My Cafe: Update 2019.9 Announcement: London!

My Cafe: Update 2019.9 Announcement: London!

Hey everyone, I’m Ola, and today we are going
to play My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. In this video I’m happy to announce Update
2019.9 to you. It’s called London. So, let’s go! Ok, guys, so this is the London update, take
a look at the loading screen. Wow, Margaret is so stylish! Whooh, who’s coming over there? There’s a taxi coming in, and here we see
Charlotte. Charlotte is going to visit us for .2 weeks
since the update start. She will arrive to all the players starting
from level 8. And the last date when you can meet her is
the 22nd of September. If you don’t know Charlotte, she’s really
a book lover, and she’s a librarian. And right now she has a new event story for
us. Actually, she inherited her own ancient castle. Like, a real castle with stained glass windows,
guard towers, portrait on the walls… And she has a lot of dreams about it, but
first she needs to clean it up. Actually, everything there is so old, and
she’s got to have some money for repairs. So, she can do deliveries for us, and this
way she will be able to repair her castle. Together with that, we will be able to pass
a great story with her. So, what we need to do is fulfil 30 orders
of her, just like usual. And at the end of the 30 orders we are going
to get the gold gift. Actually, Charlotte story is also going to
bring us some more unique items that we are going to get for free, or that we can purchase
in the store. So, right now I’m going to tell you everything
about it. So, first of all, she’s going to present you
and Expresso owl. You are going to get it for free. Also, if you want to complement it with a
paired item from the store, you can purchase it in the simple items. The other Espresso owl is going to cost 650
gems. If you purchase the owl, and if you place
2 of the owls together, Bill is going to give you a gold gift for that till the end of the
event. Coming back to the free items, you will also
be able to get an antique portrait for free by the story, you can hang it on the wall,
and it’s definitely going to look good there. I’m going to show you My Cafe in London style
in my next video. And you can also get a beautiful violin by
the story. It’s going to cost you 495 gems. But if you love musical instruments, then
you should probably consider this offer, as well. You can also talk to your staff about their
appearance, and dress them in the Queen Guard’s costume, which will cost you 575 gems. You can just purchase it once, and just take
a look at that – your staff is going to look really funny in that. Besides, Mary is going to give you a blue
gift for dressing your staff in London costume, as well. We are also going to be having a lot of special
offers during the event, and in them you will be able to find the Red telephone box window. I bet, it’s going to look nice, so check this
out. Also, there’s going to be a new sofa, it’s
called Union Jack. Also available in the special offers as a
bonus to different packages of gifts and diamonds. Besides that, we will be able to have new
different features in my cafe. We are also going to have a new season, which
is called the Ferris Wheel Season. And it’s going to last for the 3 festivals
since the update release. And you will be able to get gems every day
till the end of the season. The more trophies you get – the more gems
you will be able to get every day till the end of the season. It’s 1, 2, or 3 gems. If you are interested in getting more gems,
like 51, 117, or 153 – then you may want to look at the magic wheel. It looks like that, and it actually costs
around $15. It’s more than we used to have in the previous
season, but together with that, you will be able to get 1500 gems from the start, and
1500 vip points. Besides that, the owners of the Magic wheel
will be able to keep it in the exterior, after the season ends. So, it’s going to look like this one, but
it will be colorful, and you will be able to place it anywhere in the exterior, just
like we have this fountain right here. Let’s move on further, and I’m also going
to show you something about our customers. First of all, I would love you to pay the
attention to this table with Mary, Margaret, and Watson. If you have recognized them, actually, because
now our customers have a total new look. Actually, we have changed their image, and
now we are experimenting with their looks, because we want to see which looks you like
more. Watson, Koffsky, Margaret, and Mary will look
different now. Some small good news about the township members
and township owners: we have improved the interface of the township treasury. So, now you will be able to sort the contributions
by the type of resource that your township members have invested into the town. And also, you will be able to see the total
amount of resources that you transfer to the township treasury. So, you’ll test it and tell us about it in
the comments please: what you think about it. Let’s come back to the cafe, and I’m also
going to tell you a little bit more about the new features for our experienced players. For instance, the guys who are at level 36. We are going to have 2 new stories at level
36, actually, which are going to bring you a blue gift, and a gold gift. And which are also going to transition you
to level 37. At level 37 we are going to have a new equipment,
which is called the Turkish coffee stovetop. It’s going to cost 30 mln coins, and you can
purchase it with installments starting from 10 mln coins. We are also going to offer a stylish Turkish
coffee stovetop. It’s going to cost you 33 mln, but you will
also be able to purchase it with the discount. If you want to install it, you are going to
need a stand. And I have good news here, because now we
are going to have 50 stands. We have increased the total number of stands
in each set for 50. So, now you will be able to place more equipment
there! And finally, some small news for our Czech
community, because now we are going to have a new language in the game. It’s Czech language, so you will be able to
play the game in your native language, and you will also be able to visit our social
media – we will be glad to welcome you in our newly formed Czech group! Actually, guys, this is it about the newest
update, I really hope that you are going to enjoy it. Follow the news in our social media about
it, and subscribe to my channel on Youtube for more details. And i will be happy to see you in the comments
now, and next week, as well! Thank you so much for playing with me! I hope you have enjoyed this video! If you did, then please put your thumbs up
and subscribe to my channel, and let’s play together! Don’t forget to click the bell to get all
the news and tips about the game from my videos. I have rewarded 5 best comments under my previous
video, and the list of the winners is right here. Thank you so much, guys! The pink gifts will be sent to your in-game
mail. If you also want a pink gift, please leave
your comment below this video on Youtube, and tell me what you think about the upcoming
update. I will be glad to read your comments and shoot
another video next week on Friday. So, don’t forget to leave your player ID – this
is a combination of numbers in the bottom right corner of the game settings. I will choose 5 best comments by next Friday. Have fun in the game, and see you next time,

100 thoughts on “My Cafe: Update 2019.9 Announcement: London!

  1. Player ID:37426507
    Gra jest super nie mam zastrzeżeń, w prawdzie zadania na festynie do łatwych nie należą ale da się je zrobić, szkoda tylko, strefy VIP można tylko kupować A nie można ich otrzymać np za regularną aktywność:)

  2. player id : 11221280

    really awesome !!!♡♡♡♡

    I can not say anything else, for some reason you really love your fans. you guys give the best and continue the best for the game. make me never get bored. your appreciation is very great for us lovers of my cafe. the only game that I never delete this game and I really like all ♡♡♡

    ganbatte !!!!! thanks for ur honest

  3. Nama Pemain : Arief
    ID Pemain : 87453089
    That realy good …
    saya tidak sabar untuk menggunakan my cafe versi 2019.9
    apalagi my cafe versi 2019.100
    huhhhhhh gak bisa di bayangin pokonya 😇😇

  4. ฉันชอบเกมนี้มาก มันทำให้ฉันสนุกได้ทุกวัน และฉันอยากรู้ว่า. กาแฟที่เราขายกันนี้ ที่มีส่วนผสมมากมาย ทานได้จริงๆๆหรือเปล่า

  5. ID: 89642670
    My idea for My café

    – Pets.

    – Outside table and second floor.

    – Japanese style, Indian style and Bohemian style.

    – Changing the images of the staffs who have the same image with othes.

    – Events that are involved with the festivals which are going to take place in the countries which have the styles in My Café. For example, Mid Autumn in China.

    – A garden to plant spices, coffee tree, tea tree, cocoa, etc. to help increasing the prices of drinks.

    – Take-away order.

    – Vietnamese for my country.


  6. Player ID : 87531931

    Hello, It is a fun, beautiful and suitable game for all ages. Thank you very much, I wish you success, but I would like to add the possibility or the ability to exchange between members of the group or city of through spice svarieties

  7. Player ID 77641300, Bueno ojalá esos cambios sean positivos… Pero me encantaría q los regalos rojos también trajeran diamantes y q bueno cambiarles la ropa a todos… Espectacular lo q se viene!!!

  8. Suggest next update :
    Player can choose to contribute spices into diamond or still spices that can other town member to use in the festival.

    Many Thanks and Best Regards

  9. I like the game. The new update looks good and I have loved the appearance of some characters. The good thing about the new update is the help with spices I hope it will be available to all players soon. Thanks and regards from Mexico.
    Id: 82476147

  10. I think there needs to be an option to purchase gold. Also, it would be great if you reduce the the price of the equipments and furnitures. Or offer more than 3 daily deals on items. A 5% discount on $2million doesn't go far. But a 35-70% discount on items would be more encouraging. Please consider. I LOVE THIS GAME, WOULD HATE TO HAVE TO STOP PLAYING BECAUSE OF THE PRICES FOR ITEMS

  11. Hola, me gustan los videos, porque nos das un adelanto de lo nuevo que viene en el café, pero me gustaría una sugerencia, porque no nos permiten en los pueblos poder compartir especies entre los mismos habitantes, sería una gran ayuda.. 😁 Espero tomen en cuenta mi opinión, gracias saludos, el juego me encanta 🥰

  12. Hi there,
    My problem is that from the orders I always get rose petals or anise which is ok but there are no other spices available? It's just annoying that's why I'm writing here 😡

  13. I threw away the cinammon to make my cafe in chinese style how can i get it back!!??Please help me!!??😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. b reasonable with the prices of the equipments. the items are priced under 100 for like 10 costumers and then the equipments are 100k ??? and im lvl 16

  15. I'm extremely disappointed in the season price why would you increase it but still give the same amount of diamonds, that is beyond ridiculous and a rip-off😡
    I am however excited about what we can do in our townships although I wish you would take everyone advice about allowing us to trade spices among our township members.
    Overall I'm quite disappointed with the upcoming update😔

  16. I like the idea of having the costumers new clothes. Hope everyone gets their update(new appearance). It feels refreshing to the eyes 😂.wish that items are not too expensive. I can't wait for the new game update. Player I'd:61956828

  17. Player ID: 57660989
    La actualización esta super genial, el cambio de vestimenta de los personajes es novedoso y entretenido. La rueda de la fortuna esta increíble ojalá en algún momento la dejen comprar con diamantes.

  18. Player ID: 9638616
    Me fascina el nuevo look de los clientes, Ojalá hagan lo mismo con los demás clientes y empleados…Mary se ve tan sofisticada y Margaret muy preciosa.

  19. Player id: 58215880
    Siento que deberían realizar más premios a los jugadores. He gastado arto en este juego que me gusta demasiado. Cuando estoy sola tengo my cafe 🤗

  20. I’m glad that you guys keep the game updated but it cost so much to buy the stuff I think if we have bought more than one of the same trees or pyramid we should be able to reuse them for the special festivals just something to think about thank you 17227722

  21. Id: 78537887
    Wooow, creo que independientemente de todo esta super… Subieron los precios pero bueno… Me alegra saber que las ideas en el grupo se tomen en cuenta… Los cambios en el pueblo son geniales… Muero por que llegue la actualización… Solo espero que no sigan subiendo las cosas… Así ya estaba bien.. ❤️🤭

  22. Me gustaria muchoooo que los habitantes de un pueblo puedan darle diamantes especies y monedas a otro jugardor que las necesito

  23. ID: 73365116
    Encantada y súper feliz por tener ya la nueva actualización ya que soy una jugadora compulsiva para hacer compras y andar al día con todo lo nuevo que os traen en cada actualización. Os felicitó y espero seguir jugando muchos años con ustedes. Felicidades por tan excelente juego. Bendiciones

  24. can you lower the gem price of the stylist equipment…and seriously stop adding equipment start adding some syrups and try to fill up the empty spaces in the shelf

  25. Me gustó mucho el cambio de ropa de los clientes de Mary Margaret definitiva me gustó todo
    Igual me gustó el cuadro ya que combina con mi cafetería y los búhos me encantaron

  26. So i wanet to ask why dident u menchen the bunny game changing now bunny game hase 14minut time to finesh his order but it happends only wene he orders 2 times but the same as the 1 one like 1 americano with anies 1/2 and the 22 will be the same as the 1 one ID: 33191330 p.s i really am likeing the new up thats that is coming sone but wene are u going to revile the other cafe style like the chineses style loff , northen light etc. One morething the owls remindesme of hary poter sorry for my bad english

  27. I’ve left a message twice about being ripped off by the game & been ignored twice. Not playing it much these days. You obviously don’t care about your players. It shows with how expensive everything is. Each of your “in game” games are basically the same just different characters. Very repetitive .

  28. ดีค่ะทั้งรูปแบบสีสันการแต่งกายลูกค้าดูมีสีสันสวยขึ้นและรอชิงช้าสวรรค์ค่ะเปนของขวัญที่สวยและคุ้มค่าเหมาะแก่คนงบน้อยแบบเราๆขอบคุณที่พยายามปรับปรุงหารูปแบบใหม่ๆมาให้เราใด้เล่นกันเป็นเกมที่สนุกและติดตามมากค่ะ.. รักเลย🥰🥰

  29. Player ID:8081420
    Hola, estaría genial qué se pudieran vender los artículos qué ya no quisiéramos, todos.
    Excelente juego

  30. The costumes look good but doubling the price of the seasonal item is not fair. I have always had this in the past but not paying double. It’s hard to spend diamonds on machines as they are only offered when there is an event on – why is that?
    PID 61226051

  31. Hello, I really appreciate this new update especially the new looks. I want to suggest a new style which is the Moroccan one, and maybe waiters with tarbouch😁.

  32. Player ID: 63611388

    I think being able to help your township or friends with spices would be very helpful, sharing is caring! Maybe lowering the prices for things too, I only play limited times per day to see if I'm able to buy one piece of furniture and then repeat. My friend is struggling with the game since selecting gift bags is gated behind a pay wall, she can't afford to spend money. She can't even spend gems for rare spices so she was stuck on one level for a month. She had the gift bag, but she couldn't get to it and didn't want to waste the spices she needed.
    The new outfits look incredible! Hope to see others getting a new look in future updates!

  33. Great….i absolutely love the upgrades, and changes. I'm so excited to begin this new journey with you. Thank you so very much and for all your very informative tutorials.

  34. Id:86877202
    Ideas for My cafe
    Equipment is getting too expensive then the increase profit and prices of recipes… And please add more and standard ways to earn the gift and spices like guarana , tapioca pearl, ginseng, gold or increase the flow of earning diamonds through tasks… Other wise it will cost you to lose players… Day by day its getting more complex .. or either add short and rewarding events for short time which will increase the playing time of players

  35. My player ID:50178654
    Can you give more gold spice in the phone orders? And give us the option to send coins and diamonds to individual players in our town ship to help them catch up?

  36. Esto es estupendo, necesitamos estar mas entretenidos ah ah, ojala pudieran poner algo para México, ya que viene algo muy importante en estas fechas. Este Juego me encanta y si que vengan mas actualizaciones.

  37. Great update but so expensive as always!
    The festival township show be to have more fun and get some good rewards and not to be stressful like excessive pay to win (in game and real money)

  38. Probably the most annoying part of this game is filling special orders. Getting 10 roses and 3 anise in the gifts and then get 3 orders for anise [email protected]#$#@ me off. I'm constantly donating roses to the treasury. Another thing annoying is being given an anise order which I might not have any, request to change the order and GET ANOTHER anise order!! You really didn't change it. You've also made the festivals stupid. Getting gold or red gifts is 15000 trophies. Without laying out money for them, how do I compete with that without spending money? Allow it once per festival. That's all. After noon on Sunday, any special orders refresh after 3 hours which means you have 4 more refreshes. Why offer only spice orders that cannot possibly be filled? 12259161

  39. I just don't like it, they look horrible the new look of Margaret and Mary, now Mary is like a 3rd Ann, and Margaret and 90 old person (or more…) PLEASE TELL ME IT ISN'T GOING TO BE FOREVER… :"( They look that way for the Beginning of the Game, is their escence, their story

  40. Im not looking forward to any of these flashy events anymore.. Instead of making it better its gradually becoming worse for us. You have made everything more expensive with this subtle changes in order for you to get more profit..

  41. Hello, Olga.. may I suggest an option in the game where players can choose to between a ticket and a simple gift after completing the chain of spice orders. Thank you for all the new information.

  42. I love this game, but this game is becoming less and less accessible to 'poor' players….if this continues, i'll quit playing. The equipment are toòoooo expensive , its meant for very rich players…and I'm not one of them.

  43. More expensive and expensive forever, the gems also difficult to collect because using for completing events even have Vip status, and there is still no new features for players such players can share spices each other.

  44. ID: Evening Stroll
    The best advice I could give to everyone is, be patient. That's it. Sure, if you're on the lower levels, you'll say that the equipments are too expensive, and I would agree with you. But patience is the key. When you reach level 30 and up, you'll earn for about 2-3M in 24 hours so buying the equipments would be just easy. Another thing would be increasing your tip percentage. That'll help you earn higher profits. Just wait and you'll see 🙂 Although, I think many players most probably have already uninstalled the game before they reach that level because, to be honest, playing the game when you're in the lower levels could really be frustrating. So maybe for My Cafe creators, try listening to your players. It wouldn't hurt.

    One thing I don't like about the game though is the gold spice. I couldn't find any logic why would anyone in their right mind would buy a gold spice for 49 diamonds. And why a gold spice is needed to complete an order. This is one of the funnier if not illogical updates you did.

  45. i've been playing for months, and i used to spend us$ 20 monthly in the game. i've seen quite worried that the new wheel is worth a lot of money, i paid s/29 (pen) for the coffee tree, and i do not plan to pay much more on decoration. although i'm in lvl 30 and vip 3, i don't find it reasonable to rise by 90 gems/diamonds the new uniforms for staff. if this continues, i'll stop playing. don't wanna leave my id, you do not deserve my money AT ALL

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