24 thoughts on “My New Business – EXTRA SPACE CEBU! | Kryz Uy

  1. This is a good business! I agree this is not much in my hometown Cebu.Now i got the idea especially for me & friends who keep sending balikbayan box frequently & need some space to store it.I will reach out to you when i need one.Congrats to your new business!

  2. That is such a great idea that was materialised! Sure is hopeful for condo spaces when you have little space bylut to many things 😂

  3. do you accept balikbayan boxes directly from the USA and have them stored in your Extra Storage facility? if yes, what's the procedure? Ben from Florida

  4. Small youtuber from Cebu, Philippines here! Hope y’all show some love by checking out my channel! ❤️

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