My Newest Novel Cover Reveal, Review Copies, Book Sale & More!

My Newest Novel Cover Reveal, Review Copies, Book Sale & More!

today I’m talking about all things
Christmas at least when it has to do with my newest book release if you want
to know the title see the cover know how to get an early review copy and so much
more stick around hey there my name is
Katlyn Duncan and I am a traditionally published author and ghost writer so
today I have such exciting news for you I have to say yes it is Monday and yes
there is no writing vlog but I promise it is worth it I’m pausing my vlog
series for just one week so that I can make some awesome announcements instead
today I’m going to tell you all the awesome things coming up with that
Christmas festive real man switch I’ve been talking about since I started my
writing blogs my biggest announcement today is my cover I have known about
this cover since April and I guess my publisher really trusts me to keep a
secret because I have been sitting on this for so long even before I handed in
the first draft of this novel but now that my publisher has officially
revealed it I’m going to reveal it right now for all of you believe me I’ve been
dying to show everyone this cover outside of my family and close friends
so without further ado here is the title and cover for my Christmas festive rhyme
ants which I can stop calling my Christmas festive romance because it is
called wrapped up for Christmas what do you think let me know in the comments
below your initial reaction mine was a little bit like oh I love it so much it
is so Christmassy and sort of exactly how I pictured it if that makes any
sense because I didn’t design the cover myself but it is perfect and even
Charlie the dog is there you’re going to love Charlie she is the sweetest now
that the cover is out there let me tell you about the story it’s the most
wonderful time of the year but not for Angie Martinelli having lost her
boyfriend job and apartment all in the span of a week Angie has no choice but
to leave California and go back to her home
in New England determined not to let life weigh her down Angie finds work at
a local mall where she worked at as a teenager after an embarrassing run-in
with a handsome stranger Nick she’s convinced her luck is about to change
but Nick has secrets of his own and as the first flakes of snow began to fall
and she can’t help wondering if she’ll ever find love this book idea came to me
years ago I’ve been sitting on it for so long it’s always been in my mind as my
Christmassy hallmark type of book that I always wanted to write and it gave me
all the Christmas feels and it takes place in a mall which is where I
frequented as a customer and as a working person as a teenager there’s
also lots of Christmas activities involved while romance swirls in the air
I’m so excited for you to read this if it’s something that’s up your alley
speaking of reading it wrapped up for Christmas is also available on that
galley net galley is a website where people can review early copies of novels
so if you have an account head on over there and check it out now if you don’t
have an account on net galley and still want to read the book or are
accidentally denied let me know shoot me an email and I will get you a copy in
exchange for an honest review also if you do want to support me and pre-order
the book I’ll put the link in the description below but that’s not all
while the title and the cover are amazing I am getting the full treatment
with this book now as you know or maybe don’t know I’m a digital first author so
all of the copies of the 11 books that I’ve released so far are digital only so
that means you can only get them as an e-book now instead of a digital version
only for this book I am getting a paperback and audio version of this book
I was seriously so excited when I heard this news and I actually got a little
teary-eyed and I am not one to cry I have been waiting for years for my books
to get a paperback treatment and also getting audio on top of that is just
amazing and I mean how special with this book look under a Christmas tree or in a
stocking or on your bookshelf when you are ready
to experience the holiday feels no matter what time of year it is an audio
on top of that I feel like I’ve already been given the best Christmas present in
the world now I do have to say because of publishing times the audio and
paperback versions will be available December of this year but if you are
interested in reading the book as soon as possible you can download the digital
version on October 1st 2019 also there is an official wrapped up for Christmas
tour hosted by Rachel’s random resources and some amazing bloggers this tour will
take place between October 1st and October 8th I am so excited to work with
every single one of these bloggers to make this tour amazing now that’s a lot
of fun for a Monday morning isn’t it so are you as excited as I am for this book
where are you we’re talking about Christmas in September are you excited
or are you not ready to hear it let me know in the comments below I also wanted
to announce that my Christmas novella this Christmas which is a companion to
this summer is currently on sale for 99 cents in the month of September if
you’re interested in checking it out I would post below if you enjoyed this
video do give it a like hit that subscribe button and ring that bell so
you know the next time I post a new video I’ll see you soon

8 thoughts on “My Newest Novel Cover Reveal, Review Copies, Book Sale & More!

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    What do you think of the cover for Wrapped Up for Christmas?!

  2. First, love the hair. Second LOVE the cover! Third, can't wait to read this! I love Christmas Hallmark stories!!!!! Finally, congrats on the paperback and audio book!

  3. YEEEESSSS!!! i love christmas stuff SO MUCH and i'm so excited for Charlie the dog!! I might have to set up a netgalley account! i definitely want to read this… I'M SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS

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