Music Industry Exposed - Must see!!!

Music Industry Exposed – Must see!!!

four was a very fast life man college every night private jets we was living like kings but I never expected the ending title I never expected that that life and cultural edge so drastic man so slim some stuff you're gonna see that's gonna make it hard to smile in the future mmm bismillah alhamdulillah I said I'm alaikum peace be unto you thank you for tuning in to another episode of the Deen show where we're here at ken TV 36 wednesdays midnight midnight and thursdays at 2 p.m. we're going to continue on talking about this week with our good friend from the former group two outlaws which his name is Napoleon he was with Tupac Shakur hip hop which is a billion-dollar industry we want to kind of get to know the ins and outs of it and see if we can share his experiences and we come back here on the Dean show you do not want to go anywhere there's only one oh man is his messenger Allah la ilaha illa-llah ah-hah there's only one button Jesus was his messenger Allah no I did that maybe it maybe it's just to break the ice my name is mu top girl most people know me as Napoleon a former member the two-part rules in my short life man experienced a lot of things out there floating private jets I was I sold over 40 million copies worldwide shootouts street fights clown fights whatever you name it been there done it then I experienced the ups and down on his fast life so I want to share with you my story this is Napoleon here on the D show with Napoleon from The Outlaws went from selling millions of Records hanging out with Tupac Shakur now you're kicking it with Eddie from the D show better than Oprah so under the line alright so they can go to the Dean show calm and there you have your section and we talked about in previous shows about how you actually came to this way the way of submission and surrender to the creator of the heavens in the earth all in the same way of life of Joe Jesus Moses Noah Abraham all the messengers of God including the lasting final messenger sent to mankind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him definitely now tell us for those of the audience who don't know much about the outlaws or Tupac let's start off with educating them a little bit on to part he's a he's a rapper that became one of the biggest rappers in the history of rap music he's in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling over 60 million records worldwide he also became an aspiring actor he became here in acting career as well Tupac for the right group together called The Outlaws which he was also a member of this rap group it was myself and a few other members that most of the members of the outdoors are basically blood relatives to Tupac Shakur so all the rap records rap records myself along with the outdoors performed almost 40 million records where while I think that outlaws is the only underground I won't even say underground with the only rap group that ever performed over 40 million records worldwide I don't think there's another group out there that can say the same but that lifestyle after the money the cars and the fame that lifestyle started to get depressing to me and I started to search for true happiness and I hamdulillah all praise due to God as I found it through the religion Islam and most of the people don't know and living in America live in any way in the world that we look for some type of happiness we usually turn to drugs to partying to womanizing and we noticed that this type of happiness is a temporary type of happiness once you once you're drugged we're all of you back to sober your life you back to reality but Allah says in the Quran truly the hearts find tranquility in the remembrance of Allah the remembrance of God so the only way that we can ever even taste true success in this life in the next life is following the religion and Islam because this is the religion legislated that to us from the creator of the heavens in the earth this is the life that he told us to choose now did you get out that you have an opportunity to hang out with some of these other rappers like biggie smalls well that was actually an opponent of to point yeah biggie smalls but it was a time that Tupac and Biggie was friends they weren't here was the time they was friends I was on the same record label with rappers like dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg huh we was actually label mates so we we all it was a time we hung out with before it was a yes it was a time different clothes that's with dr. Dre Snoop Dogg it was a time that every weekend Tupac and outlaws we would go to Snoop Dogg house that we had our basketball company are you sure you know Snoop Dogg awesome yeah we was on the same label yeah who did music together you know I did music with some of the biggest Snoop Dogg Scarface and to part we did music with some of the biggest legends out there come on man what's just Eric be in rockin everywhere rockin yeah they was before my time yeah before my time who are some of the big names right now right now some of the big names in Michigan that you hung out with from before right now some of the new artists I really don't know too much of them yeah you know me I don't know too much of it but Snoop Dogg dr. Dre Scarface these are the legends Harmonie these are the people at my time I was ruling with torn with doing music with my time now do you keep in touch with any of them unfortunately man I fell out of contact but that's not that's what I'm working on now is to get back in contact with these people because you know we want to call them to Islam you know me we want to call them say smile did any of them to parks family ever accept Islam to part he have a lot he has quite a few members of his family that's Muslim recently a few members of his family accepted Islam to park at a young age he know about Islam one day I was talking to a sister power sister she's still alive she's still in love like guided to Islam I was talking to a sister she was telling me about we was talking about Islam and she was telling me how one day she was trying to go to sleep and it was as if it was something that was on top of her and she was telling me it wasn't as it wasn't a dream she said it wasn't a dream whatever it was it kept trying to go to whisper to her and she was saying that she started she just got saved as what it's so-called safe they claim you say when you become a Christian or something like that so she was saying that she started to say a prayer from the Bible and she said for some reason she started to say Allah Fatiha which is a prayer from Islamic prayer and it's actually the first half of the Quran you you she said when I started to recite our file tell whatever that was it disappeared yeah she said whatever the feeling I was going through whatever it was I felt like it was holding me down it disappeared when I started to recite the Arabic prayer that the Muslims pray five times a day so me I started talking more about Islam and she recognized that you know that this is a religion that she tell me she say I'm a diet so most something only Allah knows best and we pray that she do accept the religion and some but also you got most of them all the members of the Outlawz became Muslim and big G he's uncle Tupac he just became Muslim he had two cousins Tupac had two very close cousins which is building Kenny they been Muslim for years so it's Lama so he was surrounded by Muslim what do you think now when you see people like on the corners selling the drugs listening to the hip-hop emulating a lot of these famous rappers I mean what advice do you get it people like try to get a people of I swear um one that this type of lifestyle only lead to destruction you know to me even the rappers are smart enough to stop selling drugs this is the reason why they become musicians even a rappers are tired of living in the ghettos and hanging on the corner this is the reason they put out write records so they can get away from that life and most of the rappers once they come out with records you notice that they leave the hood because they know that that life is sickening they know that that life only going to have an end that's going to be destructive form if they stay into that lifestyle but unfortunately like I mentioned earlier is the people that behind the scenes that trying to make the rapper's continue to put that music out so it's like it's confusing to the kids they say for one reason the rappers are tired of that lifestyle but they still talk about any music you know I mean and I think that most rappers more rappers need to come out and educate the kids that this is an entertainment they should tell the kids look at man this is how I make my money if you come to my house I live in the biggest house on the east coast of America I'm no longer drug dealer if you're gonna listen to my music know that this is entertainment yeah so I think one thing is that we forget about death and we get caught up into the tantalize ation of this world tell us now you were you there when Tupac died I was the neighbor to partner but actually a matter of fact I was there when he died I wasn't there when he got he got shot at down six days later in the hospital and for me one of the things that hit me is home holders if you know puck was 25 or 20 25 years old and what happened then one of the things that hit me is when it made me start to think how part it was a time that he should always speak about death and he speak about how he don't want to live anymore and it was when he started to make a lot of money when he went to death for records and I remember his conversation started to talk he started to speak about how he want to live now so he can enjoy his money and enjoy the way that he live in his life and unfortunately a few months later that's when he died so I started to notice right there and started to think that we don't have no control over when we're gonna die you know what I mean most people think that they know when they're going to die but we don't know when we're gonna drop dead so it's about time that we should start investigating what's going to happen to us when we dead because this life is temporarily and the next life is forever and it's real you know either a hell failure or even paradise it's no other option I mean I make sense that you're going to have accountability when you bring the render call back and they do an inspection you're gonna be accountable if you've done it up definitely been given the air you've been giving your eyes your health and you think you're just going to run around this life and you know do what you please and there's not someone who orchestrated this who put this together who designed it now you're not going to be accountable exactly even yeah we got courts of law do certain things man wants to hold you accountable what about the Creator what about the Creator yes a lot of state definitely yeah what about that's something that the people need to think about why they created maybe we should all ax ourselves sit back and say wait a minute why am I created what's going to happen to me when I'm dead most people we so busy with this life that we never even sit in accesses while we created now I know certain people that you should throw it in other people's ears that you know what a all we're going to have when we get older is stories to tell life is short let's get it while we can what about this way of thinking that we're thinkers man that's a dangerous way to think that a dangerous way think it's a misguided way of misguided we're thinking because one we're not promised that we're gonna even live tomorrow so if you know that you is a chance that you could die any day you should start thinking about the next life you should say well this life is running away from me let me try to stack up something that's going to help me in the next even if you get it in this life you never seen a person going to his grave with a u-haul truck yeah nighttime person everything he accomplished in this life you never cell meeting them in the grave huh so it's very important that why would you get something in its life and stack up all the stuff of this dunya this world and when you and your grave it's not going to come to come with you the only thing that's going to follow us in our grades is I deeds yeah no I mean that's the only thing we're going to take with us so the Rolls Royce the Bentley the Ferrari the Rolex all these things come Terry oh that we're chasing that's got to stay behind it's going to stay behind and you're going to be surprised with the people want to do with it when you leave you know I mean most people might fight each other kill each other over yeah so it's best to try to stack up something that's going to come with us and pay attention to what's going to come with us and that's our deeds you go to me yeah that's amazing how its kind of like a mirage it's an illusion then we think if we just attained this amount of money this kind of car maybe with some details here and there on it that I'm going to have some solace I'm gonna have some comforts why life and that's the crazy part about I thought the same way yeah I mean I thought that if I get a big house and cars and money my bank account man this is the own to me happiness yeah and when I reached that level man I was so depressed and if that's the case how come you have millionaires and billionaires committing suicide they have all the money but they still murder themselves they still commit suicide because money it's not going to bring you happiness yeah a money you cannot buy happiness yeah people might say that well I have money I can buy happiness but this type of stuff it's not gonna make bring happiness you can think you're depressed you can see a lot of these celebrities actually actually deteriorating in front of our eyes exactly you know exactly so one thing I want to just note that obviously in Islam there's nothing wrong with money nothing wrong yeah no but if you're making that money you're god no if you're putting that money before everything else and that's it money money work work money money and you forget about the one who created you and there's a problem it's a problem because it's long we make money yeah loans is permissible according to the Sharia and the way that a lot of prescribed for us to make our money yeah but we shall always remember that we shouldn't get to the point where all we care about like you just mentioned is money and we forget about the next knife because money comes and go I had so much money in my life and a lot of takes it he gave to whom he pleases so the main thing is that we shall always remember that one day we go into being that grave yeah one day we gonna be in a grief well in two pockets there he was 25 years old there was another one who just followed him did he die afterwards before Biggie Smalls houses my dad he probably about 23 to 23 it is people was kids man it was young so that person that's saying like I still got time because that's what a trick also now you're thinking that you know I got a little cracky nation exactly people think for example the other day I was reading the news and I'm sure you guys heard about the people that died in the air france yeah yeah like 2/3 almost 300 people 300 people died they never probably thought that they're gonna get on this plane and not make it back to see their loved ones yeah but one of the things that happen that was surprising to me was a lady that actually missed that flight yesterday was a forgotten name but she actually if this is the same lady that missed that flight and two days later three days later she got killed in a car accident and and this is something when it's your time to die you wanna die you might miss it you might didn't get on that plane because it was written for you to die that time and that day and yet death was only three days later she might do it well since I didn't down that plane I got a long life to live on God one good for me you know the people mentality they think that I'm not gonna die and she died three days later in the car accident so we cannot escape death you know the man we're under you're right it's going to catch you in so spinal er do you know any other rappers or any other people that you associated with that actually are also dead we got two of them here 25 20 are you got biggie Qaddafi this is the guy who introduced me to the outlaws I mean introduced me to two part Qaddafi was my childhood friend he was one of the members of the outlaws he got killed on to accidentally by little my little cousin two months later after Tupac died yeah man so um I think go OD be yeah he just passed away a few years ago overdose on drugs another rapper I think I forgot his name they found they found dead in the hotel not even if we would say that the rapper's are dying man everybody around us if we notice people around us dying every single day yeah I don't want to have people feel like this is a call to pessimism I think this is something that we should be optimistic about there's a better life definitely that there's a permanent life definitely we shouldn't be afraid to die we're gonna be afraid to die because we know that if we live in our life according to Islam the correct way that the life will be better than that's like there may be something forever this knife is only temporarily so a person that has common sense a wise person was safe for example if I have a chance to live a better life forever I'll rather take that life forever than a temporarily life you know I mean this life is only temporarily who in the right mind will want to get everything and just basically forge the next night do all this stuff in this life that they can lose the next life that would be forever nobody in a right model would take that opportunity you know the man it doesn't make sense I mean and we just get caught up in this world here and like I said it's good to be the best at whatever you're striving to be a doctor a scientist a mathematician you know but the best husband the best wife but again you have a lord and if you have the Creator – he's not one who comes into existence he's not a man he's not the son he's not the more he's the one that created all these things definite worship him submit technically it's only right he created us he provide for us man I love Soprano Watson hollers the provider for everything that we don't even know exists of creatures in the sea like we mentioned yesterday man it might be snowing in Alaska and hot in Saudi Arabia raining nunu in New York City at tornadoes down south in Texas all this happened with the permission of Allah none of this happened without the permission of Allah I blame it on global warming but this is happening with the wisdom and permission of Allah so we just think about Soprano now look at all the fears that Allah does every single day every second he bringing somebody to life taking the life of a person he was providing for this creature in the sea he provided for this ant he's providing for us he's protecting us man it's only right that we worship Him alone because this is he's the one created us he's the one that provided for us protect us and all he asks from us backs is that we worship Him alone for example it's a hadith where the proper southern island was seldom said that it would be a man drugged out of the Hellfire he would be dragged out of the Hellfire and Allah WA acts this man he would say that if you have all the treasures in the heavens and or will you give it up to ransom yourself from the Hellfire this man will say yes Allah was say manna actually only for less than it only actually to worship me alone and then access for all the treasures of the heavens in the earth all he acts from us is that we worship Him alone you know to me and that entails that your prayer your sacrifice your life your end is for the create or not the creation that Jesus he was born and he prayed to the critters he's not God definitely Mohammed's not God Moses not God the Son yes it's not God so this is something that it just goes with your very nature is very simple death let's talk about a few more things before we come to an end I mean it seems like you know people living from weekend a weekend the girl she likes to display and the men they like to chase spaniel as a rat race I yeah so rat reason we don't want these women at the same time God Almighty the crater knows what's best No so now the woman she's naive thinking that okay this man loves me when he's just chasing the one thing and the man over here on the other end this is his target and he'll say and do anything it takes they take advantage of the woman and the woman a woman would never ever know her rights until she become a Muslim because everything else in life is calling a woman to strip her from everything stripper from a respect stripper from a clothing stripper for my even sense of thinking to be logical man the only way a woman with no her rights is do the religion and Islam and surprisingly before I became a Muslim I didn't know that I thought that this is the way we treat women I thought that this is the way a woman's supposed to behave and it's a true story about a preacher man who did arm he did he wrote a story about so much divorces happen in America he's a Christian and he was talking about the problem of the woman in the West and one of the things he said is that and then society I woman when they wake up in the morning to go work they beautify themselves they put all the makeup on they put the miniskirts on the high-heeled shoes and they go beautified itself with a boss and co-workers then when they come home from work he said they take all the makeup off they take off the high-heeled shoes they put they just wrap their hands a scarf and they put on big sweat pants and they walk around I was tired and so tired that they had no right no energy to even give their husband a rights and when I read that I said sir panel I look at the wisdom of Islam and our religion our woman when they walk out of the house they covered itself from head to toe they do not beautify themselves for no one and they walk back in the house that's when they take off their jilbab they took off their headscarf and they beautified itself with a man that's when they get to pull it put on the makeup they put the put on whatever type of clothes they want that's pleasing today man this is the wisdom of Islam everything that a lot tell us is doing is religion it makes a hundred percent it makes sense and there's only for us it's only to better ourselves that makes sense I mean to be a slave not to the fashion or your desires yes to be modest to not go outside naked skin tight clothes and just be tantalizing for the man now he can't he's about to have a heart attack and you got all sorts of mischief going on where you surrender submit to your Creator you dress modestly and you save all that good let me install your husband yes and when they go home that's when they can wear whatever they want yeah and they beautified itself for the husband so the religion of Islam is the religion that's for the whole community this is the only air that's gonna help us we don't want to put nobody down we don't want I mean some people don't know you get used to the culture around you but yeah you just use the good old common sense you and try Islam that's all we're going to tell the people try Islam yeah and look in a person no they suffer you unhappy if you depress if something don't feel correct in your heart if you feel you have a void in your heart just try Islam you know try to get closer to your Creator and you will see that your life will become better than some he said the word in Arabic but if we define it surrender submission obedience sincerely and then peace to the crater summed up with one word Islam try it so the reason I brought this up about the woman and the nightclubs and the men chasing and the woman flaunting is because that's what you are writing songs about them that's what you were and who you are degrading in these rap videos and then you got the woman in the back you know shaking it and no clothes on but I would call that the oppression of women yeah unfortunately you got the people that attack Islam and say that will press on woman I would say that I used to oppress women because this is the me this is the lifestyle the culture that I was brought up with that I had no respect for the woman yeah you have records that man SAP analog if you just listen to somebody's recognize I'm not telling people to go listen but some of the words that the people saying in a records have no respect for a woman yeah and the woman don't even know this how can you have respect for yourself you dancing in these videos and they basically degrading you to the fullest you know they don't care about you don't care about you definitely the more you take off the moment pay you're deaf and that's the mentality take everything of you a motto this is what we tell ya but the religion Islam actually is the religion and and basically give the woman her freedom and give the woman her space is an amazing thing because you can't imagine how many women will fast for the man she actually fasted for the man because she's a model and she will refrain from eating certain food so she can lose a little weight Wow try faster for the crater how fast you should get down and do certain things for that dollar Wow why not get down and do it for the crater because we love those women we love the men we want them more beer for them we want good firm but there's an illusion there's something that is confusing to people his life is this life is it's not a that type of lifestyle it doesn't it's not a lawyer lifestyle yeah I mean they would put up one woman in a video and as soon as you get a to three years older she will not be able to get no work she's done it lose it the next way we don't need you anymore go to the next one and this is a cycle that the way they continue to use these women I mean I and yourself and I'm sure all the sincere Muslims do not our want our women to get used definitely not definitely not hey and I think this is very important any true seeker any sincere person just uses the good old common sense we'll see that this makes sense definitely man yeah and we tell the people that they listen and you want freedom in life if you want respect if you want basically some type of happiness in your life you have to go to your Creator he's the one that's in control everything he's doing he's in control of the respect he's in control of the money he's in control of everything we have to return back to our creator to get any type of happiness they know that I mean that that's the truth it's very simple now tell us what advice do you have for the people now they want good I mean most people they want good they want but they don't have a plan they don't have a system and there's some confusion out there some people just give up they say I believe in God but I don't want to follow an organized religion what do you guys say about this basically one is um most people that say that they believe in God and they just say what I'm doing right I'm I don't you know God understand I'm doing right and I'm not going wrong but who to say what's right and wrong on one of the reasons why God sent us prophets and messages is the teachers was writing wrong we can't say what's right and wrong according to our desires some people might say well I'm not going around killing people I only smoke one burn a day so I'm not that bad you know the may has the mentality most of the people but the one way we define right and wrong is what God the creator of the heavens and earth tell us what to stay away from or what to implement in our life this is what's right and wrong and this is why he sent his prophets and messages and if that was the case we wouldn't need no prophet and messenger we can just believe in God I live life the way we want to live life so it's very important that if a person did like we said earlier man God created us he knows what's best for us yeah he knows what's best for us so if he sent down a religion in the way of life and tell us that this is what's going to help us in this life in the next life then we need to listen to and follow that religion for example when you in a university or college if you have a study you have a test and a teacher give you a book and say well you have to study this book in order to pass your tests most people will put all after they would just go stay up all night studying a book Allah sent us down the Quran and he sent us the last messenger and he tell us that this is the way we have to live my life this is the ultimate test that's going to help us either go get to general paradise or if we disobey Allah don't follow this book we can go to the Hellfire so this is the ultimate testing life that we have to follow the way that God sit down to us to follow it's like your boss he said look do a B and C and you're gonna get paid yes don't do your job you're out of a job you're fired you're going to listen to that boss exactly you're going to listen to that book yeah but the Creator when he says fired he means the fire to help let's stay away like this from that yeah tell us now you do some some speaking you go and you travel all around the world helping out the youth helping out the people you know sharing your story people want to get in touch with you yes where they want to get meet on set they can reach me for my website through my web site one last thing closing comments and suggestions that person who is living from weekend a weekend hanging out to nightclubs she wants to impress the man he wants to chase the woman and you know what now they're conscious is eating up at them they want to do the right thing what advice do you have for my advice that for the people that searching and they looking for the right thing like I mentioned earlier man go get an English translation of the Quran go to a mansion if you have any matches in your neighborhood on the internet go read about the religion of Islam i read about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad if you're looking for good the person their own of all good is a lot the creative the heavens in a roof if you're looking for respect the owner of all respect is a lot so we have to return to Allah to get some type of happiness to get our life in order we have to follow the life that was prescribed from us from our Creator it's the only way we have some type of happiness inside jazakallah how to make the greater the heavens and earth Allah rewards you mind I mean one and thank you thank you sincerely we're here not to judge you we're trying to help you get things together before you get judged before the day of judgment because we will all die and we will be accountable for our actions and we know there's some confusion let's say out there but you could do something very simple ask the Creator alone to guide you and then use the good old common sense that he gave you look if you were trying to find a si for instance that was written by Shakespeare and then you had 20 of them and the rest were written by two years for example are you telling me you would not be able to find the one written by Shakespeare with all these ways of life confusion and the devil Shaitaan setting up falsehood out there you're telling me you're not going to be able to find the one way the correct way that is from the creator of the heavens and earth don't fool yourself be sincere with yourself do a little bit of the legwork you worked hard to get that PhD you worked hard to get that high school diploma or even the GED you can work a little bit to get close and find out who your Lord is it's very simple and if you need more information call the number 1 800 662 Islam and visit us here every week on the Deen show until then I said I'm a alaikum peace be unto you doesn't see what everyone's talking about who if you find one contradiction it can't be from God but the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best give up for spring guidance I will never give up spreading this message okay you take that necessary step you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow so you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now the reality of life usually doesn't sink in until tragedy comes you get a few bad people the media grabs a hold of that and spends it the way they want to if you say that you're not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of this then you cannot be a Muslim and attended our faith to eat combed Italy everybody sleeping I arise and ask a lot of thinking may Omar you see all our you know all the sins I do I turn to you to figure my sin tomorrow I'm seen for slave yo my love in Lord I'm the one runs away all the guide me

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  2. Well spoken and smart man and he's sexy in blk it's good to see young men believing in something other then the devil

  3. Devil sign at 13:50 from man behind desk ??why is that contradiction? Discussing God but throwing up signs smh🙈

  4. Jesus is not God? Well isn't He the son of God? God in the flesh? The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one.

  5. beautifully said @datbeautye I've known many devout Muslim women, including my own mother, who never chose to wear a scarf. She grew up in the 70s were girls including herself wore uber-short mini skirts. She was also the epitomy of a modest women and conservative in a lot of aspects of life. The point of the religions is not to create extremists but to guide those who need guidance. The beauty of life is, generally we naturally learn much without necessarily meaning to. An example of this is the clothing that a young woman chooses to wear and the changes in choice of attire that she makes in later age.

  6. The question is, how do we worship God?

    Surely if u believe in God it's
    Only logical to also believe that He will not confuse people and send one true way?

    God's final revelation is the Quran and following the ways of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). If you did while not having believed in it and followed it, u will eternally burn in hellfire.


  8. Islam is the natural way..alhumduLillah. No doubt the belief, the prayer and the remembrance brings tranquillity to the heart. Everything else is despair and hopeless.

  9. I have experienced the same thing. DONT BE SCARED AND PANIC. You are experiencing a sleep phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. Do some research on it. Ive had it plenty of times and was finally relieved when i found out. The mind is a powerful thing. But if it is very real and you are feeling physical pain than you should do some research on Jinn and Exorisms in Islam.

  10. Dude what you just said makes no sense go and learn about the reality of Christianity. It has been changed from the original message of there is only one god and worship god alone, to something that is related to Roman paganism. Go and learn about the reality of Christianity as the other brother said go and watch Jerald Dirks

  11. for all you people ,jesus is not god ,he is just his messager ,and prophet muhammed (pbuh) is the last messager .plz open your eyes before its too late ,islam is the right religion ,

  12. I'm starting to get close to God and read the bible, but I don't know which religion is right considering there are so many. I used to not believe there was a God and I would proclaim I was an Atheist but now I'm starting to realize slowly that it isn't that way.

  13. Hey, I would suggest playing some Quran, I mean just listen to it. You can find loads of videos on YouTube. I'm sure it will help you. And I'm sorry if this is late, I just saw your comment now. I'm saying what I know, I mean this is what I do when I feel restless, it can be really comforting and soothing. I hope this helps. If you'd like me to send you some I can… I hope to hear from you.

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