31 thoughts on “Mule Trainer (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. As a mule owner and trainer myself, I must say, this guy ( has been there ) , the best video on mule training I have ever seen or heard, the only reason you the owner can fully trust your mule is because your mule trusted you first, and when you have this bond, you understand each other, mules continually humble me,( thank GOD ) and made me a better person…… thanks for sharing

  2. So why does he need such a long shank and bit if his mule is so well trained? Soft hands only go so far.

  3. Good horsemanship……..opps, I mean mulemanship. The only thing I would change is the leveraged bit. Get rid of that and use a rope halter with lead line converted to reins.

  4. And never seen a bad horse never seen the bad mule I have seen a lot of bad handlers seen a lot of bad Riders so yes the horse and the mule have people problems

  5. I think its great to break a mule with a tail crupper breeching ect. But the mules in this vid if you use a nonslip pat and girth do not need them any more than a horse does. Mule with good breeding does not have to have them. But they add to the awesomeness of a great mule. What is fun when out and everyone comes up the regular ole path pick out a eye popper and come out of the creek ect.

  6. I used to live in Utah I traded for a three year old mule his mom was Tennessee Walker after six months he trust me and I trust him we go anyplace Greats Trade I ever made

  7. Great video, I have seen a couple interviews years ago with Ken Curtis "Festus" and he had a love for mules also. I sure wish I could have owned one in my younger years. thanks for posting

  8. I have learned so much in just this one video. I love the mule ALL aspects of this blessed creature.

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  10. Awesome! This is what my sister, and I are trying to teach people with horses! Respect, trust, pressure, and release. It's not the animals fault, if they had a problem look at what you are doing.

  11. Beautiful country! He is in my neck of the woods. I thought that terrain looked familiar. 🙂 I am in a different town but have hiked many areas that look just like that. 😀 – Heidi

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