Most recent $9000 scam using The US Government ARRA as bate (June 20, 2017).

Most recent $9000 scam using The US Government ARRA as bate (June 20, 2017).

according the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York who may help you today yes I sir I uh I got a call earlier claiming that the call came from ARRA they gave me a five digit number telling me that I am eligible for $9,000 and I just read online there is a bunch of scam like this so just wanted to give you a try see what you can tell me all right first of all can you come can you confirm of your grant sorry I'm sorry what is your money approval ID number JR 197 you're like where J like James and are like Romeo one nine seven is the number I was given may have your first name in a minute way yeah my first name is Yuri my last name isn't across of you me right yep and this number I just dialed I was given this number all right all right so I wanting to stay on the right yeah I'm sorry go ahead go ahead the organization you you with what is the name my name is David Lee and I'm a Senior Account Manager who are gonna receive we're gonna release your money and once I pull out your information I can go ahead and tell you about you more information about your grants all right all right and I can look after to get information okay so stay on the line I'm sorry about what is what is the company name that you with or or this mod is not a company as you're reaching up of the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York okay means got it once I pull out the information I can hold on pull out the information for more information then I come to know all right yep all right I want to stay on the line so let me pull out the information thank you thanks for holding the line I just pull out the information your first name is URI and your last name is Makar soft right correct first of all I would like to confirm how do you like to receive your money from the Western Union or monogram or Walmart Western Union was training in so do you have with your valid picture ID I device which will recognize from the government like HRG or double life ends either with a son you have right so this is the first time that you're receiving the phone call from the government and it's the first time that you're going to receive the helping from the government right as Coruscant okay so do we ever dealing with the Western Union before oh yes all right I do believe that here once you want I want you done with your registration to the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York then you need the sir we that you need the reference number to receive your money right as you're dealing with before to the Western Union correct so they will issue out the numbers that I will bring right here yes right right that should be a digit number am i right sir I don't remember possibly another problem yeah my fist a long time that you have a dealing with to the Western Union not at the problem yep I like to give you all information what units all right to get your money yep first of all your money is already on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and in order to receive your grants money of $9,000 you need to do the registration for one-in-a-lifetime under the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York because why you need to do the registration you need to give the exception that to the government yes you are the right person or going to responsibility in this transaction let me give you let me give you for the example with very quickly last time once you get your identification or your visas or passport you do have made the application right the same thing you're also you're going to do it is on this transaction and if it is not possible to come up on our address the government ahead opposed for you that you can have the registration card and you can get your registration card onto the any kind of departmental store all right because I don't think that you can come up on our department we are located on Washington DC right okay that's the reason where the government was supposed for you that you can have with your registration card onto the any kind of departmental store right you have cvs/pharmacy Walgreens Dollar General 7-eleven so is there any kind of departmental store that you have of your nearest location I probably do but I'm so why why do I need that if I mean Western Union because close to me Western Union is close to you the Western Union is the exactly place which you can receive your money AHA but what I'm asking the reason is that you need to go onto the departmental store first of all before you go onto the Western Union because you need to get your registration card onto the departmental store which the government has authorized okay that's the reason why I'm asking you you do have with your Department of store or not I just want to make honestly again can you repeat the names you said 7-eleven I don't have one next to me what is the other one yes like you have that departmental stores CVS Pharmacy III your general I do have CVS all right also you can go down to the Walgreens 7-eleven alright a CVS store will be better for you that you are the most comfortable which you can go ahead right yeah I mean it's close by I could I could already be right here alright and once you reach onto the parking lot you simply give me give a call back and you can ask my name of David Lee once you reach on to the CVS parking lot simply give me a call back and you can ask my name of David Lee I will appreciate that can help you out of your registration all right okay and let me explain to you for the more information about the verification alright it is where we what happens not only to CVS here yeah so once you go down to the CVS store you simply give me a call back and I'm going to guide you to get the right cut of the art of your registration card all right and your first of all let me give you the more information about the verification because you might be confused right that the reason why I want to I want to explain to you it is a very important to do this process of the verification because after complete this process on the future you might not answer able anyone that how come you have received this kind of a huge money being an individual person right as you know that we are dealing with we are dealing with just over the phone so before the release the funds we need to make sure that you are the right person responsibility in this transaction all right and the registration you need to do the registration yourself to give an acceptance that yes you are ready to receive the money from our organization all right okay and I wanted to say I wanted to take a piece of paper with you and you can write down I like ice cream tea lights Tokyo right tango you will light umbrella and green light Nancy okay I'm sorry one more time I apologize okay so I'm ready I'm ready I'm writing it down iolite ice cream got it you like tiger tea okay you will like umbrella you are and like Nancy aha you like Esther okay a slight Sun okay that's all iTunes okay so what is this so have you ever heard about you start the card yes well no I know I know what it is but I do I know not the card itself alright you know the name on the right correct as you see I as you as you know of the iPhone correct version of iTunes itunes but today I'm talking about the iTunes gift card is for your registration we can authorize from the government for the verification and also where the reason I'm asking you to get the iTunes gift card because you are not sufficient that to come up on our department but the reason why the government was a possible you that you can have the itunes giftcard of your registration card and once you get your itunes giftcard i'm going to make the registration to the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then once I don't in the middle of one two one two three minutes I can give you a call back and once I will give a call back I'm going to send you on to the Western Union that you can go straight and I'm going to help you to feel the fault I'm going to see any the sender name as you know and a city on stage and your reference number and the amount all right yep so all you need to do from the side is that you need to get your itunes giftcard onto the Department of sort of the CVS store so I have to buy it also yes okay but we cannot see the exactly that you need to purchase because it's a refunded bag the reason why the itunes giftcard is a personal use which you can use for the dual registration which you can use for to buy something with for any kind of a shopping mall you can go ahead for that the actual refunded back to you and also the itunes giftcard is a free of course but you have to maintain 100% refundable amount of to $50 on your iTunes gift card and this will be refunded back to you along with your grants money of $9,000 plus which is two hundred and fifty dollar so the total amount which you will be receiving is nine thousand and two hundred and fifty dollar with you within a matter of five to ten minutes all right yeah okay done once you get once you get your iTunes gift card on to the CVS store do not forget to ask the legal receipt because you need to carry your iTunes gift card on to the Western Union store because as you know the Western Union people have no authority that can release more than $3,500 for one-time transaction okay right if you saw your ID iTunes give got onto the Western Union they will come to know that you are the right person we are going to receive $9,000 from the government and they will release him without asking any tents also even once you receive your money the IRS or the income income tax department are not going to ask you to pay tax all right because this is not your personal business money and it's not your lawn are these multiplication grunts all right I understand and once I make do the registration and you are going to receive the you are going to receive the number of your reference which will be the a digit number on your phone number of seven zero eight nine three three four one three zero all right yeah that's the one a gold yeah you are once I done with the registration you are going to receive your reference number that you can use to receive your money of $9,000 all right yep so is there any question like you want me to ask no not not not yet I guess I'll just go back when when I'm there so how much time that you are going to take this transaction no I have no idea I might work now so I can probably do that you are all right all right all right so you can give me a call back whenever you're most confortable from your site and once you reach onto the parking lot simply give me a call back and I would I let you inform you all those about information and I can provide you also the sender name and the city and state and I'm Marcus all right I got it okay you don't have any question you can go ahead and I wish you very best of luck and thank you so much for your time okay thank you you're welcome

27 thoughts on “Most recent $9000 scam using The US Government ARRA as bate (June 20, 2017).

  1. Wow!! I Just hung the phone up on this guy sounds exactly like this dude 06/28/2019!! This Has Got to stop.. Back in 2015 I got taken for the 200.00 they say you have to give them to process the grant that is "quote unquote" refundable with your grant money. A str8 load of BS!!! Once I gave them the money I never got the grant and they asked for more money!!

  2. I got the same call, when I got the second call by almost the same phone number. I let the guy on the line talk for four minutes. When I told him I wasn't interested he said "why didnt you tell me sooner?" And then proceeded to call me a mother fucker and a bitch, and told me to suck his dick….wtf is this company. ATT says that the call is from Egypt.

  3. Wow Hahahaha I just got a call from a Andy Williams the same thing. Wow they asked me for a Google Play card HELL NAH! Do not believe this. This is Bull, stay alert

  4. i just hung up the phone with the person who gave my ID and so i came here to look for some answers. thank you.

  5. Got this phone call today, saying the government was going to grant me 9500$. He started asking me a bunch of personal information and I googled it, saw it was a scam so i started feeding him a bunch of wrong information. called me from 247-399-5111. listening to the voice in the call about, it sounds like the same person who called me.. I told him that I was listening to his voice on a scam alert site saying the exact same thing to someone else. Told him that if it was a valid thing then he can mail me my check otherwise go take a hike.

  6. I got a called today 10 times from the same people. They really think we are dumb.

    2027708966 one of the many numbers

  7. This fool told me, BYE DILDO hahaha lmao I’m dead, I told him that the scam was bullshit just like him haha

  8. This rundi cunt cant even speak English or read a script…. David Lee… Soo original…TRY RAKESH BHARGAVA

  9. I know its a little late but they called me and I returned the call to the phone number 1-585-300-4278 and got the same people He said ask for him his name is Oscar. If anyone wants to call them and troll them , I received my call on Feb 12 2019

  10. Same call just happen to me! They actually had my first and last name and birthdate so it seemed super legit!!! Darn lol

  11. I was called as well from the number 315)628-1196 code J0107 DONT FALL FOR IT GUYS PLEASE !! It’s a SCAM

  12. Thank you for posting this. I just received a phone call from this SCAM. Scary thing is I am in the process of opening my own business and obtaining a loan from SBA. Without this sample I might have given away the farm.

  13. Please be careful if/when you
    Get a call from a "Kevin Parker " concerning the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (arra),because it is a "SCAM"!!!!!!!!!

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