100 thoughts on “Mike Pence’s Ukraine denial stuns Anderson Cooper

  1. Trumpoids, in their impotent rage, because they have no supporting facts or arguments, are trying to deflect with personal insults from obvious evidence of shameless lying by a Douchebag in Chief's lackey. They're accusing CNN of lying, but that's always been wingnuts' M.O.: accuse your opponents of the worst crimes you're guilty of. They have fully internalized Goebbels's maxim: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Here's a paragraph from a report prepared during WW II by the United States Office of Strategic Services in describing Hitler's psychological profile:

    "His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it."

    It's like they're describing our current Scumbag in Chief. The similarities are incredible but only if you don't know the fact that he used to keep a volume of Hitler's speeches on his nightstand while he was married to Ivana Trump. This was reported by a friend of hers, in whom she confided this tidbit.

  2. You know every time I see this Mike Pence and he starts to talk and you know the entire time that his mouth is moving you get this deep gut feeling that he is lying and making up shit he

  3. That's weird, he wasn't too stunned when Biden lies about his corruption. It looks like Cooper is working for Ocean Spray, from all the cherry-picking.

  4. Legitimately curious question here: If Biden did commit wrong doing, then why shouldn't he be investigated if it was a matter that the Ukraine government was originally looking into before Biden forced the prosecutor to get fired? I'm confused. Just because you're a presidential nominee does not mean you can't get investigated for the seemingly evident corruption that you may have committed. It's a catch 22 though because you can spin the story to fit your narrative very easily in either direction.. I do think it is something that should be looked into

  5. he's worried about God spanking him for being around women without Mommy supervising, but not about God spanking him for lying out the asshole in his face.

  6. I accidentally hit the send button before I finished but seriously he tells lies like it’s nothing. I mean it’s so obvious that he couldn’t tell the truth if he wanted to. It’s so sad that people that hold office feel that they don’t owe the public the honest truth and they act like the public can’t discern their dishonesty and lack of morals because I see it from a lot of people in politics. No transparency whatsoever. This is so unacceptable!

  7. I don't even have to read these comments on this liberal channel Knowing more than 90% are probably trashing pence …..Are god-loving American flag loving vice president Pence… (Trump Pence) 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Way to go in ignoring the EVIDENCE CNN … trying to control the narative here? You people are unbelievable! Basically, you are saying we're dumb enough to follow your panicked narrative. What is it that this "news" agency/corporation has to lose by reporting facts rather than opinion?

  9. For our dear gay CNN Anderson Cooper's information and all those who believe his propaganda BS here are the REAL FACTS surrounding the Bidens Ukraine dealings into which Trump has every right to investigate. This what CNN just do not want the American public to know…

    Devon Archer, business partner of Hunter Biden, is convicted of a $60 million bond fraud, this fraud was perpetrated using a bank account that consistently received large inflows of foreign money which was the same bank account used by Hunter Biden to withdraw huge amounts of cash. For example, $3 million was deposited into this account by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian company controlled by a corrupt oligarch. Bohai Harvest, a subsidiary of the Bank of China, deposits $650,000 into this account, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan deposited $162,000, plus an unknown LLC deposited $1.2m using a small boutique Swiss bank charged with money laundering in over 6 countries. There are other bank accounts and shady deposits, but the one single recipient of the cash coming out of this account is?  Yes! you guessed it… The Vice President’s son… Hunter Biden.
    It gets better… Hunter Biden is kicked out of the military for Cocaine possession, months later, having zero expertise, zero qualifications and zero experience pertaining to the oil industry and after flying out at the taxpayers expense on Airforce Two to meet Burisma Holdings with father Joe, he is appointed to the board of Burisma on an $168,000 monthly salary. Following this, father Joe uses his $1bn leverage to sack the prosecutor investigating this entire scenario.  
    Wait, there’s more, father Joe and Hunter Biden again at the taxpayers expense, fly Airforce Two to Beijing to meet with Government of China. 10 days after this meeting Hunter Biden’s small unknown unproven hedge fund operation secure a $1.5bn private equity deal with guess who?  Bohai Harvest, a subsidiary of the Bank of China.
    But herein lies the real danger. China does not fork out that sort of money without an underlying ulterior motive. So the question is, how was that money used and invested?…  It was used to purchase shareholding interest in US company’s involved in very sensitive undertaking with the US government…????
    This all happened while Joe Biden was the Vice President under the Obama administration. Joe Biden was essentially the point person on US Chinese policy also the point person on US policy towards Ukraine.
    Where is the CNN's reporting on this? Can you imagine the rhetoric that would be spewing out of the mouth pieces of CNN if Trump or Don jnr did this. CNN's silence displays their absolute hypocrisy. This is the swamp that Donald Trump has promised to drain and they are running schiff scared.

  10. Pence seems like he is screaming inside for help. Like a victim that was kidnapped and told to say nice things on camera about his captors. He has always looked like this. #FreePence, #WeSeeYouInThere, #JustBlinkOnceForHelp

  11. Sons of bitches government of USA! Why have you being selling and giving weapons to idiot's of carteles here in México? You haved done that in your short life of a country in this continent since your arrival!destruction is your name right?

  12. Well, foreignors should interfere in U.S. elections, unless you are a Democrat. Chris Steele, the Russians, Ukraine. I could almost take him seriously, if only he reported all the truth.

    Truth: Ukraine's investigations into Burisma, which would include any potential corruption involving any Biden (not saying it's real, just possible) was re-opened by popular demand in FEBRUARY 2019. They didn't need to be prodded or pressured to do so, they did it all on their own. Making any Fake News about Trump moot.

    Isn't it convenient that everything Democrats are accused of is a Conspiracy theory? And Obama's 8 years was scandal free? You know Obama went after whistleblowers, right? Tossed one in jail for 23 months, but now, whislteblowers are Saints. Not so much when squeeling on Obama, because the laws don't apply to (D)'s. And people like Cooper PROTECT the Rich and Powerful, instead of working for the little guy. Trump may be a rich elite tool, but I believe him when he says he's working for us. It's not the little guy trying to destroy Trump, it's the Rich Elites who milk this country for all it's worth. Where do you really think all this governemnt waste goes? Taxes us Sheep and puts it in their pockets. It's always about the money.

  13. "IF" Biden wasn't already under investigation "BEFORE" he ran, it "MIGHT" be a violation. He's was, in fact under investigation "BEFORE " he ran. Sorry CNN
    FYI Pence is a pos

  14. Mike Pence will burn in hell 🔥🔥 🔥 Nobody can tell me Mike Pence and Donald trump ain't lover's!

  15. Clinton NEWS Network…. Always taking facts out of context and cherry picking. CNN always knows what will happen prior to the authorities. They are paid terrorists! Get your timeline straight. No quid pro quo. This was an investigation ongoing before Biden announced President campain running. Shut this network down! Probably behind Watergate. Oh wait Hillary was… Hmmm

  16. It's called gaslighting. look it up. When you deny something that everyone knows is the truth. It is abuse. It is abuse. We are tired of the abuse. End this farce of a presidency and the party who enabled it. The repugnicunts must go, permanently. We have real problems to solve that are existential in scope. We have no time for their retarded games.

  17. Lmbo ..I see Alot of people going to be Tried for Treason ..No President is Above the Law ….Not even the Last President or Ex Vice President…Also This is About the 2016 Election not the 2020 ..Anderson cooper is still Twisting the facts And CNN

  18. Pence didn't say anything wrong….Anderson Cooper and his co-hort twisted what Pence said…..typical CNN non sense….Biden committed Crimes in the Ukraine and other countries….the democrats twist facts that investigating Biden's Crimes is to help in the election….Not So….why shouldn't Trump get to the bottom of Biden's crime?  Biden should be a President that is crime ridden and shady?  Aren't the democrats doing exactly what they are trying to accuse Trump of….they have done everything to destroy this President, or remove Trump so they think they will win.  Talk about democrat meddling in the 2020 election…what kind of cons and crooks are proving to be?

  19. Pence’s pants is on fire!!! Two foreign donors ,guiliani’s friends were arrested trying leave to country… donors to the Republican Party from a foreign country. Trump claims that he doesn’t know the two foreign criminals , but there are pictures of trump having lunch with them…

  20. Everytime you ask these so called republicans(They are not by the way) they deny it change the subject, thinking it will go away. Do you really think the American people can't see the lies. Never in history has any of our president asked foreigners to interfere in our elections. Stop ignoring the truth. Admit Trump is a dirty business man and not a president!

  21. someone should explain to anderson cooper that the sound byte he used of pence and the dealings with whats happening with ukraine has nothing to do with the united states political process in those terms hes talking about…if that were the case then what do u call biden 's sound byte about interfering with ukraines political and financial process…wtf…thats called hypocritical arguments within your own definitions..which are incorrect to begin with! ..this is a travesty and honestly remedial journalistic errors

  22. I read the transcript you limp dick, and you are lying. Pence is a cowardly little man with no real opinions except what trump lets him have. You might be able to sell this bullshit to "mother" but the rest of us ain't buying it.

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