9 thoughts on “MiniMXIII Micro SD Card System Update Firmware Installer

  1. Sorry guys but the Beelink MXIII-II is dead as can be…. Unable to update via USB tool nor via SDCard…..Shame on Beelink for making a box go dead in case a firmware/ROM has to be updated/upgraded. Beelink makes it a mission impossible….support tells only to try and try the upgrade procedure again.
    It is not worth spending a dime on this Beelink product…..

  2. Did this exactly as shown in the video. Now my GT1 Ultimate is bricked. Doesn't show anything but a green screen.

  3. Can you put this on torrent? No way to download this from Mega. Already tried 2-3 times. It downloads to 78% and forces to make account and says quota exceeded. Mega is shit site to download large files.

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