MSNBC Reporter In Mexico Refutes Media Narrative: Majority Of Caravan Are Men, Not Seeking Asylum

MSNBC Reporter In Mexico Refutes Media Narrative: Majority Of Caravan Are Men, Not Seeking Asylum

they just stay on this for a moment because some people look at these images and they listen to the president who says it's not women and children it's stone-cold criminals so my first question is you're in that tent camp besides that family give us a profile of who is there mostly and what are they looking for because it seems as though to your point they don't actually have the necessary information so they know how to cross the border there could have people there could be people yesterday who were running because they thought it was their only chance right and it's very difficult because this has become such a polarizing issue if we kind of take a walk you'll you'll be able to see for yourself again this is the inner sanctum of the shelter so you're gonna see a lot of families here a lot of women and children but the truth is the majority of the people that are part of this Caravan especially outside if we can make our way all the way over there we'll show you the majority of them are men so when this becomes a polarized political in the United States you have people on one side that point and say there are women and children here and that is true and then there are others who point and say these are men that are trying to cross the border and that's true too from what we've seen the majority are actually men and some of these men have not articulated that need for asylum instead they have talked about you know going to the United States for a better life and to find work but if we come this way here we're just going to leave this is where where there's a food bank that's set up and you've got a long line of men earlier we saw about five six hundred men standing in line waiting for food and it looks like that's dwindled down but this is the outskirts and we're gonna pass through here I'm going to show you where there are some there's some police officers and and this is the this is the outer perimeter this is where we're starting to see a large portion of police that are forming up on each side of the caravan so this is the outskirts over there way down by those trees there are police many police in riot gear and we don't know if they are here to actually protect the migrants which is another thing that we've heard because people here in Tijuana that want these migrants to leave or they're here because they may make some sort of incursion into this shelter and try to remove some of the people that were involved in yesterday's skirmishes guys a lot of confusion you

48 thoughts on “MSNBC Reporter In Mexico Refutes Media Narrative: Majority Of Caravan Are Men, Not Seeking Asylum

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  2. This video is very interesting from a psychological perspective. He is not allowed to say what he is really thinking because it's not politically correct. He really is drawing the line that gender is the determinant for value of human life.

  3. LOL this reporter is now jobless….. he has principals and tells the truth about the caravan population.

  4. What do these Liberals and Democrats want a Lawless Country ? To become Lawless. Letting illegals into our country free of charge, and these high privileges over True Born American Citizens !?! Government left pushing us with more taxes to take care of them, for these illegals and immigrants trying to come into the US one word from me
    “GO FIX AND HELP STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR COUNTRY” I don’t get why they allow there Country to go to crap ?
    Government Control of are Health, Allowing these Laws for Homosexuals Rights ? What Rights do they need ? Plus these Gay people should keep there personal life to themselves. And stop trying to influence and brainwash others to satisfy your outlooks ! Banning are Gun Rights, so we have nothing to defend ourselves with, in case of a anti American uprising or and invasion of another country against us ?

    Is this the Obama “CHANGE” that Hillary and the rest of Left want !!! To Banned the Constitution of the United States ? and Start some Radical Agenda

    The Left needs to screw off or flipping wake up, stupid communists Bastards

  5. How many reporter are willing to sell their soul and turn a blind eyes or inject their broadcasting companies political lineage into their reporting. Majority is woman..but only inside the minority group area.. WTF is that.. isn't that basicslly a lie? Covering truth is a lie.

  6.  Ami Horowitz interviewed them and they are NOT running from fear but to enter illegally and yes almost 95%  are MALES>    and criminals

  7. Yes the majority are MEN,   90 to 95%  are males NOT refugees. And they were told to put the women and children first when they stampeded the border illegally.

  8. it's not caravan or migrant they don't care about asylum,. they are invaders send by Democrats and Soros for illegal vote, they laugh at TRUMP when he said this is an organize INVASIONS.

  9. Quit feeding them and they will leave sooner. Give them a lunch bag when they get on the bus headed south. Too bad George Soros lied to them.

  10. An MSNBC reporter telling the truth about the mostly men caravan? His job now is in jeopardy. Take this clip & your resume to Fox News for a real job.

  11. Hate to see an actual reporters career go down in flames like this.That is not at all what the anchor whore wanted to see or hear.

  12. Rhetorical question. Why does the MSMS oppose everything President Trump does or says? Every. Single. Thing. MSM in large measure has adopted the #resist mindset despite contrary information or logic. It is more and more obvious as the months tick by. 90+% negative coverage. Imagine if it was eve 50% negative and 50% focus on the improvements to economy, taxes, jobs…and they seem to have no shame. Shame is an antiquated notion. Say something obviously and patently false? Move on, forget about it…so disappointing.

  13. MSNBC only tells the truth when it makes the mistake ha.ha ha… it’s so funny ha ha ha watch this propaganda artist trying to spin their way out of it. And what’s even funnier is down below useful idiots comments… dumbasses no but hurting dumbasses

  14. lol …
    Same as the invading asians in to Europe & UK…
    men men men men men……. Weed them out & make your govt SEND THEM HOME.

  15. Bunch of horse sheit exposed in this one. Biased CNN idiot says Trump's called them all criminals, which he didn't. Then the reporter states that many are coming to "make a better life or to find work", FYI under our immigration laws those are not valid reasons to seek and be granted asylum.

  16. A lot of the men in that food line had gang tatts. They were trying to turn away from the cameras and hid their faces.
    This is part of the plan to overthrow US Sovereignty; so blatant.
    If only the people who survived the Commiefornia fires received even a fraction of the $$$ funding the Illegal Insurgents…

  17. Hey Migrants!
    You can all stay with Bill Maher, Joy Behar, Kathy Griffin, Barbara Streisand, George Soros and Meryl Streep.
    If you can climb over their walls.

  18. The Caravan does not qualify for Asylum. The Caravan is a hoax trying to cheat the system by telling a big bunch of lies about having a difficult time. Everyone at one time or another has a hard time. Send all of these people back. Men who hide behind women and children are the worst kind of Human Beings.

  19. sure see a whole ton of smart phones in the mob…how do impoverished people afford the phones and the service?????

  20. Lets admit a few hundred and house them in Malibu and Manhattan. Plenty of money and bleeding hearts to care for them. That will be the end of the 'caravans' from that day forward.

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