100 thoughts on “Multiple wildfires scorch Southern California

  1. Terrible. I've been through a house fire, and that was bad enough. Not nearly as bad as what these people are going through. I completely understand them getting choked up about their neighbors helping. It's truly amazing and wonderful when perfect strangers reach out to help you in hard times.

  2. In all seriousness though, I am pretty sure Hillary Clinton started this fire. Some witnesses spotted her nearby in a hoodie.

  3. I can’t be the only one feel how awkward it was with them being asked whether they’re going to rebuild or not lol they were NOT on the same page

  4. I live around Porter Ranch area, the air is unhealthy to breath, outside on the street smell smoke and ashes on cars all over San Fernando valley

  5. Santa Ana winds happen every year… I don't get, in light of Paradise, why they weren't better prepared.
    This is only the beginning of our daunting future if climate change isn't addressed immediately and aggressively.

  6. You guys won't come to your senses huh…in order to bring a stop to the forest fires or any other kind that happens out there. The land most be kept moist. America spends money on things that don't really matter at moments. Smh…

  7. I'm glad these people are ok. And I hope we all reflect over the impacts of global warming. Good will won't work in the long run. Our kids and their kids want to live too.

  8. គ្មាននរណាត្រូវបានបំផ្លាញឡេីង ខ្ញុំជាអ្នកទទួល ទាំងអស់ ព្រោះខ្ញុំជាអ្នកសាងនូវកំហុសនេះ

  9. We have always had a fire season here in California. The people that move here just don't know this. We burn every year. Get used to it.

  10. If Anna Nguyen is a youngest child it's a wonder I like them better and in any case if I could steal her away from her people maybe I'd like to do that too though Asians are everywhere and still on her own and with me she's not so superior.

  11. Same in Australia ..every year it gets worse thanks to conservatives stalling action on climate change. They are a threat to humanity.

  12. Please stay safe! If the earth isn’t burning it’s drowning- Japan, Portugal, Spain, we gotta wake up to the extremes of the global warming effects! 😢


  14. គ្មាននរណាម្នាក់ខុសទេ សូមមេត្តាកំុសាងបញ្ហា រៀលដាលដូចភ្លេីងឆេះព្រៃអី ខ្ញុំសូមទោសគ្រប់យ៉ាងដែលសាងនឹងតែងតែបង្កភាព ស្មុគស្មាញដ៏សែន បកស្រាយព្រមទាំងឥតប្រយោជន៏នូវការងាកក្រោយ សំលឹងអំពេីបញ្ហា វាមានតែការបាត់បង់ កាន់តែច្រេីនបន្ថែមលេីអ្វីដែលមិនបាន ទទួលការ យល់ពិតនៃតំលៃរបស់ជីវិត ជីវិតមិនថាក្ររឺមាន ឋានះបែបណានោះទេ គឺពុំអាចទិញដូររឺប្រមាថ នោះទេ សូម្បីរក្សាការរលឹកដឹងនឹងយល់សិក្សាបន្ថែមពីសេចក្តីល្អវាតំលៃអស្ចារ្យប៉ុណ្ណា …គ្មាននរណាម្នាក់អាចមេីលធ្លុះពី រូបធម៍ពិតច្បាប់កំរិតដោយធម្មជាតិ ដែលមាន២ គឺ ល្អនឹងអាក្រក់ ខុសនឹងត្រូវ សនឹង ខ្មៅ តែអ្វីដែលបង្ហាញផ្លូវអោយអ្នកជ្រេីសរេីសមិនចេះខុសនោះ គឺ ត្រូវ ភាពត្រឹមត្រូវ មិនតំរូវបែងចែកអ្នក សរឺខ្មៅ មានរឺក្រ ល្អរឺក្រក់ នោះទេពោលគឺអ្នក ល្្អស្អាត់ត្រឹមត្រូវ និច្ចនិរន្ត លេីសសំរស់ដែលតែបំភាន់ភ្នែករបស់អ្នកទៀត…

  15. Libtards will blame this on climate change, when in reality, the likely culprits are illegal alien arsonists. Sad.

  16. Idk what it’s like to have a house burnt down. But it seems like these people had an agenda lol and their go fund me page is just gonna receive an unlimited amount of money.

  17. Sucks to suck! You see what happens when a state of people are in rebellion against God? California as a state should repent and come back to God I fear the worst has yet to come.

  18. Where's GRETA THUNBERG…? it must be GLOBAL 'FAGGET' WARMING here… Now lets Push to TAX the EVIL CORPORATIONS and pay for FREE COLLEGE and HEALTHCARE for all!

  19. Ewa son u wera dibem son mejamine isid ortadogu 10 ulke ceke wan dewleta milete u bukuje devleta ena mezin ey ceke dewlet te dinej ey xirake enaz 2milyar inan bikin wanay gi piwe u we hişarkir xatire we

  20. I am truly sorry their home burned down. However, Cali has been burning for yrs and I would have moved yrs ago. I know that is easy to say, but I did do it when lived in Florida.

  21. Global warming; anomalies of weather due to human carbon footprint; severe droughts; Trump doesn't believe in such bull****.

  22. CNN is good on weekends because there's a clear line between news and opinion. There are news anchors and there are opinion anchors. But on weekdays, it's like a sick hybrid of news and opinion. It's awful.

  23. Those people are RICH thats why they are not too upset 😊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😊

  24. PG&E has Rothschild connections is responsible for 85 deaths that was cause by a wildfire last year and now responsible for rolling black outs in Cali and probably this wild fire. Wake up people the west is under attack.

  25. Oh, my sympathy to californians, youve been through so much. im canadian, visited there in 2014, loved it, want to tour it again and will. los angeles and all over california is about a strength and courage that even hollywood cannot come up with the right script. you have to live it.

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