44 thoughts on “Mix Media Mural with Waste Material | Mix Media Art Techniques || Mix Media Art

  1. beautiful, your job, perfect, where to buy that arabesque mold? please

    fort hug
    from Brazil

  2. I absolutely love the end result it's fantastic and would love to make my own – however the ingredients are not readily available in Australia – are there any other more universal names for these products.??

  3. Ma'am if i want to make neckpiece in rectangle shape using shilpkar can i stick that rectangle base to a chipboard pc will it be permanent there or just the clay is enough. If you could guide.
    Thank you

  4. Девочка молодец 👍
    В место того чтобы выбросить мусор, сделала очень интересное пано. 👍

  5. Awesome work 👌👌👌
    What kind of metallic paint u used.
    Is this available in India, plz mention the name

  6. New subbie here! Its Beautiful! I have to try this. I collect stuff I find and want to make panels like these. TFS!!!

  7. Wow! Something like this would make an amazing front cover for a book of shadows, junk journal, mini album, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  8. the next generation of fossils if we don't clean up our waste disposal act. But back to the art craft good tutorial of making original one of a kind art works..

  9. This is gorgeous! Your composition, colors and those roses are amazing! The description is perfect, I love every single piece of waste material you used, especially the scissors. Bravo! tfs 💓

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