48 thoughts on “Mkulima Young Champion – Former journalist Sh 800,000 kienyenji chicken empire

  1. Great Interview, I like his passion and insight. I am about to invest in agribusiness and am happy to learn and listen from those who have made it in Agribusiness.

  2. very inspiring ..helpful.. thats great caleb. nataka ushauri wako … malengo yangu ni kujituma kwenye kilimo cha kuku…………… nikupate aje kaka??

  3. I am Montagnard indigenous live in America my sisters live in Central highland they have some chickens when they not at home people stolen.

  4. This is great. Seem weird have the same attraction,I am in civil engineering field but I really love farming

  5. Hello my name is Dennis am renting my land for anyone who wants to start poultry farming you can contact me at 0798936436.
    The land is based in Kitengela,a good environment for poultry farming.
    And there is plenty of water available.

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  7. nice caleb i am in the same buss with u lets seat together and discuss about business to see how we can move from poor poverty to rich level

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