Minister Anite Fires UTL Administrator Bemanya| NBS Media Round Table

Minister Anite Fires UTL Administrator Bemanya| NBS Media Round Table

all right welcome back and thank you so much for giving its envious vision this 28th day of June MBS media roundtable on the NBS morning breeze right here is their sexting aspects and issues over you Donatella confessed and before we went for a break the panelists here of course I do have Solomon I mean Simon carbo Angela there are so many Aslan's on the show so sometimes I just get messy I'm sort of unsub BT Simon son son son should know is come oh please oh please okay Simon come go Angela okay I have Joseph stuck busy I am FM and and really surprised disciplined and anything to you statement I do have Roman Legionnaire Charles and quasi tomorrow before I come to your child's and I want us to look a bit about some of the legal issues because I I've known that many of the fights that we do see and I'm quoting that as fights end up being you know spewed into let's go to the course of low what does the law say about this but there is one which is also including firing vimana and that did come in from the investment minister I want to just quote our two lines from from the letter that did come through in one of the lines it says following a recommendation of the UTL board I and that's the minister saying and it's a nominated mr. bomani to Amazon official receiver for appointments as provisional administrator which took effect on the 28th of April 2017 following courts endorsement and that's why I want us to bring in a bitch of the court and that talks about the acceptance letter which I did look at and what the terms were but there is another statement and I'm reading it in part in no particular order and not a statement that says well government is the only shareholder with absolute powers to take decisions on behalf of the company in accordance with the insolvency Act and regulations and also the biggest creditor of UTL with over two hundred and billion we have incurred I encountered considerable difficulty dealing with the administrator who's she actually supported to be nominated and have completely lost confidence in his ability to continue serving the role of the UTL administrator and this is where I want us to bring in a bit of some of the legal issues that could pop up or have already popped up and then I would also like yourselves to also answer on the bit of what next do we see mr. bomani actually getting out on utl at this point thank you thank you Mildred before I go into the legal issues which I will go into very shortly I liked the terms that my beliefs my my my colleagues have Smith around and I like them because they really capture in their entirety they capture what we are we are we are faced with comprado you know Untouchables morticians or Undertaker's then you know and all this all these kind of things which explains for me back to what I was saying I believe and consummately so that what is going on is just dealing if you like collusions huge collisions at a high level between government ministries and I will tell you why you know with the hindsight why I had a meeting with with with the Auditor General a number of years ago and I asked him where the biggest corruption tendencies are and what happens and he picked a big pen like yours and say this pain is about 50 shillings and then this about five six years ago and I was following some stories about corruption in McHenry University and they said you see this pen or these pens 50 shillings or 100 shillings are the ones destroying our economy to the extent of signing off through legal offices and the auditor and the in general cannot be vindicated from that signing of Uganda and for me that is what is happening so the legal issues therefore that we should be looking out for I agree one is on it which is a major issue because audit what shocks me is auditing is proof of any government institution is provided for in the Constitution but to imagine that the manacles I think the audit Act which is an act and we all know any two real samples and Simon sweat any almost or moon to win' see any Amato NC knows that the Constitution takes precedence when it or any law of a culture has contradicts it you see the Constitution takes precedent and for me the question is how on earth does the Auditor General you know ran away from his constitutional role and refused to audit bommana in order to determine whether the company is profitable or permanent should be should be his contract should be renewed as administrator that for me is another question that we should be asking so which power is that which powerhouse is that that can force the Auditor General to refuse to audit mr. bomani now the other thing that is legal is the issue of insolvency I quickly raised it and it is an issue that we should touch on we cannot run away from insolvency law that once you are not making profit then you can be found you can be liquidated but you can go into you can go into receivership you can go into administration like utn is currently but what is the way why do we go into administration we go into administration so that they the court or the legal process because that is also a legal process this administration state is a legal process that is why they some lawyers like Robert last year yesterday last evening was insisting that bommana as minutes later can only be fired through the code process which can be commenced by the Attorney General which is the right process and I trust that that is what Anita has done that is what should be done I so and it is later so for me that is another area that we should be tackling insolvency we cannot run away from it but the question going forward will be how can you TLB may be solvent I am an you know absolute optimist that even when this mission is so bad as a country I know the country cannot run broke you cannot liquidate account yes and so whether Uganda is in the deepest part of corruption mass abuse mismanagement I am optimistic that something can be done in the case of utl what can be done you need to get Buckley the debts you need to get them out you need to do I think that President Museveni took a right the right decision that innovatively you can you can say government agencies please give business to which is government why do I say that because we are coming from a history this things are not in vain we saw the unbundling of ueb into transmission generation and and then no member took part of it which is the largest part probably then you which other one now or transmission now all these are making profits as we talk MMA is one of the biggest profit makers stamping new stamping Bank Stanwyck is a government institution down in South Africa but we sold used UCB on the assumption or allegation that it is not making profit why because it was mismanaged so the issue we should be looking at his mismanagement for me I think that as you ran upon now yes against these individuals management is by individuals the managers are the ones who adults who are the compradors for the King the deals and if you open the veil on who brought in Neurology you will find it is around the caffeine hazardous it is around the ministers what text the decision will be the next question on ensuring that you TL remains the floor but maybe before I go to remand and I am with you hard you something – yes like I'd mentioned earlier if you TL is such a critical national asset I don't see why government of Uganda or Uganda's for that matter don't capitalize it and own it 100% because how much money do you need to capitalize you tier and can we get back that money like Charles is proposing that you can get UT a supply ICT services to all MD is in fact not even just MD is private businesses because it will be owned by the government of Uganda its motive will not just be profit the Reds will certainly be lower than what the other commercial telecoms offering and it would make perfect business sense however why that will not happen or why that is not appearing in these debates is because the ideological inclination of all these people on the manual side owner on a little side with all due respect it's not so much what Uganda owns but how much can we sell this asset for and I think that's where the problem is because it has taken us selfishness to take a nasty only five years to realize that you DB makes sense and instead of recapitalizing it only maybe three four five years ago the other day we were contemplating buying umami because we realized you cannot do anything you can yes you can build all the dams but you will not bring down the cost of power if you don't if government doesn't own a significant stake in the power distribution companies you cannot reign in you fail training on private telecoms like MTN and and the others and they've got an hour with tax evasion and you think you can resolve that by selling whatever critical asset you had in UTA for me I think that's where the problem is and until our elites in government realize that we can continue these fights you TR will be sold tomorrow to tell you Anzio where vitaes I don't think that will of its issues neither will it resolve the issues that we have internally that increasingly a significant share of our assets his own owned by by foreign multinational capital and I think that's where the biggest problem is all right now just for Uganda but increasingly for and I'm picking up from my terror is saying I totally agree with you but then the question that comes in and coming to you Angela would be is are we coming to a realization now that government actually needs to get back to being a business partner to to to owning some of these businesses because well we got excited with the privatization and all that and the president is continuously saying I think we were duped this was not the best option to do business maybe not the king but go under mismanagement how did you can the airlines go under mismanagement how did you see B go under mismanagement how so we are told as manage goes UCB when they after it was sold for twelve million dollars Stanwyck Bank you can amid twelve million dollars in profit um you see be enriched and extinct we were told they miss a lot a matter of opinions notice that there is a book written by professors rostrum on this for years UCB much yes and it's not contest as you see in solvent by the time of liquidation well that's technically that's the fact that it was the wrong decision had been mismanaged they claim gentlemen if you just listen to this man that is where I came to the point on earth have we now come to the realization that we actually that because we continuously say see government now saying we have this particular stick attack sugar fracture recurrently I think we have over 30 about 35 36 or so or 32 percent stake is it's time for us as government to say whatever stake it is let's have it in a company and make sure that we are working for the you got a vigil so Sachin in the way we do business as government and how we even get to these shares to the shareholding the kind of agreements that we shining we sign in this country need to be scrutinized the beach and making any attempt to put government back in business I think will be very risky business I think Simon has to tell us has to indicate which businesses because you see the world over even in the u.s. even the best capital is always you know there's a lot of companies that you cannot in the region we want to give you some it's tempting to jump in to the conclusion that government that's the narrative shared by the compradors who- also live net it's extremely lazy journalistically for example did the biggest acacia saving organization in Costa Rica cross the region is my NSSF bi Raghava and Tim I bring a superb job the first bank need to beauty post Bank is a profit-making bank it's government-owned and nationally related this bank that does housing housing housing finance class is profit material absorber busts no I am saying that the record so far shown that they are profit make I'm not saying evidence on record actually shows that this commitment where there's a good bird where they're good managers government can actually do business we have been fed with this trash that you see government is a poor manager so that the compradors can set next they repeat privatizing oxygen that for you to breathe as well next they'll be saying we need to sign a deal with a Chinese company to clean our oxygen because of global warming are things I think that that narrative needs to be trashed no saint country surrenders its telecom company telecom sector hybrid foreign investment and then you add the banking sector and then you think it's high time the government once again do you think it's the time the government goes back to doing business we need to restructure our thinking and and I think we need ideological reorientation our thinking in regard to investment if that believer if NSF their eyes already reoriented realigned if NSF can't make profit if National the Housing Finance Bank can make profit if post bank can be run then other government entities can actually be run to make curry so we need we need to delink this thinking that was that is being paraded by the compradors that remand call so they can grab I like to give women wine because we also have interrogate this notion of profit-making because my mother's argues that ut8 is making profits and administration that's okay at what moment there's a compressing on a hot moment does an organization NGO and administration okay but based on what because if we need to target that that's why that is why I am a doing that the audit is an important else as a journalist would you give the evidence at a command something because we were not going to box analytically which is why I supported honorable emitter and the the senior minister kasaya that they did their part a document I have here says they demanded for an audit and the manner in his legal or legalese is arguing that you cannot hold it me using a law which is which is the unity of serials which is the burden of the Constitution and except when it acts and actually he is wrong to that extent and that is what I'm saying for you as a journalist because for me I believe every Ugandan should do their part in their corner I cannot be a journalist and then go and say I have to do security work I have to do own it work I have to make laws do your part and vote you thank you so much let me give Raymond a time because it's been quiet for so long and and Raymond as we make a reference he is I suddenly should borrow at least attack the entire branch from Raymond to the question of what next we are seeing a letter sacking of course from the investment minister do we see this happening but there is also in balance the aspect of auditing on which we will best statistically to say that utl is insolvent or it's not I wanted to first start with the question can government do business quasi and I were very lucky to have attended a talk by dr. azouz rumah who was a minister of finance when most of the privatization is actually happening and he says he put up a big fight on privatizing particularly three entities of government banking telecommunications and power put up a big fight and suggested that those are key sectors to the economy they are key to running the economy that you cannot simply privatize them and let them run by private capital and the argument then the overriding argument was that Uganda didn't have the human resource required or the expertise to run them so for example if you are given the calendar man Buju golly be at the time to run it you didn't have the engineers to do the kind of engineering work so you needed to train them so can government do business ten years ago government couldn't do business now government can actually validly do business and it's proven so the you can't electricity generation Corporation Limited just took over Karuma and Simba and actually reduce the time of the delivery so it shows you that this business being done NSSF has been doing business but also its businesses because it's a mandatory law for people to actually put their savings in there so Housing Finance Bank has been big business it's not the biggest bank in the country but is a profitable bank so the question of whether government can or cannot do business is is null government can actually do business but now one core aspect of business is management and that's where the problem is our government is increasingly political and less capital so decisions are taken politically than they are taken Karissa's technically yes so you have an entity like UGL for example where we have up keep the small question can we do an audit and see the books of accounts and we are bickering over whether or not we can do an audit and the reservoir bickering is the political question not really the capital question the capital question which is you are running an entity where we have shares any day we can walk in and say how's our money doing you can walk through the door Bank of Uganda just undergone an audit by the Auditor General the financial wasn't done so I think that this is a small question if you take the politics out of it you will answer the question that and what it can be done any time now for me my fear is that the reason the politics exists is that what it could show more than what they intend for us to see okay and and it could actually reveal much deeper crisis at the heart of UTL the first crisis that I have West on is that teleology the company doesn't actually have money to capitalize UTL and the question at that of the matter is then how did we have teleology takeover utl as an asset base because before you talk of a company we are supposed to do what you'd call a SWOT analysis of the company where your strengths were your weaknesses how much money do you have in your bank accounts where is the bank account yes can we look at the bank accounts can we see the kind of money that you have do we see the profit who I am sure holders can they pull out or can they wrote because it's also another thing for example maybe MMA Cammy and did business with us but four years ago the key shareholders in new member which was the British family the royal family pulled out of the company but the company is still running so those those are capital decisions that can be taken technically the problem with our government is that we increasingly political and that affects our ability to do business if you want to procure for example in government a small bucket that's been bucket you have tech three months in the procurement process alone and a business cannot run like that that's why all the profitable government agencies have a level of diverse job which is that government decides okay I will oversee the running of the business but I will not take part in the day-to-day decisions now for you TL an audit is a day-to-day decision which has been elevated to an overseeing decision and now we have to face the politics of it all right very interesting discussion say that I might disagree with with the president and and my sister Anita over a hundred and ten things but but in this particular thing I think they are the better aside to actually agree with one this gentleman must be audited with his remonstration to tend end and I think it was important that we look at the deal trail all the people who are who have acted in – that must be questioned let's look at it a clean example that means the the first letter signed in mr. bomani asked the administrator is signed by the Honorable David Bahati went is time for extension for six months the letter is written to the senior minister rightly so the senior minister goes out another letter signed by redrew extending it not just the six months but one year and then the firing shot comes from the Honorable Evelyn anything what is the psst saying in all this the technical person in the ministry what is the auditor-general doing what is I mean I bet and look at the Attorney General's chambers the two Attorney General's and entire chambers are looking at us when asked they say we need to go and look at the Loeb books the person over William Bianca and most the Honorable mr. Sultana certainly particularly unavoidable putana attested commercial lawyer I am Not sure needs to go back and revise these books for six months to come and give us a position so the deal trailer is important the Speaker of Parliament they promote wawel sick person all of a sudden decrease that Native Parliament nor the executive has no rights until that expires and finally if my sister Anita wants to save util the best decision is for government to recapitalize that company shouting in the media and shouting about how they're protecting national interests that's the vain shout let them refine that Joseph makes very fundamental submissions but I think for them to be easily accepted we need to say we are auditing UTL yes that is where we need to be ending this particular discussion I know there is a lot that we have to talk about UTM but I agree with the panelists on one particular thing that even asses journalists if we're going to analyze on whether insolvency or its profitability there needs to be an audit that's carried out and that's just missing for every business that runs even at your home you audit and say I left 20 thousand shillings and what exactly did about it no we're taking a very short break and when we do return there is just a lot that we still have in store for the media roundtable stay with us

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  1. Simon gives critical analysis but the panel gang on him and continuously interfere, but he listens to them. Has Simon got aura or inferiority complex among panelists. Order order pse. Learn to listen to each other

  2. The tongue is lethal which landed Stella Nyanzi in trouble so why not put Anite and Rukutana behind bars? AG said go and hung to Catherine Bamugereire. So what goes round once comes back. Next will Kyaligonza vs Nantaba.

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