Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems’ wealth tax plans, new book

Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems’ wealth tax plans, new book

100 thoughts on “Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems’ wealth tax plans, new book

  1. So Warren thinks we should have a "wealth tax"….so we can invest in the future. If you take away people's wealth, they won't be investing, this has been shown over and over with stock market trends over not just years, but decades. This is yet another fallacy being perpetuated by the left. Bernie himself used EVERY tax loophole the Trump tax plan gave him and when asked about it, he (Bernie) said "it was within the law" (paraphrasing). How do politicians become multi-Millionaires on their salaries? Nancy Pelosi is worth just north of $70 Million and she got there on about what? A $175K salary??? How does that work???? And it's not just her, but folks on both sides are cleaning up while doing little to nothing.
    Yes, the rich have gotten richer, but pretty much everyone else's financial situation has improved as well. Rich people invest in businesses, AND they also take the risk because there are NO guarantees they will profit from those investments. But that is how the economy grows. Businesses employ people, those people pay taxes, which broadens the tax base so since more people are paying in, and purchasing more the gov't (local, state, federal) are taking in more money. Now if we could just get the politicians to stop finding ways to give that money away or ways to spend it, we would have less problems. If a business operated like gov't did, they would be OUT of business…..quick. The other problem with politicians is they have grown accustom to spending other people's money….OUR MONEY.

  2. Kilmeade is an idiot. The point of the story is to not know the name of the person he's talking about until it's revealed in the end, moron.

  3. You're right everyone needs to pay their fair share of taxes that includes the bottom 50% of wage earners who paid nothing they are parasites on society until we all pay the same percentage it is not fair. And the top 10% pay almost all the taxes the bottom 50% pay nothing they're the ones not paying their fair share

  4. Notice how all of the Demonrat Lefty socialists only talk about taking other people’s money but never talk about giving up their own?!

  5. What is middle class because I don't see no $5000 a year more power for public supermarket we get fuckn over every change you turn around by upper management like a freaking soap opera

  6. Surely they understand that these "uber" rich folks are rich for a reason ….., they are VERY smart! To think they won't outsmart any new taxes is simply ignorant! They can hire the best accountants in the world to hide money everywhere possible …. and guess what ….. they won't pay taxes on it!!!! Tax the super-rich ….. laughable…..

  7. Yes we need a guaranteed income. The money is printed . Of course we want our cut off top. Creating monopoly money on behalf of America forcing us to pay our taxes with it. And you dont think we Americans should get a automatic cut. Im done with fox new.

  8. Where's my $5,000 extra each year that's a lie and you know why the economy is so good cuz everybody's working two and three jobs cuz you're all part time jobs but you don't tell people that right you live in that big bubble called Republican delusion

  9. Anybody know about this 5000 dollars more per family in the middle class? Because I sure don't have it. Some that knows more about this let me know what I'm missing.

  10. 5000 more dollars for a 3 year drop in our life expectancy which has only happened during the Spanish flu in 1914

  11. Hey 👋🏻 I have an idea! Close the borders and stop paying health care, schooling, insurance for illegal aliens. Save money on police and judicial system because we don’t chase our tails and .. tah da We will have more money for helping Americans !

  12. You guys shouldn’t have used “laziness” as an argument against socialism, you should have used “scarcity”. Do your job Fox.

  13. What does any of this have to do with tax loopholes that both sides provide to billionaire hedge fund guys? Literally the wealthiest people in the world pay next to zero taxes. I love how fox and msnbc alike ignore this issue. These billionaires fund politics, media and most importantly special interest groups. See you on Election Day and we can continue to throw our votes down a wishing well.

  14. Handout Culture at its Best and Worst they don't want to earn there way they like the idea of BIG Daddy Government Giving them what they need but they don't understand the Cost is to High it is There FREEDOM in every Aspect of there Lives

  15. 97% tax rate? Seriously? What they ignore is the fact that the richest people (Gates, Buffet, etc) donate BILLIONS of dollars to charity and to infrastructure trying to make the world a better place. I would much rather have successful business people controlling their money than the government.

  16. Rowe isn't an elite.He worked hard for his fortune and fame…plus he loves & respect his mom.GOOD GUY!💢®™

  17. Dirty Jobs dropping the Dirty Truth! wellllll its not a dirty truth…its reality and to non-believers its def dirty

  18. Tax the rich that provides jobs to the poor, and the rich will move out of the country to where they remain more profitable! Now, we would have even more unemployed people who will depend on welfare programs to live. But again, higher paying jobs are gone, now we tax the lower class to pay for the non working class! This is the karma that we will get by attacking the richest who are of a small majority in our country! What do we do then? No law is in the books to keep the rich here! No law says, that they cannot move their operations elsewhere! Which means many of us will remain much poorer!

  19. Here is an idea. . . how about making the money in circulation worth more? How do you expect people to keep a roof over their heads and pay for everything they need with no buying power. A rising tide lifts all boats.

  20. You forgot to mention Reagan was paying 92% on every dollar he made over $400,000 a year in todays money which showed not that he was hard done by, but that as an actor he was over payed, under worked and a selfish jackass.

  21. Why not report on what will happen to this country if the government takes so much away from the highest producers that they give up and stop producing? I would not continue working if even half of my income were taken to support someone else, but 95%? Cheez.

  22. I enjoy Rowe, but his idea that he’s going to be lazy with a ‘free’ $1000 is stupidity. For the majority of Americans, an extra $1000 a month may allow people to stop their second job and do something enjoyable in life. If anything $1000 a month is going to open and create more jobs vs creating a lazy economy.

  23. If we are not ruled by wealthy Americans, we will be ruled by wealthy foreigners. That is unacceptable. Rich people are our greatest asset, not our greatest enemy.

  24. Bernie put your money where your mouth is ! Give up two of your mansions ! Trump donated his salary will you ? Hypocrite !

  25. I wonder how Americans are so stupid, Andrew yang wants to give you back your own TAX money , help the poor and Americans are going to talk bad about him.. also all other presidents before him spend billions of your tax money on war and sending our troops to die for nothing and all Americans love those fucks.. yes it's true Americans are brain washed idiots.

  26. Polls are meant to discourage conservatives to vote….Fake Media, fake polls. Do not believe anything that you hear and see on CBS, ABC, NBC. MSNBC, CNN, etc. etc. Go vote, my friends and donate, donate, donate so we could help this President win again. Take a stand, support Trump.

  27. So many of these socialist politicians give very little of their own personal money. Conservatives of all income brackets are charitable with their own money!!! The country would be far better off to buy a 1 way ticket for the socialists in our country of all income brackets to the socialist or communist country of their choosing.

  28. Instead of scapegoating the rich why don't we try to figure out what unfair bureaucratic policies allowed them to make that kind of money. Socialist policies and corruption have destroyed the integrity of capitalism and we think we are going to fix it with more corrupt socialist policies. E.G. We wouldn't need to build a wall if we enforced the law and prosecuted business owners that exploit immigrants. But i guess that isn't as entertaining as a wall.

  29. It’s a rousing game of “Stupid or Liar”

    I only pray that Bernie and his people are liars.
    The thought of them being that stupid is far more scary.

  30. Why would anyone believe any poll that comes out now? Polls said Trump wouldn't be nominated & then wouldn't be President. Both showed all polls as completely wrong. Why? Political slant, not facts.

  31. Mike Rowe has always been such a hypercritical tool. Gets rich exploiting blue collar works with "dirty jobs", and now talks about millionaires hating millionaires never mentioning that he is a millionaire.

  32. Once you say OK to free money, you know you're a drug dealer. The easiest 1st business to wet your wings with in the USA is selling drugs. My thanks to all the athletes living in the Athletic dorms for paying my scholarship through college. I saw many of you in the NFL, NBA, and beyond. We made great deals and I love you. 🙂

  33. I demand Bernie sanders himself personally start giving me all his money, as I make less than him and that is a moral and economic "outrage".

  34. Thanks mike don’t want those rich people quitting their jobs for that easy money. Who will do the dirty jobs for the same money. Bless your heart ❤️

  35. The dumbfucks in these comments don’t realize everyone sitting in that fox couch is a millionaire. Typical far right troglodytes

  36. The average hard core California Democrat Elitist is a predictable beast and easy to spot. They are apathetic about anything but their own causes, they are willfully ignorant of anything beyond their immediate attention, they are slaves to fashion, slaves to consumerism (provided it costs more than anyone else can afford) and selfish drivers of tinted out, high end SUV's they slalom through the commoners on the morning commute because they, even in their financial greatness, can't afford to live directly in the city.

  37. I hate the phrase: "You can't ignore the human condition, we're fundamentally lazy people…" Evolution provides complete opposite evidence, in small groups/tribes, those who didn't carry their own weight, were either outed from the group or ended up dying. So if anything, we have selected out laziness from the population.
    Just ask yourself, do you know one person who enjoys associating with someone who is, proclaims to be, or prides themself on, being lazy?

  38. re: "Free money", I think these folks are missing the point. The Government has NO MONEY. They must take it from you, me, and all American citizens so that "free money" comes from us, and they take their cut. The problem with "free money" is it's too expensive. Like Peter Schiff says, when the Government steals our money to give it to someone else, it's like taking blood from your left arm and injecting it into your right arm but you spill half of it on the floor.

  39. Warren actually had a rational nugget there… If they ditched the income tax for a wealth tax it would be better… If we fired the congress and senate, too

  40. Here's an idea decrease taxes every 5 yrs, and decrease govt pay with exception to military. Why do politicians need 100$ to what 500$ pay as a civil servant?

  41. Its pandering for votes to those who don't understand how Bernie and jokes plan is a disaster. Makes no sense much less millions.

  42. Bernie is such a clown in his bribery sports cars and mansions. His handlers the Rothschilds won't pay these taxes, instead the "wealth tax" will wipe out the "natural aristocracy" like Trump who would oppose them. It's in the Protocols of Zion. Bernie should be executed for treason, for trying to cripple and steal from the American public.

  43. If commie Bernie gets in watch the top richest people take their money close their factories and plants lay off employees and move to Switzerland. Millionaires and billionaires are very very mobile. Bernie is a ConMan slickster Commie j.

  44. These dems are millionaires as well let them pay too and get health benefits we have . money where their mouthes are.

  45. Wealth tax will never work, the wealthy will always get out of paying that 2 cents. You dont start off with no money in monopoly. Its flawd sytem when 1000 dollars is pocket change to millionars.

  46. The only way you can get the rich to 'pay their fair share' is to implement a flat tax. But they just want to punish the rich.

  47. What happens to all this wealth tax stuff when ( per Mr. Rowe) the REALLY RICH PEOPLE decide to go elsewhere. Roger Moore was hit by sizable taxes as an actor. He left Great Britain and went to Switzerland (?) Either there or Sweden. The REALLY RICH PEOPLE can MOVE! And take Their Money with THEM!!!

  48. Democrats have always spent ridiculous amounts of money and grown the Government to solve problems that don't get better or get worse. I call that at very least incompetent and at worst corruption.

  49. Instead of issuing free money, how about deleting the income/revenue tax act of 1913, which was only intended to fund WW1.

  50. Bernie and Warren are so EVIL. Why do so many love EVIL? 28% capital gains tax , over 3 million, would make the Buffets and Bezos' of the world pay their " fair share" Bernie and Warren are just punitive, jealous EVIL.

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