Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #48

Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #48

46 thoughts on “Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #48

  1. craig please I want to go to sleep its 2:30 am and I have to take the test in 6 hours please craig I cant do the confetti poppers right now pleas e I ne ed sl eep cr aig plea se

  2. It really helps as I gain more points on fiscal policy and monetary policy to the economy. Thanks again

  3. Watch: The Money Masters, Money As Debt, The Money Fix. Look into Public Banking, Cooperative Banking, Monetary Reform. Look up the talks of Richard Werner and Bernard Litaer

  4. However you slice it the Banksters create the currency and define it as an interest bearing debt and allocate made up numbers only where they want. The currency is only made valuable by people working. Without people working it would be worth nothing so its value is entirely derived from Labor but its control and creation is entirely derived from Finance. This can go on because people are gullible or able to be bought off and have been so for a long time this is the way the Fed likes it. Watch the Talks of Richard Werner for details on how Banks create the money supply.

  5. Low interest rates directly lead to inflation. It’s 1 to 1. Idk where he got that information from.

  6. Mandatory spending is only mandatory until Congress updates the law, which desperately needs to happen.

  7. Dude you really need to slow down a bit. I have to either watch the video at a slower speed which is annoying and sounds all funny or I have to keep going back to hear what you said. Other than that the overall video is really good. Explains exactly what i needed to know.

  8. what about mandatory spending on government and bureaucratic salaries?? how much is that in relation to the other spending?

  9. Hi CrashCourse. Exchange rate of hard currency in black market sometime causes inflation if the government is overspending and etc. My question is, How can black Market be demolished?

  10. So during a depression, does the money just disappear? How would you "decrease" the money supply without making all the banks give their currency back to the Fed?

  11. What ever happen to just ratio earnings, like a wealthy man should earn what 20 men earn, but now a wealthy man earns what 200,000 men earn.

  12. Surprisingly, this is a lot more better than the crash course economics video which our teacher made us watch. Thanks!

  13. Even with this help, i still am going to fail my Government and ECON. class. I hate government! So complicated.

  14. there he goes again encouraging communism and destroying the freedom of americans. Eagle abuse is real and a big problem. Communist #StandwithEagle

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