My Opinion On All the Gym Leaders

My Opinion On All the Gym Leaders

it's that time for Christmas cheer and Pikachu and friends ready to celebrate the holidays with you show off their Christmas spirit with a limited edition let's go celebrate the holidays t-shirts and hoodies get them before they head back to the North Pole on January 2nd gym leaders he either loves some of them or hates some of them gym leaders are the leaders of specific cities for trainers to test at their Pokemon teams and skills in order for a trainer to participate in a league they need to acquire eight badges or if you're no Lola you need Z crystals some of these gym lenders give me a lot of trouble as a kid and even till now some of them still do however I do appreciate a good challenge to a lot of these gym would just provide some gym owners are also pushovers regardless of how a gym leader is I could admire them for a certain pokemon they use or simply by their appearance seeing geometers again in let's go gave me the inspiration to share with you guys my opinions in all the gym leaders if you guys have seen some of my previous opinion videos you know that the explanations are relatively short but they get my point across I don't think I need to explain how an opinion based video works any more than I already have so that any further ado let's begin throwing some gym under shade or praise all right so we're gonna start off with Kanto Brock I hated what he did in the Pokemon anime and Onix Milly strangled Pikachu I really really feel bad for it but I mean in the game she I guess he was kind of a challenge of that Onix misty one of my favorite gym owners of all time lover squirming lieutenant search I don't know if this guy was in a war he claims to be in a war but what war was he in I earned that uh Tunde badge I guess Erika I will admit she's actually one of my favorite grass-type gym owners and um that kimono tonight Ted Koga I've always liked ninjas I wasn't a big fan of him in the anime but in the Elite Four and in the games he was pretty badass not gonna lie Janine I actually really liked her a lot and I think that she's a great replacement for coca Sabrina love her and let's go I love the pink effect that it added to her eyes it looks really really cool Blaine the Pokemon trivia is real at this guy and I will admit I love that he's back again love Blaine Giovanni mastermind of Team Rocket easily one of my favorite geometers of all time this guy is a monster and his Pokemon team is also pretty cool blue one of my favourite rivals I love what he does I love his a variety based team as well especially going back and facing him again after your gold and silver journey and our gold silver journey this guy this has a really really cool team love what he does now we're gonna move on to my favorite region of Johto I not gonna lie this is my favorite region of all time I love these games and these gym owners are probably my favorite sets of the gym owners so you guys will probably hear the most positive praise when it comes to these guys all right so let's start Falconer I know this guy's father is a really really accomplished bird type pokemon trainer but he was so annoying with that level nine Pidgeotto and that level 13 Pidgeotto in the beginning of my heart gold silver and gold silver crystal journey that part pissed me off but other than that he's a pretty cool gym I'm not gonna lie Bugsy for generations I have always asked his Bugsy a guy or a girl I also read like his high fat design my baby sir and I used to go looking for ladybugs all the time it is really fun time Whitney no thanks sucks it's all gonna say Morty I love this guy I love how hostile he Westroads ash in the enemy when it came to him seeing ho I love Morty in the sense that he's just so passionate for what he wants and Gengar is also really really cool pokémon Chuck I love his muscles and I love that he has a big barbell on his freakin shoulder it's awesome Jasmine this trainer is by far one of my most favorite geometers I love how they put her in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and they foreshadow that being a joto remix sometime in the future love that part and jasmine I love her steelix and she's just a great gym owner all-around lover price I don't have an opinion on this guy um pill swans pretty cool why not Claire my favorite gym leader of all time I can go forever of how quite think Claire is I can't but she's a brat in some ways but I love her Kendra and everything about her and Claire is just awesome plus she's a dragon-type trainer that's my favorite typing Clara's my favorite gym owner of all time that's Lenny in the dough moving on to Hoenn i don't really particularly hate this region but i mean a lot of the gym eaters in this region are also pretty freakin cool so let's get right in on that roxanne she's apparently a pokemon encyclopedia she's a teacher at the trainer school and um yeah she her nose passes ugly and I guess she's a cold gym leader brawly love this guy Surf's Up dude I love his makuhita Watson he get a Marshtomp and you just stomp this guy it's it's literally so easy wha-ha-ha-ha-ha I guess is the Laughing tryna make Flannery hurt Urkel is probably one of it the most challenging Pokemon in the entire Pokemon serious when it comes to video when it comes to the video games she is a challenging gym owner I've even worse she's like a new gym leader she still provides a challenge so major props to Flenory plus she's hot literally norman the real pokemon dad that actually cares about the protagonist very good norman plus slacking is very powerful Winona I love flying tech geometers and I love her Skarmory that's pretty much almond to say and her alt area is pre deadly props no Nona Tate and Liza I take my zamore in the Pokemon anime more than I do in the games because the Pokemon emerald they swept my entire team thousands of times as a kid I remember just getting stuck on them and the sunny days and the solar beams and everything else that they had always just kicked my butt and I also really liked that one pikachu and swellow did like that fusion dance and made her and Super Saiyan nearly kicked its butt it was cool Wallace you're a champion or you're not agility get out one what are you supposed to be again soon oh alright this region incident games aren't been actually there actually and like my top 5 favorites um diamond to pearls suck because they're too slow but a pokemon platinum definitely makes up for it soon has some pretty good games I'm not gonna lie nós let's get into these two motors Roark I don't really have an opinion on this guy he's your typical first gym leader that I use the rock pokémon and yeah nothing really interesting all the same gardenia I think she was calling the Pokemon anime um I'm not a big fan of her she batter weaker Grotto pretty okay yeah she does a quick I'm gonna say I'm by her rose red's pre Duncan alive million once again like her more for the anime I really liked the the fight that Lucario and boys'll had and that was pre epic not gonna lie crash your wake okay because I look like Jack Black this guy reminds me so much of Nacho Libre so just because of that I like crasher wake fan Tina I actually like Fantine a lot I'm not gonna lie I love ghost Pokemon and um I like the fact that she has like a French accent there was a theory going around that she could possibly be from Kalos but I'm really really not too sure but I mean I like her I think that's cool that she's in the contest and I think she's in acting I think is why I don't remember but yeah she's pretty cool Byron he's the first gym owners dad he uses still Pokemon I don't really see much of a difference between him and the first guy Candice I actually think Candice is actually cool literally cool cuz use I spoke Aman I'm her Abomasnow sucks but I mean she is a cool personality and the Pokemon anime I guess so she's pretty cool Vulcan er I like this guy's personality you as the protagonists have to cheer him up and get his battling spirit back on track and the battle that you get inside of the cynosure gym to me will it provided me for a challenge I like Vulcan er I think he's a really cool gender and he definitely provides a challenge and now we're moving on to you Nova this region is cool in so many ways pokemon black and white in black and white – are actually in my top three favorite pokemon games of all time I have more so black and white tube I do enjoy some of the gym owners in this game but not particularly a lot of them so let's pretty much just hop right into it chill sound and cress I hate them all they use the stupid elemental monkeys and Cylons knowing in the Pokemon anime I think these guys suck worse childers on this entire list don't at me Lenora that watch hog with retaliate drove me nuts when I was in high school I didn't that though I respectable Nora I think she said I think she's a pretty challenge in Jin litter and yeah she's she's just tough she's a tough woman berg is a guy supposed to be an artist or a hipster I don't I don't know what they're trying to do with this guy but I mean his gyms pretty cool I guess hey Lisa thick clay Xiaolin Showdown clay if you guys know I'm talking about Scylla I love Scylla mr. Alton city has one of the coolest themes and Pokemon her gym is so cool she has a really killer personality and yes Scala's won me he's probably like my top ten virgin loose bricen I really don't know much about Bryson all I know is that he's in the pokey star studios I think he would is he is he like he's like the masked guy I don't really know but I mean like his costume looks cool Drayton your knockoff Lance get out of here iris I liked you as a champion in pokemon black and white 2 however as a protagonist in the Pokemon anime you suck Sharon I think he was a decent rival and I mean as a first gym owner I think he's really really mature in here can I give you a challenge with workups so you know props to Taryn Roxy I don't really know a lot about Roxy I mean I know that she's an abandoned she's his poison-type pokémon and Jezza dad who's a captain he drives a ship I mean I I guess Roxy's cool and it Lisa in black and white twos model yeah even thicker and even hotter than the first one it's all men say she's literally a model like don't judge me Marlon is this guy house dad or Lana's father or something I don't know like what this guy is but I'm gonna say he's Alana's dad he just looks it I don't really like remember black and white too but I mean he's he just looks like he's he could be Lana's father it's crazy like tell me like I'm not wrong right aren't that like I love in dela town I mean I'm moving on to Kalos now a lot of these gym leaders I'm like 50 50 of them I think I probably like half the gym owners here and I think maybe like I'm neutral with like a lot of them but other than that cals is a coal region it was the rebirth point in Pokemon in my opinion you know alive you know a new Pokemon things are coming in you know like he got the Nintendo 30s and I think it's just you know I got really great waiting I had to kick off Pokemon again you know fright than your generation of people come in for the 30s so yeah anyways let's hop right into this um hop right into these opinions viola I know that she likes to take pictures and stuff and you don't really I don't really have much of benefiting on her I mean her surskit was kind of challenging I guess grant I love this guy's hair it makes me look like that I could like rock climb on top of his head like I don't know and um his I think it is a tyrunt is its tire it was pre challenge I'm not gonna lie definitely one of the more challenging jumpers at poco Mike soon why Carina I think I prefer Carina and the Pokemon anime then in the Pokemon games I felt that with like Carina and the Pokemon anime she had more like a personality like you could like see like ash that's just Pikachu and her Lucario just battling it out and I thought it was just really cool to see that and I like the spirit that she gave her in those battles so props to her Ramos an old man with the Clippers and he rides go goats I don't know much about this guy and quite frankly I really don't care about him clément the future is now thanks to science I give this I give this gym owner a 10 out of 10 I have no that I have no negative things to say about calming I think he's hilarious probably also one of my favorite agonist in the entire Pokemon series I love Clement hands-down he's great Valerie I'm gonna say Valerie's actually in my top 4 favor there is a theory going around that she could potentially be a kimono sister and you guys know I'm brie has a mascot and I really like the kimono sisters sylveon is also my second favorite evolution of all time so I really like Valerie I think she's a dope trainer I love her gym design too easily my favorite gender in Pokemon X&Y Olympia she kind of reminds me of storm from x-men I guess of 5 out of 10 for gym leader Wulfric Christmas isn't for another 24 days bud keep that costume off well that wraps up my opinions on all the geometers for those of you asking why aren't you doing trial captains or Kahuna's that will be for another video but yeah I don't like a lot of the generation 5g motors as you guys can tell and the three monkey brothers also suck what are your opinions all the genders do let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed the video why not leave like and subscribe my channel notifications on that way you never miss an upload if you want to support me further consider following my treacherous from a lot of Pokemon content and Nintendo content like shiny hunting show done battles selves and even fire wants to bring me further further in game cool perks chili my patreon fly Jubilee Daniel young lady crimson pal for 9 1 j oz austin the lazy lea and austin lego did i want to thank them personally for going above and beyond it means the world to me i think i'm wrap this up though I'm mrs. a gum bran and I will see you in the future for more awesome Pokemon content

25 thoughts on “My Opinion On All the Gym Leaders

  1. Ohh so I need to say something, when the audio was recorded for this video it was recorded on December 1st. This video was supposed to go up a long time ago but due to some events it had to waaait a while. Also come watch me play Zelda OOT :p

  2. Wait, am I the only one who beat Whitney on the first try?
    It was pretty difficult, but it wasn't extremely difficult

  3. Drayden is a knockoff Lance?!
    (Ranting Starts)
    Drayden actually has a team full of DRAGON TYPES, Lance literally has Three Dragonites and a couple of Pokémon that looks like dragons!
    He is a FLYING type trainer at the least, Drayden even WRESTLES his own Pokémon, he was badass in the anime! Oh and that beard shows you don’t want to f* with this man. Basically Drayden s a better Dragon Type Trainer then Lance will ever be, hell maybe even a better elite four member! (Ranting Ends)

  4. what that frame perfect text said: Dear god, Mystic why did you transition to a topic that fast? Do you know how long that female sign is on screen? It's 0.2 seconds! How am I supposed to edit something in for 0.2 seconds and actually make it look presentable? -Editor

    It took me 5 minutes to frame perfectly pause the text on the screen.

  5. 3:06 Dear God, Mystic! Why did you transition to a topic that fast? Do you know how long that female sing is on screen? It’s 0.2 seconds! How am I supposed to edit something in for 0.2 seconds and actually make it look halfway presentable?

  6. lol I was fighting Jasmine in Heargold while watching this and as you said "…and I love her Steelix…" I look down at my 2DS and her Steelix just fainted my Quilava.

  7. Elesa is not thicc, Skyla on the other hand….>_>

    Also not too many guys can wear suspenders and look badass, that being said I really liked Drayden's design.

  8. MysticUmbrion: says he does not like the black and white protagonists.
    Me: …..
    Also me: Lillie.Exe has stopped working

  9. If they make an X/Y remake they should make Bonnie (Clements sister from the anime) the gym leader instead of Clement. I mean she has a frickin Dedene for crying out loud!!

  10. Tbh Fantina is probably my favorite gym leader ever, followed closely by Elesa, I love Elesa and especially her redesign in BW2. She just seems so cool.
    Least favorite is definitely the triplets, don't think I need to explain that (although tbf their whole thing in the Memory Link about having to retire because they're not good enough gym leaders is pretty interesting). I don't like Volkner very much, either. I understand his character, and his problem, but the way he was written in Gen IV just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know why. I also don't remember most of the Kalos leaders so there's that. Clemont is kind of a legend though

  11. I had a crush on Jasmine. But she's just cute and shy.
    I get the appreciation for Claire, though. I like her more these days, especially since her Dragons are more puzzling to get past.
    lol you think Torkoal is tough? You mentioned Starmie, which is as tanky as it looks in Gen 1.

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