Mohan Vaidya Eliminated Leaked | Proof |BiggBoss Tamil 2nd Week Elimination Vote Result July 14 2019

Mohan Vaidya Eliminated Leaked | Proof |BiggBoss Tamil 2nd Week Elimination Vote Result July 14 2019

hello friends welcome to thermal 2.0 either where you can have a channel has subscribe another one has subscribed on again cool dynamic channel or the update slanted indica like a belly button a click corner hi friends in the video a big position to reorder in the elimination about the gamma ng way nominated conga so er la manana Madhumita Saravanan Mira Juanita Mottram wrong idea so an NGO Erica or putting woody fighting a nice number on the media hangar so on the wiggler looking around I will break it down and other media like it to be so another clapping in saravana Monica La Mina a lot more with the air got today in Germany Turkana so on the wiggler so budding in a Mikael on the monitor on the system of particularly Lena and the Whitlow room phone on / – goodness my back reality me on this room bone tension with the day wore on so suddenly and not clear to me only Sevilla a lobotomy llama I will make on the other so you know Patti you know in the article elimination really poor Davina Morgan media matoom Anita in the interior are normally piranha in a humid a vacuole down the Robo make revoir only an official vote for everybody you know day 1 day 2 day 3 Lakota univac ulong rumble so in yeah we're already Bhangra so allah we came up adding in a kadai here later giving money table so in another video russia noggin mean other than the removal period show matthew are not a little more we get bodies the room for me ignore convergence so all three when they were sleeping pay $7 million you were a long rap leave it at OTT Larry so then already know they're gonna be boom boom what I was gonna do this so the money time fighting you know what putting buddy oh man I'm really poor nah nah nah big bus season on teasing booli Lombardi is it back at American homeward and mean is it already TRP and achievement rather sobering in the monetary Jake Moran gang of Deena Deena moon race and another come further no longer dare TRPA room bring the or a Karnataka Randy poverty thrown in the air come on Topanga moving around Canada poverty and perchance requisite their interior like they are really upon a lot of putting enough room bro take article on this nominally a common box at the Reunion the PRK achievement of the vgtv in the Medal of Honor on are putting already cortical a movie no media common versa Gary Graham Navy deep roots in the like banana here upon the table range again America Manama channel a subscriber I thank you

7 thoughts on “Mohan Vaidya Eliminated Leaked | Proof |BiggBoss Tamil 2nd Week Elimination Vote Result July 14 2019

  1. நாட்டுக்கும் நாட்டு மக்களுக்கும் ரொம்ப முக்கியமான புண்ட விஷயம்

  2. Vanitha should out but I think Mr mohan will out whatever he also so boring better go out both of them irritated and meera .

  3. தயவுசெய்து வனிதாவ வெளியே அனுப்புங்கள்.சரியான ராட்சசி

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