33 thoughts on “MIT Science Reporter — "Landing on the Moon" (1966)

  1. This would have been so much better if it was……Alfred Hitchcock……good evening…….you are about to see, the Hoax that fooled the world.

  2. It is hilarious that conspiracy theory nutjobs can see a video like this, that shows the primitive technology available in the 1960s, and still believe the moon missions could be faked. It was literally easier to fly to the moon in 1969 than to fake it. Did you not hear him say the simulator relied on analogue computers? Just read up on what that actually means.

  3. Everything needed to be kept compartmentalised, hence the need to make the components in over 5000 sites

  4. So much bullshit coming from this MIT guy in such a short time! I'm so saddened that scientists and engineers are reduced to lying through their teeth like this. Science without integrity is useless.

    Human biology will never permit man to leave earth. Ever. It's time for NASA to fess up and admit their scam in this 50th "anniversary year" of the "moon landing".

  5. at least advanced technology we are sure we will never go to space yes NASA has had it good all these years then came the truth this video tells it all FAKE.
    your smart phone is more advanced than that building full of computers .

  6. this doesnt even look like the LEM in the pictures of any of the ones on the moon MOON LANDING IS A LIE

  7. WOWEEE ! That looked 100 times better than the one they said they took pictures of on the moon hahahahahahahahaha !

  8. I just don’t buy it. Critical thinker or not. It’s hard to imagine that this equipment made it to the moon and back. 😏

  9. Into the Lem we see that there Is only smal place for two men in usual clothes. How did they with spacesuit???

  10. It's a painful process to get that technology back … more like a painful process to watch this

  11. A QUESTION for all globelings:
    IF I actually showed you a photograph, taken from above of DAVID COPPERFIELD half-way though passing through the GREAT WALL OF CHINA, then, would you finally accept that it really happened?

  12. If the LEM docked back with the Command Module. How did the 2 Astronauts move between the 2 spaceships and avoid the parachutes.

  13. Voice recognition tech was sooo good back then!! (at 28:37 ) Why did it take so long to bring that back??

  14. Although no one has ever flown the LEM before the spaceman FLYING THE SIMULATOR says… ITS VERY REALISTIC…. BULLSHIT… LOL… HAHAHA … FUCK NASA

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