytona's was that blingy, polished metal bezel, and it was reparable, and without it, it's not unique, so they made it over-sized, and fat.

  6. White Gold Day Date 2 with diamonds (any dial) or WG black dial skydweller? Both discontinued. Since eric dosen't reply I need some opinions before I drop 23-27k! THANKS FOR THE HELP

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  9. Hey Eric, White Daytona is definitely a collection MUST, the daytona has great heritage and the name. But somehow I always wounder if I'm weird because I never got warm with the 40mm size for a chrono. Something feels off. My preferred watches for "nice but not overdoing it" would always be Batman GMT or Blue Royal Oak Chrono… don't know if I just respect the Daytona because of the Zeitgeist and bc everybody is so overhyped about it…

  10. Congratulations Eric …Great watch I have it since last year and rest assured this is a much tougher watch than you think…I wear it all the time…:)

  11. I’m going to get a yellow gold two tone jubilee datejust 41 yellow and steel think I should get the stick indicator or diamond hour marker ? Can’t make up my mind first Rolex purchase

  12. Great addition, a couple of months ago I sold you my new AP steel Chronograph 41 panda dial because I also received a call from my AD for the white Daytona. AP is more attractive to the eye but Rolex Daytona is reliable and timeless plus the investment part of it if you paid retail or close to.

  13. Really looking forward to ur collection update!

    Also everytime YOU review a watch it explodes in price. Ur the true market maker !

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    Even with Richard Mille, you haven’t been this happy.

    Something so simple can make people so happy. Daytona all the way!

  15. I have a Submariner No date 114060 and a GMT Master 116719BLRO. If I find a Daytona in steel with a white dial, my Rolex collection is complete. 🙂

  16. One of the hardest watches to get, nice man. Keep the videos up! Wear a seatbeat tho no one wants to see you get hurt and stop making videos haha

  17. Cool watch, especially the new white version.
    I ended up selling mine after less than a year. I just ended up liking APs and Pateks more. Also the hype is so much it is hard for the watch to live up to the hype.

  18. Dont worry Eric, the bezel is not that fragile, only breaks if its hit very, very, hard. It fell tom the bed flat on its face and nothing happened to it. I heard once of a guy with his ceramic AP hitting a tray in a club so hard and loud, then looked at his watch had to wipe off the piece of the tray his watch broke. ceramic is cool

  19. The problem is the oyster bracelet with the polished links gets easily scratched. A stainless steel brushed bracelet much better as it shows less scratches. Otherwise, acquiring this Daytona is the ultimate piece. You are a lucky guy.

  20. I got the black dial a couple of months ago and paid twice retail. Not happy I paid so much, but I absolutely love it. Had the choice between the white/black dial and I'm glad I picked the black. Just my preference.

  21. An essential part of a collection.Great score brother!I am waiting on one now.The girl I deal with at the AD said she would get me one.
    I would prefer the white but will take the black.Another great video look forward to the next one!

  22. This is the best looking Daytona available. I got a white one 2 years ago. I liked it so much and now I'm trying to get a black one. These watch collection is addictive 😅

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  24. I had that watch for about 6 months and got rid of it. It's useless and hard to read. The hands blend in with the dial and the subdials.

  25. Eric this one is definitely a keeper. It goes great with your AWESOME Porsche. It's beautiful dude. FELICIDADES Amigo.

  26. I don't get the bezel drama you were talking about. I was walking through my kitchen door squeezing between someone else and banged my daytona up on the door frame right on the glass and bezel and when i looked at my watch i screamed "Pinga!"
    But a second later I literally just wiped off the paint from my door and the bezel and glass were literally in perfect shape. Nothing happened. I think they're the most indestructible part of the watch. The biggest culprit for me has been the polished center links. They scratch up so damn easy just like on GMT's.

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  29. Awesome! I love my Daytona white dial too! I loved it so much I got the Black dial too! The Daytona is the perfect watch in my opinion. I take good care of my watches but I do wear them and don't baby them too much (i'm careful though). Having both does limit the amount of wear and tear i put the Daytonas through. You should go for both – they wear and look completely different on the wrist!!

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  32. Loved the phrase "different pieces for different stages on the collection"; as a collector, I can totally relate. Sometimes you kinda "screw up" on the journey, letting go pieces that eventually end up coming back to (sometimes even more than once!). Nice to hear that even a pro like you has made those "mistakes" on the past. Hey, there's an idea for another video! How you've dealt with a Collector's most common mistakes. And welcome the rest of the luxury video reviews! As long as you keep those fresh, with your own personal style, it should all be good.

  33. great video again! can you do an updated collection video? also a video on your most complimented watch would be fantastic

  34. Hi man, hey, you know you were lucky enough to not have to pay the extreme cash to get this piece, maybe you should just wear it as a " daily beater " I mean what a beater you know… and I don't think you can really get the – replace it – feeling over the Daytona, not twice anyway… just rotate it out for a while. First world issues my man, first the colour on the new Porsche now's tough.

  35. Damn, dude…so nice!! Makes me want the yellow gold/black dial version even more now (my grail watch Lol). I’ll be hitting you up for sure once I’m ready to pull the trigger!

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