MM UPDATE 1: Building the Blackhawk Spaceship and climbing Palnetter Cliffs!

MM UPDATE 1: Building the Blackhawk Spaceship and climbing Palnetter Cliffs!

(deep trance music) – Hey everyone. It’s Jason here and I’m
coming to you from Neos VR, where my MetaMovie project is
starting it’s second phase. I want to give all of our
Kicktarter backers, fans and friends of the project,
an update on where we are, what we’re doing, and
what’s coming next. But first of all, for
those of you who don’t know what a MetaMovie is, or just
coming into this project, let me explain. A MetaMovie is an immersive
interactive VR experience, that lets you be the star
of your very own movie. You wear an avatar, you
step into a virtual world, and you take on a
character in a dramatic and exciting story. The other characters, villains,
allies, lovers, monsters, they’re all performed
by professional actors who you interact with and it’s
all done live, in real time. The story it’self
is interactive. You and the other characters
talk to each other. You make choices about
where to go and what to do, and the story has dozens
of variations and endings because a MetaMovie
is at it’s core, a shared story
telling experience. Where you do way
more than just watch. You have the agency
to shake the story. So I spent last year creating and running our first MetaMovie. The Heist. And it was a really incredible
experience for all of us. We learned a lot about the technical side of
developing VR experiences. And we made great progress
on discovering how shared interactive story
telling actually works. It was an amazing year. Lots of challenges
and obstacles, but ultimately we figured
out things and the feedback that we got back from our
players was extremely positive. Now, this is an indie
project and I’m self funding. So in the spring, I
launched a Kicktarter to help keep the project going. Thanks to nearly 60
Kicktarter backers, we hit 110 percent of our
fundraising goal and now we’re able to move onto the
next phase of the project. We’re making our
second MetaMovie. It’s called Alien Rescue. Our goal with Alien Rescue is
to up the ante on everything and create a MetaMovie that
would be hands down the most entertaining thing
you can do in VR. We’re writing a
terrific screenplay with
complex characters, meaningful things,
humor, tension, drama, and an incredible ending. We’re increasing VIP agency, so that you can explore the
story in even more ways. We’re creating exotic
and beautiful avatars for all of our characters. And we are world building on a scale that is vastly
more ambitious than The Heist. Now, the only way
we could even hope to pull off something like this is to build it here in NeosVR. Our new home in the Metaverse. NeosVR is more than
a social VR platform like Sansar or VRChat. NeosVR is a very powerful
Metaverse engine, that gives creators the
tools they need to create powerful VR experiences
while actually in VR. Neos isn’t just for builders. It has a wonderful selections
of worlds that users of all types can explore
and interact with people and things that they find. Let’s go to the Neos hub
and I’ll show you around. Okay. This is the Neos hub. This is where you go to
explore all the various worlds and experiences
they have to offer. Come inside. Let’s go check out
what it looks like. I’m going to go to POV mode
here so you can see what I see, and follow me. (trance music) Here is the big wall of worlds. You can see they
are all categorized. And there is dozens of dozens, if not hundreds of these
worlds that people have made. That you can go and
explore anytime you want. And what’s cool… Come over here. This area shows you all
of the active worlds. These are all the worlds that
have people in them right now. Each world has a name, there
is a little description, you can see how many
people are inside. You can pick it up, and you could just click
on it and go inside. What’s really cool is that
you can look inside too and see a little preview of what is going on
inside the world. Let’s go to another
world right now. This is the war room. Our production offices in Neos. Here we can all come together and collectively work
on the project together. We got visual references. We got stuff like
these little models of the Black Hawk spaceship. Behind me is the story wall. This is the entire story
of Alien Rescue is laid out from beginning to end. So that all of our collaborators
can stay on the same page. Alien Rescue, you play the role of an intergalactic zoologist. Hired by a band
of eco mercenaries to help them track
down and liberate a rare alien creature, from deep inside the secretive
Kelosite Research Facility on the planet Palnetter. Together, you and the mercs
will have to explore the lab, survive encounters with
dangerous aliens and creatures, negotiate with a cranky
AI security system, and try to stay alive long
enough to complete the mission. Alien rescue will run nearly
an hour and it will be intense. So back here are
visual references for the Black Hawk starship, for the Kelosite
Research Facility, for all the various
rooms and environments that we’re building
for Alien Rescue. Now let’s fly over here
to our avatar area. This is where we got
visual references for all the various
avatars in Alien Rescue. We’ve got our lead
characters and our VIP. We’ve also got all sorts
of really cool monsters and creatures that we’re working on. We’re really gonna push the
limit’s of what can be done with avatar design. It’s one of the reasons why
we chose to work in Neos, because Neos allows us the
tools to make types of avatars that we’re going for. Hopefully some of
the most creative, complex, interesting
avatars around. Over here is the
Black Hawk spaceship. This is some rough
working models of one of the most important
sets in Alien Rescue. The Black Hawk delivers
the VIP to Palnetter and it’s where
they begin and end the Alien Rescue experience. So, earlier this week I
met up with a design team and we focused on two elements that we’re working on right now. Building out the Black Hawk
and starting to build the surface of the planet Palnetter, where the Kelosite Research
Facility is located. One key sequence
requires the VIP to climb up some rocky cliffs on their way to meet
up with the eco mercs. So the team and I took a look at how both of those
are coming along. Wow. I love the atmosphere Coffee. – [Coffee] Yeah – The atmosphere is beautiful. The fog is gorgeous. – [Nex] Yeah so you can imagine
Coffee is probably going to redo it out so then
it’ll have for like a red kind of fog environment and a more reddish tone. – [Ultranique] Oh
man this is great! – [Jason] It’s beautiful dude. Wow. – [Ultranique] This is amazing. – [Jason] It’s so
impressive though. The feeling of immersion and
feeling of place in here. Just the vastness is really, – [Ultranique] For sure.
– [Jason] Really impressive. Yeah somebody try that out. That’s so cool. – [Nex] So what you
do is you equip them and then you pull trigger and stick in to the rocks. – [Jason] What? Oh my god I have to try. – [Nex] And then what
your going to do is hold down trigger and
then put it into the rock. – [Jason] Got it. – [Nex] As your
holding on trigger and then just, yep,
move right there. – [Jason] Oh my god.
– [Nex] Yep just pull trigger as your… I think you got… trigger as your going into it – [Jason] As I am going into it. Got it. – [Nex] Trigger…trigger… – [Jason] Oh! Kind of freaking out. It’s super intense. Look at mister speed climber. Okay. I get it, I get it. Wow. – [Nex] Now press down on
the center of your touchpad to jump up here. – [Jason] Coffee this is insane. (laughing) – [Ultranique] It really is.
It’s really cool. – [Jason] It really is amazing. – [Nex] Yeah so
you can imagine now with the environment
like once Coffee has built out that terrain then he can just build out
the full environment cause the ship is getting into a really good
direction right now. It’s gonna eventually
have the interior and then we will have the
environment and maybe even Coffee could also build
out like the planets that would go on the
outside of our fluid side. – [Coffee] Oh yeah, I’ve been doing planetary
projections mapping as well. – [Nex] Then there is
already like a planet.. – [Coffee] It’s a bit shiny. – [Nex] Yeah, but that’s good. It’s just an example. (everybody laughing) – [Coffee] This is a
custom planet that I built behind that part
of the texture map. I even built heat maps and
temperature maps and height maps in Photoshop
completely procedurally using polar projections. So even the poles
aren’t distorted. – [Ultranique] Oh
that’s awesome. – [Jason] That’s cool. – [Nex] I just wanted to show
you guys that just real quick – [Jason] That’s awesome.
to give you an example of what Coffee is capable of for
the environment going out as well as now we have
this cool looking design for the possible lab door. What I would like to show
is like the main ship. – [Jason] Yes. – [Nex] That’s
been dug out of the Black Hawk as well
as the interior. – [Jason] Great take me. – [Nex] Final model design. – [Jason] Let’s do a tour. – [Nex] This design is
like the old one obviously, but it’s more for like
exterior kind of like look and concepting on how we’re
gonna put the teleporter in. – [Jason] It’s sleek.
It’s like… – [Nex] It’s
supposed to look like he kind of referenced it
from like a fighter jet. – [Jason] Yeah, it definitely… Yeah I love it. – [Nex] Then right out here
so we can see the main ship which now has a lot
more of the detail going through it. Which, I think that it
just looks like stunning just in this main room
that you start off. Especially once it
gets like textured out, I think that this is going to
be a really cool environment where you first spawn in and it it looks like symmetrically…
– [Ultranique] Cathedral like. – [Nex] Yeah Cathedral like. Kind of like your
going through this really nice looking ship area. There is different stuff
around inside through here. – [Jason] I love all
of the different rooms. It’s just so cool. – [Nex] And your immediately
directed to this big teleporter that’s right here. But then you try to access it. I was thinking like maybe
there could be like an ursula type screen like right here, – [Jason] Okay. – [Nex] or something like that. And then it immediately
starts communicating and talking to you. Right?
– [Jason] Yep. – [Ultranique] A lot of this
going to be exposed like this with like glass around it? – [Nex] No no no no no. This is going to
be all interior. This is going to have like walls and this is going to be
the interior type stuff. The glass is going to be
mostly like out in the front. – [Jason] So cool. Then uh, let’s see. This is the door I think. – [Nex] Yep.
To the bottom level. – [Jason] To the bottom level. Yeah. This is the main bridge. – [Nex] Yeah it is. That’s the main bridge. So this has like one, two, three, four levels. There is like four
different levels. – [Jason] Holy crap. – [Nex] Very big ship. – [Jason] Yep – [Nex] But, again, the main
thing that is still our focus is getting a ship out, and
then right when the ship is out and then Coffee can
work on door stuff, and miscellaneous
things like that. Then we’ll have the main first beginning
portion environment. – [Jason] All right Well thank you so much Nex
for showing us the new world. That was really really cool.
– [Nex] No problem. – [Jason] Coffee I don’t
know if you’re still here, but man that is beautiful. Super super happy. Love it love it love it. – [Coffee] Thank you – [Nex] That’s how you
know that he works so hard. When he’s so tired at time. (everybody laughing) – [Jason] He’s working
himself to sleep. – All right guys.
Well thank you man. Thanks so much for
everything today. (trance music) So, that’s the first
update on the new chapter of the MetaMovie project. If you would like to
keep seeing the videos, you can subscribe to
our YouTube channel. You can find us on our
website at or on discord mostly
on the NeosVR discord. We got a Facebook page. And we are also on Reddit
on all the VR subreddit’s. Our plan with Alien Rescue
is to have it up and running in early 2020. So if you would like to get
on the list and be a VIP. The best way to do that is
to join our mailing list on on So that’s it for now. Thanks so much for watching. And I’ll see you
in the metaverse. (trance music) – You could do it. – [Nex] Now press down on
the center of your touchpad to jump up here. (slow motion music) – [Jason] Oh! Hold on I’m coming. (beep) – [Ultranique] The
things you can do here just blow any other VR… – [Jason] Ah, guys. (beep) – Experiences while in VR… Neos isn’t just for… – [Other Player] Uh, Bulldog? Hello. – I accidentally
spawned in here. Cool. That’s cool. – [Other Player]
It’s my literal hell. – It really is. (beep) (beep) (beep) (beep) (everybody laughing) – [Nex] Good luck with that. – [Jason] I don’t jump a lot. What the fuck is jump? It’s up right? Ugh. (everybody laughing) Listen I know it’s like
teaching your grandpa how to play a video game, but I’m not that… I’m not that lame actually. (beep)
– More than just a social VR platform
like Sansar or VRChat. God… Darn it. (beep)

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  1. Literally.Can.Not.Wait… This is SO amazing. So happy to be part of this! 😀 (and the video helped so much. Heading there tonight :))

  2. Well done, Jason! Very informative presentation on your MetaMovie project, intro/summary of NeosVR, and a tour of your moviemaking command/design/development center in Neos. Love the out-takes. 🙂

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