Minecraft: 1.9 Update Building Tricks and Tips

Minecraft: 1.9 Update Building Tricks and Tips

hello my name is green and today I'm going to be showing you a bunch of tricks and tips based in the new update of 1.9 so as you can see I got a big long line of things to show you but first I just want to go over what sort of took my fancy and sort of inspired me so the first thing is obviously the new mob but it isn't really just a mob it's also a block so I came up with something with that which we'll go over later we've got these new plants which really weird because the way you place them they explode is really awkward so I didn't actually come up with anything but I'm sure something will come to me in time moving on to the things that really did sort of captivate me where the end rods now these are wonderful never in Minecraft have we had anything quite as thin as this and they also did this to like iron doors and also the glass panes so a whole bunch of ideas came to mind when I was looking at these in addition to this we also have the ender dragon heads now I wasn't really sure how to use this but interestingly they sort of Yap and Yap and yeah if you put a redstone circuit to them so maybe something can be done with them wasn't too sure now next we have a new type of block along with some staircase the purple blocks that's really weird they are an odd color odd design and quite frankly they're not the most attractive thing I've ever seen however they did come in use for one thing as we'll go over later we've also got the end stone bricks which I was really disappointed to find out they didn't add staircases for but I did find a use for them now this was a change to trapdoors now we no longer need barrier blocks to make them float so a bunch of ideas came to mind with that and you can just place them on top of each other and close them it's fairly easy to use and then you can just get rid of them you know they really did change them for the better and we have of course the awesome addition of the path block now all you have to do is hit grass with a shovel and it creates a path block now what I really enjoy about this is the different colors you can create now not only is a path what going to be or for pathing itself but i'm sure we can come up with something that will just enable us to use this in a different way although nothing springs to mind just yet so those are all the changes that sort of interested me in terms of building so let's get into some of the innovations so the show Locker is a very interesting mob mostly because it acts like an actual block and it moves up and down so my initial thought was for a map making purposes that you could have a room that you walk through and it will like interrupt you as you walk just because of the height of the ceiling and I thought that was a really interesting mechanic it does like to glitch out if you get caught but I thought it could be used in some regards to that next we have the perper blocks used in a sort of space prison kind of way they're rather unsightly blocks but the end rods can be used in a prison manner however you can walk straight through them so for that purpose they don't really fit but it does look like a cool little laser beam thing next up we have the trapdoors which I thought could be used as a very rudimentary door frame now they are the only blocks that will stand up that way I've always wanted a slab that would stand up but that looks like the closest thing we're going to get so maybe if you read textured them in the resource pack you could get a really really nice-looking block so that's what sprung to mind with that next up we have colored tables because of the glass pane changes when you place one on its own it is much like an end rod so if you put a carpet on top you can get a very google-like table like if you made a Google office that's what I'd use and similarly you could put a trapdoor on them to make them look like a nice little chair at a saloon or whatever just as an alternative to using fence block which of course is what you would use in that situation moving on but also staying on topic of the glass panes the chandelier will have changed now normally I would use just glass panes for it but because of the change that they've made my old chandelier design doesn't work as well as it used to so I thought instead of that why not add some upside down end rods to sort of simulate the little glass shards that normally hang down now they do Sparkle and the purple makes it look a little bit out of place but I think the effect works now it does look a little bit silly because of how it's placed but in a situation in a Grand Hall I think it would fit in just fine and they do give off light so it's a win-win next up we have a rather odd looking Hut this uses the new block this is what I was talking about now it does plash with sandstone a little bit but because there is no half slab or staircase block it does make it a little bit difficult to work with but I thought it makes a pretty good little Hut to put in a desert situation especially if you just needed something that looks really rundown in the middle of the desert maybe a mapmaker or something like that I think it fits quite well in there next up we have a bathroom just a normal design but I thought one use for the purple blocks was a really nice looking floor it does look a little bit out of place the pink blocks but it does work well in a bathroom situation and you can see they use the end rod there just to hang the light from just a little use for that block now next up everyone should know this trick if they are familiar with 1.9 you can use a boat on ice to make it go superfast but I thought you know I'd include this anyway because someone might get super inspired to create some sort of minigame using these boats like a race course or something or you mapmakers are insane so I thought I include it just to sort of prove a point I think that it could be used Riddler has a really nice little drifting effect so if anyone out there get some inspiration from that tiny little snippet they are really difficult to control so you might come up with something really nice next up is probably the highlight of the video now this command block was kindly put together for me by epic melon from kim woo lu now this creates a tent now the tent is made using command blocks and i will link the command block down below now when I saw shields for the first time in 1.9 I thought wow if you put these together in a cone shape you could make a really nice but of course I'm not a wizard so I had to ask them to do it okay so that didn't work I've moved the button now so it works and this is what the command creates a 10 with the inside looking a little bit funky but you can put like 2 pillars of fences either side to sort of support them and epic melon has even kindly included some colours for the tent which i think is really cool so you can actually go in chat and click which ones you want again the command will be left in the description for you to use if you wanted to make them this is just what I thought would be cool these are of course made using invisible armor stands holding them in the correct position but if you're really clever you can like change the angle and you could make like a little camp using those tents just based on that idea I thought that was cool but that's it those were the ideas that I came up with for 1.9 building tricks and tips I thought there wasn't too much but just enough to sort of make a video on maybe something I said spurred do you want to think wow I could use it for this or that I'm all ears if you came up with an idea based on what you've seen today I'd love to hear about it because I'm always always happy to hear about inspiration of just different ways of using the blocks especially these new ones the biggest change for me is the end rods and the iron fence along with the panes that change in shape is massive for me because that just changes everything I use the cobblestone walls and the fence blocks so so much that just having one ever so slightly thinner even if it's a slight change in color it's going to make a huge difference anyway that's it from me everybody I hope you've enjoyed this video I know there's been a lot of hype surrounding 1.9 but I thought I'd chime in with some building related content as I always do thank you very much for watching good boy

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  1. 1:36 Hi Past Grian soon in the 1.14 update those end stone brick stairs,slabs,and walls will be a thing

  2. summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Block:stone,Time:1,Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Block:redstone_block,Time:1,Passengers:[{id:FallingSand,Block:activator_rail,Time:1,Passengers:[{id:MinecartCommandBlock,Command:gamerule commandBlockOutput false},{id:MinecartCommandBlock,Command:"/summon ArmorStand ~.05 ~-4.3 ~2.4 {Invisible:1b,Marker:0b,HandItems:[{id:shield,Count:1},{}],Pose:{LeftArm:[0f,0f,0f],RightArm:[90f,0f,30f]},ShowArms:1b,NoGravity:1b,CustomName:"Right",DisabledSlots:2039583,Tags:["Right"]} "},{id:MinecartCommandBlock,Command:"/summon ArmorStand ~0.65 ~-3.3 ~2.4 {Invisible:1b,Marker:0b,HandItems:[{id:shield,Count:1},{}],Pose:{LeftArm:[0f,0f,0f],RightArm:[90f,0f,30f]},ShowArms:1b,NoGravity:1b,CustomName:"Right",DisabledSlots:2039583,Tags:["Right"]}"},{id:MinecartCommandBlock,Command:"/summon ArmorStand ~1.25 ~-2.3 ~2.4 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{HandItems:[{},{id:shield,tag:{BlockEntityTag:{Base:1}}}]}"},"hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":{"text":"","extra":[{"text":"Colors the left side of your tent red."}]}}},{"text":" R","color":"dark_red","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/entitydata @e[c=21,tag=Right] {HandItems:[{id:shield,tag:{BlockEntityTag:{Base:1}}},{}]}"},"hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":{"text":"","extra":[{"text":"Colors the right side of your tent red."}]}}},{"text":" L","color":"blue","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/entitydata @e[c=21,tag=Left] {HandItems:[{},{id:shield,tag:{BlockEntityTag:{Base:4}}}]}"},"hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":{"text":"","extra":[{"text":"Colors the left side of your tent blue."}]}}},{"text":" R","color":"blue","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/entitydata @e[c=21,tag=Right] {HandItems:[{id:shield,tag:{BlockEntityTag:{Base:4}}},{}]}"},"hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":{"text":"","extra":[{"text":"Colors the 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  3. Minecraft is becoming really weird.
    No offence to people that like the update but i liked when it was easier and not as many crafting recipies

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