Hello everybody, it’s me again! Today it’s a little bit different – I wanna introduce you guys to this game that I’ve been playing. This is an otome game, and for those of you who don’t know what an otome game is: ‘Otome’ basically means “maiden”, or “girl”. So, it literally means “maiden game”, or like, “girl game”. What it is is a story-based video game that is targeted generally towards the female market (Wikipedia). I have played a handful of these games, I wouldn’t say that I am an otome game fanatic. I do play now and then, I find it quite stress-relieving, but then again it depends on the game that you play, so – Today, the game that I’ll be introducing is a game by Apple Cider. If I’m not wrong, they are like, two people working together? Autumn’s Journey is basically, like, a fantasy sort of visual novel? where this girl named *Auralee meets two dragons in human form and they go on a journey together. I am not, by any means, a professional gamer. I’m just here to share my interest and admiration for the people who’ve produced this game and my love for, like, some of the story characters. Like, I’m seriously in love with this character. Are you ready guys? Start. Like, I rarely replay games – I’m the kind of person who gets sick of something very easily – but this is a game that I think I’ve replayed 4 or 5 times, you know, when I just need some – – I just need some TLC. (laughs) This makes me feel like the world is good, just, listen to that music. Okay, so we start off in an airy birch forest. And it is now fall! Apple picking season is here, to the town of Berri. So basically Auralee wants to become knight, correct? I love the voice acting for this btw, I just have to say it. It’s so good! Like, I feel like it really suits the characters and I like the sounds that they make. Okay, “sounds” (sounds weird).. Okay, so this is where she meets the first character! Someone leaning against a tree. Someone sleeping on a tree. Their ears are so cute. Yeah, so I’m just gonna introduce you guys (briefly) to Kerr, okay. Uhh. (laughs) He’s like your typical – I don’t know, teenager? Oh, his eyes are so pretty. (end of compliments for Kerr) Yeah, so basically, if you ask if he’s hungry, you kind of like, bring the relationship closer and if you say nothing, yeah. I’m gonna say nothing because I’m waiting for this other character. (laughs) I don’t know guys, Kerr just doesn’t do it for me. Like, I don’t find him remotely attractive – maybe like, I will, one day, but – I just don’t get what’s the charm about him, I mean – okay, like, he’s charming, I guess. (reading) Uhh, who are you again? Okay, his name is Kerr, okay great, nice to meet you ×3 Come ×3 I wanna meet – ILMARI. I’m just gonna skip allll the way until the
next choice kay. Skipping, I’m skipping – okay, if you guys wanna learn what happens on Kerr’s route, you go and play it yourself, cos it’s FREE, it’s a FREE game! He’s like, eating apple pie and, I guess he’s supposed to be cute? And you’re like watching him with amusement, but you also feel unimpressed with how dismissive he is. So, at this juncture – Like, the first time I played this, I chose “Glower at him”, because like – or glare at him – because like, this is what I would do in real life, I’ll just be like, “You ungrateful *beep*.” Anyway, if you wanna get on his good side, you tease him, but I’m not that interested so I’m going to glare at him. He’s like, whoops. (mimics Kerr) And she’s gonna take a quick walk. Okay, and this is where we meet Ilmari!! (enthusiasm +100) The animation for the chibi is so cuute. Ohh, it’s a dragon! (aegyo mode) The art for this is soo nice. (fangirls) He’s soo cuuute! Cuuute. (mimics Ilmari) Eye roll momennt. His name is Ilmari. Urghh he’s so mean! But anyway, from this onwards, it’ll be the 3 of us doing stuff together, so – This is us in the town now, we brought them into the town, aaand after you introduce everyone to everyone and you’re in town, here is where the next choice comes up. You can ask *how he knows your language, or confess you want to touch his ears. So if you ask *how he knows your language, it’s a very like, I feel, like, semi-offensive thing, because he’s been speaking to you this whole time. Yeah, but you wanna get closer to him, you confess that you wanna touch his ears. He’s blushing. (laughs) This is like the cutest, like, thing EVER. I’m, like, spitting. Oops. (fangirling) Yeah, ‘cos people judge. So cuuute. Okay, let’s go to the next thing! Then he asks, can we cuddle? She’s a tomboy. Hug. Hug? Okay, so at this point, he’s asking if you wanna cuddle with him, so if you decline, obviously, it means that you’re a ‘no’ with this relationship, but if you accept – So they share a blanket. It’s all pure stuff guys, nothing – nothing to worry about. This is very PG. (approved) Since I’m like a, very, like, conflict – confrontational kind of person when it comes to conflict, I think I’m naturally attracted to people who are more diplomatic and less broody, because I can be, like, freakin’ broody if I want to, so – – it’s just preference, guys, preference. So basically what happens here is that Auralee is recommended as a knight to go to this, like, I guess, main city, and they get attacked on the way. Aand they’re fighting. And the music is very, like, it reminds me of How To Train Your Dragon. So here, right, this is after you guys fight and you wanna check on who’s – on how they’re doing. So, obviously – “Check on Ilmari”. So she arrives at the city! And fast forward, and basically now you are, like, a knight-in-training, and the boys will be, like, helping out as we go. I’m going to stop this video here for today. I was thinking I might just pick up on this another time, because I actually have to go out but I’m, like, filming this video because, you know. Yeah, so – yeah! I hope you guys enjoy! This is by no means a ‘walkthrough’ walkthrough, but I find it, like, a great way to share with you guys the things that I really enjoy, and this game happens to be one of those things! If you liked it, definitely go and check out the game itself – it’s free to download, it’s free to play, the artwork is AMAZING, and the soundtrack is really nice, and I really enjoy the voice acting and animation as well, so basically – – this is for me, like, a very well-rounded game, I guess. Visual – visual novel, like, whatever you call it. Goodbye for now! Pyong!

3 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE OTOME GAME/VISUAL NOVEL!: Autumn’s Journey – Part 1

  1. I love Ilmari too! Yay! Applecider inspired me so much, I'm an artist but I'm trying to get better at writing so that I can write a Visual novel as well. The one I'm working on is a mystery otome game. I'm looking forward to watching you play it more, I love your commentary because I'm also an Ilmari fangirl! XD

  2. Thank you all for the views and comments on this video! 😍 Part 2 is finally up!!:

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