My Cafe: Halloween Update 2019.10

My Cafe: Halloween Update 2019.10

hey guys, my name is Ola and this time
I’m happy to announce update 2019.10 to you , which is going
to be all about Halloween. so Halloween update is not going to be
really a big one, but it’s going to be quite fun. I would especially want to
draw attention to a special event story with Diego. By the way, here he comes.
Wow, that’s a pumpkin balloon! that’s a pumpkin air balloon, actually, and then
when he arrives it turns into a pumpkin tent. Diego has a special story. He’s
a special guest who comes to all of the players starting from level 8, for 14
days, and last date when you can meet him is October 26. So, you will be able to
meet him before the Halloween. you just need to reach level 8, and update your
cafe till version 2019.10. So, Diego’s story is that he comes to the cafe
in a hot-air balloon. and he wants to take part in a special
regatta for halloween. Actually, if he wins, he will get funds to run his travel
blog. We know that Diego is the traveler, so he needs those funds.
Besides that, you will be able to get to know more about other customers from
My Cafe, and their hot air balloon. competition. This story has something
mysterious about it, too: we are going to investigate a mysterious story about a
monster in the town lake, which is making strange sounds. So, if you’re willing to
know more about this story, what you need to do is to fulfill Diego’s orders.
actually, you have a timeline of 30 of them. you fulfill 30 of them, and you get
the gold gift, in the end. I’m going to reveal more the information about Diego
and his orders in my next video with the frequently asked questions. I just have
one insight is that after six of the orders Diego is going to ask you for
Americano with gold, so you’d better prepare the spice for that, and
afterward, you will be able to proceed with the story. Here is what you’re going
to get by this story: this is actually the moon lamp, which is given to you by
the story ,after you fulfill six orders, and Diego’s challenge. it’s
to be an interesting one. and it changes its color on tap. if you want to see how
it’s going to look in the cafe, please watch my next video next
Friday. Also, Fernando is going to ask you to purchase a black cat table, and if you
place it in the cafe, Fernando is going to give you a gold gift for that.
you will also be able to dress your staff for Halloween. Actually, Cleo will
be asking for that. just take a look at that! and is this a wireless icon
skeleton, and what is that? girls are dressed like they’re in Tim Burton’s
cartoon. Anyway, if you dress your staff like that, Cleo is going to give you a
blue gift for that. So, if you really like these costumes, and want to decorate your cafe for Halloween, there you go! In the special offers, which you can find
in the upper right corner of the screen, and here you will be able to find
Halloween lamp, and Halloween exterior sign, Halloween entrance, and the Halloween
bench. We used to have them last year, and this time they are also available in the
special offers as bonuses. But we will also have something new, and this is this
spider couch. it’s really a high-tech one so I think that the Northern Lights will
look good with that. And also, there is a Halloween window, and what is that? is
that a Batman back there? if you want to make your cafe look really spooky, then
those windows are waiting for you in the special offers. Also, you will be able to
purchase different Halloween items in shop: here is actually a really wide
range of items that you can purchase, and I think I’m going to shoot another video
about how you can design my cafe for Halloween. so, there is a lot, actually: a
mirror, candy bags, pumpkins, a lot of pumpkins, actually, like, really a lot of
pumpkins. Everything will be available to you with the next update.
Besides that, we are going to have the new season, definitely, which is going to
start with the new festival, and last for the three festivals. So, during those three
festivals you will be able to earn trophies in the festivals yourselves, and
the more trophies you get yourselves, the more levels of the special cauldron you
will be able to unlock, and you will be able to get one, two, or three diamonds
per day till the end of the season. If you purchase the magic cauldron, you will
be able to get 1500 gems from the start, 1500 VIP points, and also 51, 117, or 153
diamonds per day, till the end of the season, depending on your item level. At
the end of the season, you will be able to keep this magic cauldron in the cafe
exterior. it will just look a little bit different, and I’m going to show it to
you in my next video, next week, as well. this is not it, guys, we are also going to
have some nice improvements to my cafe first of all, we are going to have
the new Chinese tile, and it’s called Shanghai. it is unlocked for level 34 to
36, so if you’re a fan of the Chinese style, then you can just look that option
as well. also I have a nice mention for all players from level 31, actually.
because the amount of stands for all substyles starting from level 31 will be
50. We are also going to have more spices in spice stores, which is the spice booth,
and the VIP spice store. Significantly more: you’re going to have 12 to 15
spices of each kind in the spice booth, and 20 to 30 spices of each kind in the
VIP spice store, which is really nice. it will be much easier to grab the
spices that you need. also, we have made some small improvements to the township.
first of all, take a look at this Township preloader, oh wow! I really like
this Kitty hot-air balloon, it looks really nice. we have adjusted the
settings, so that you can set the required level for entering towns up to
37, so if you only accept high level players, you will be able to do it right
now. actually guys, this is it. this update is not really big, but we never stop
developing the game, so let’s have fun from the Halloween, and if you have any
questions about the current update or any opinions, please feel free to write
them in the comments, I will be really glad to read them, and answer your most
popular questions. so far have fun in the game and see you next time bye bye!

100 thoughts on “My Cafe: Halloween Update 2019.10

  1. I was speechless, I love everything.
    Especially that finally they do not take out new machines that cost too much.
    My annoyance is for the price of the tree this season, more and more expensive, I prefer the other that gave you 800 points.
    But I love Halloween decoration, excited about this time.
    And I suggest that you already put a clock to the requests of the guests of the car to be attentive.

    And thanks to the spices, many times I had to update the spices because they came only 2/3 and not now. Good way to take on the task of spending diamonds with the golds and winning it at the festival.

    ID: 88335339

  2. – Exterior decorations very expensive now
    – Make night effect in the cafe also and the exterior cafe with light lamp in the night so all decorations looks very excited
    – Ai order from customer when refresh very so far from task we take…not helping and make frustrated.

    Thank you for support and update simultaneously. Love Your Cafe and Happy Halloween all..boooo…

  3. Pudieron hacer los disfraces mucho mejor la verdad no me matan y si necesitamos los subtítulos en español por favor

  4. I'm playing this game starting April 2018, and now I'm still playing and enjoying it. There are a lot of exciting surprises in every update. For sure this update will be nice. I can't wait to update the game! I'm a My Café Solid Player! ❤️

    ID: 54124138

  5. Todo muy lindo. Pero porque tan cara la decoración de temporada??? 😭😭😭 Deberían de bajarla a como era antes 8dolares!!!

  6. I very very waiting my cafe halloween update 🙂 I love this game 🙂 My player id 90218144. I want please my very need spices, gift. Olga, I am want please to sent my 1 pink gift, 1 blue gift, 1 gold gift. Or maybe can to sent 1 red gift me very very need 1 red gift, Olga very very please to sent 1 red gift. OLGA, VERY VERY PLEASE TO SENT 1 RED GIFT TODAY VERY VERY NEED OR 600 DIAMONDS. VER PLEASE TO SENT 1 RED GIFT OR 600 DIAMONDS. My player ID 90218144

  7. เล่นไม่ค่อยเป็นคะ เพิ่มเพื่อนนยังไงค่ะ ไอดี ดูตรงไหน

  8. Porfabor ayuda….cada vez que ingreso al pueblo, me saca de la app, ya lo desisntale y lo volvi a instalar y sigue igual….que hago?

  9. Man, why are they making the new furniture so expensive, and the newer outfits cost so many diamonds? It's not fair

  10. Ah when a MAJ to have missions that align with the machines because in mission we have the yogurt last machines. It would be nice to climb the trophies for non vip or do something that fits them. On the other hand, pity STOP the new vip player to ride 36 thousand city recruiting me becomes complicated.

  11. Favor subtítulos en español. Estoy en el nivel 36 y ocurrió algo raro en el programa que no se si forma parte del juego. Estaba haciendo un pedido por teléfono. Salí un rato del juego y al volver veo que Donald desaparece y me restan como 100 diamantes 😕👀🤷

  12. I really wanna Change my cafe style. But then i realize that if i change my interior decoration, what about my all machine ?? They Will change too, right?? In the end, if we want to change cafe style we Will Also must change all the machine. Like if we start from the beginning again right ?? It means Will spend much money and much diamond again 😢😢😢

  13. Looks very cool, I've only played over a moth, is there any other holidays like Christmas decorations or Thanksgiving coming up

  14. So in other words all the suggestions that is asked for aren't taken into account. Now I can tell my township that it is not worth to spend money in the game ever. They will keep increasing the prices and giving you less on purpose. Hopefully you guys will stop and actually listen to the people who love the game.
    You're making it not fun with all these price increase and decrease in prizes/rewards.

  15. Omg I LOVE the moon lamp. Can't wait to start the new car orders. ^_^

    I'm currently in the process of redecorating my cafe and I've been wondering about something. First off, in the future, could we please get some topping shelves to match the rest of the furniture? For french style, I'm still using the elegy shelves because those are the only french style shelves available to me and I think all the other styles only have one kind substyle as well when it comes to the topping shelves. We get new decorations with every new style but no topping shelves even though topping shelves are far more important that lamps or sconces. It seems kind of silly to not include them. I can make the elegy shelves work with a lot of the french styles but I don't think they really go with Opera or the Accordian style all that well. I know I can always switch to the simple shelves but I would rather have french styled ones so I can get a few more tips.

    Secondly, and this is less important, but with the cafe expansions, I think it might be nice if we could have a few more windows. Right now, half my cafe is just plain wall. I don't really mind because It leaves me space to decorate with the wall decor but I guess just having the option to have a wall with 5 or 6 windows would be nice.

    Looking forward to the next update ^_^

    Player id: 16537151

  16. Do the items we buy and store in storage stay there forever or after some items can some be replaced with limited space?

  17. Haven't seen Olga in the vids for a while. 🤔

    1) Not all orders are giving money and XPs.
    2) Staff don't always fulfill the phone orders.
    3) It's not true that you're guaranteed to get a ticket after fulfilling the 5th order.

    1) & 2) are pretty important for the game experience. How about the developers step up and fix these issues?

  18. which gold spices will Diego ask for and how much will he ask ?? plz share it in your next video so that we can save them… XD

  19. They say that Diego will be there for 14 days and the last day that we can meet with him is October 26.
    So that means that we should have started playing yesterday but update is not there. Can someone explain???

  20. Olá pessoal, estou precisando de integrantes na minha cidade, acabei de criar ela e não tem ninguém ainda.. Vem participar. Nome: Cafélande

  21. I'm sorry i love the game but it's getting worse and wore …
    The tickets now only 7 …the rabbit game is getting worse and worse less diamond less spices less gifts no decor no machines like that you will makes hate the game 💔💔💔

  22. I really hope with this next update we get the opportunity to earn better spices while fulfilling those orders because it's really boring to constantly earn rose petals and anise for almost every single order 🙁

  23. Thank you for noting that he'll ask for gold! last event I couldn't move past 5-6 /right before pink gift/ because I didn't have soda. I really hope there won't be any others like this – orders needing machines I can't get at my level.

  24. 6657548
    Hi guys! How about new equipment with fruit or a fruit salad in ths display cases, or maybe apple pie or just ordinary pies! I think I'm hungry typing this 😜😋😂

  25. So excite and i hope we will get update soon , i love it halloween updates 's have a nice look and a story by it was so interesting . hope you guys finish a update soon
    ID : 84142892

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