Most EXTREME Industrial Machines Ever!

Most EXTREME Industrial Machines Ever!

47 thoughts on “Most EXTREME Industrial Machines Ever!

  1. Ok, for all of you that complained about robot voices on other videos, THIS is the alternative! Are you happy with yourselves?

  2. Krupt. A German equipment company that makes the bagger to also making the Gustav rail gun!!! They also had part in making the king tiger (Royal tiger) tanks along with making most of Nazi Germany's heavy artillery. The things you learn when you become an Industrial Machine Tech.

  3. why is it the most terrifying? and who does the narration for this video she sounds terrible.
    she doesn't even know how to pronounce "Silage" what are they teaching young people
    these days? common core. dumb video.

  4. Industrial machines raping the earth operated by underpaid slaves that pay with their lives.

  5. Clickbait thumbnail. NO video ALL stills. Moron narrator mispronouncing factoids. Ending with Fake news by Luddites & lobotomized tree huggers! But they all want their luxury SUV's their AC's and their WiFi…

  6. The continuous miner is a scary-looking thing, but it’s not dangerous. Cars kill more people than that. Get your facts straight lady.

  7. Full of incorrect 'facts' and janky, noticeable cut edits, this video tries to be professional, but fails.

    Also, way to go, ripping off another list video:

  8. This is one of those videos where someone got an idea to make money on YouTube and assembled a hodgepodge of interestingly large and potentially deathly machines to attract interest. There are quite a few of these large machine videos on YouTube. Gather some sales material, string it together, and presto! you have a video. The child announcer can't pronounce some of the words, doesn't know what some things are, and she sounds like she needs to go on to college. I'm guessing her boyfriend put this together and had her be the announcer. The title "Origins Explained" doesn't fit at all and this seems like a 6th grade essay; yet, at this writing it has had 1,605,261 views.

  9. hey dimwit do your homework and run to your safe room and hump your therapy dog. everything is TERREFIYING you must be the most  pathetic person on earth. another dumbass that thinks inanimate objects are  TERREFIYING  lets see where have I heard that bullshit before

  10. fuck yea. I thought the #2 trucks would be somewhere in the video. I drove these for half a year in north canada. easiest job ever. fun job for a 20 year old like me ;^)

  11. And look what happened to fracking,…people were literally dyeing from contaminated ground water,it took seeing the water from the taps being ignited,..and all that happened to that company,..those companies,…sad

  12. Pretty much if a machine didn’t kill someone you didn’t put it in your list.. and if someone died near a machine that counted right lol… I think I’ll go above and beyond to make sure I don’t watch anymore of your videos.. I’m sorry lady your way to scripted.. read and learn what your reporting..

  13. Posting by stupid people living so boring of lives they have to take it out here, you're all so expert at this try something that has meaning.

  14. The most dangerous machine of all time is the evil U.S gov money machine.. Killing their debters and murdering people since hundreds of years.

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