18 thoughts on “My Little Pony – Update 46 – Nightmare At The Museum

  1. Can someone help me please. I had an account on my little pony with level 130 and I delete the aplication and I download it again, and I can't get my old account back. What can I do? 😭😭😭

  2. Tá bom na minha opinião o novo update ou atualização tá legal mas o trailer tá fraco eu fiquei mas curioso com o novo evento do jogo que vai vim em breve

  3. When I try to start the event, it keeps taking me to the character shop. Do I need to buy a new character as a costume? I’m confused and frustrated, especially since that cuts into the event time if I have to wait for some pony’s house to be built. Is anyone else having better success with this?

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